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Types Of Wig Caps – Do I Really Need A Wig Cap

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We wear wigs today to act as a protective measure to our own hair. However, unless you have the right wig cap you might experience sensitivity or your hair will begin to move around.

Wigs have been in the market serving especially those in the media industry who need to change their hairstyles every so often.

wig capWhen you are wearing a wig, you should use the wig cap as that is the beginning of a great hair.

The wig caps will hold everything in place. They are ideal for both short and long hair. It’s also effective to use by those who are experiencing hair loss.

The Types of Wig Construction Caps

If you are anything like me you will know that we are often attached to the first wig cap that we use not knowing that there are others in the market. So, don’t judge the wig cap without first wearing them.

Just because you like one type doesn’t mean that there’s none other that can work for you.

  • The lace front wig cap

The lace front wig caps have a natural hairline and you see the wig is designed for it to look as though it’s growing from your natural hairline. The cap used for this wig is designed to fit your head from ear to ear. Sometimes it fits from temple to temple.

Lace Front Wig CapsThey are one of the most natural-looking wig caps. They are mostly ideal for you if you normally experience hair loss at the front hairline.

  • Monofilament wig

These ones have their caps called mono tops sometimes. They sometimes come with the pre-installed hair. The good thing about such wigs is that you can part them wherever you wish to.

When you are using the monofilament caps, they come in with the mesh materials that will give you the illusion of the fact that your hair is growing from the scalp. These caps are great but for those who have a sensitive scalp, they would not work.

In such cases, though, you can wear the double filament wig cap. They will cost you a little extra but they will add a single layer of comfort for you.

  • The hand-tied ones

The hand-tied wig capIn this case, all parts of the wig cap are hand-tied. This will make the wig look like your natural hair. This hair will flow like your natural hair and that is the one reason that makes people like it.

  • Basic wig cap

You have four alternate names to basic wig caps. They have traditional weft cap, open weft cap, standard cap, and classic cap. Now the hair you use on the basic wig cap is often hand or machine sewed.

Basic wig capThe open weft is the most basic kind which is used by those who are experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy. They will keep your head cool through your days.

There’s also the regular one that is called the traditional weft wig.

What Is the Wig Cap?

This is normally the netting that is placed over your natural hair with the aim of making the hair as flat as possible.

Do You Need Them Really?

There are conflicting answers as to whether you should wear the wig cap. For those celebrities you know who love wearing wigs, they use caps. The reason is that they will keep your wig in place.

I know that your local hairstylist might discourage you against wearing them. So, whether you decide to wear the wig cap or not is a personal preference. They will, however, act as a brier if the scalp is sensitive.

What Does the Wig Cap Do?

The wig cap is designed to give you the ultimate safety. It adds on the necessary friction between your head and the wig which then keeps the wig in place. You don’t expect it to slide any more. If you are therefore someone experiencing hair loss, this is yours to use.

  • If you have the sensitive scalp, it will keep you free of itchiness by adding another layer to the wig.
  • It flattens your natural hair which then makes it look flawless without bumps. You will then achieve a seamless look.
  • It protects you from sweating.
  • However, since the wig cap adds a layer to your head, it might still make you sweat more or become uncomfortable.
  • The band that comes with the wig cap is restrictive. This makes you feel uncomfortable
  • The wig cap is ideal to whoever is experiencing hair loss


  • When you are experiencing hair loss it goes without saying that the cap will give you a protective barrier and thus stop the itchiness. This normally occurs when you are wearing a weft wig.
  • For those who naturally have the sensitive scalp, this is your savior. The layer it provides gives your scalp the leeway to breathe.
  • It will help your wig to stay put instead of slipping especially when you are experiencing hair loss.


  • This cap may make your head overheat. If this happens you won’t be comfortable.
  • It’s weighty for some people.

For those with hair


  • If you have minimal to no hair loss, this wig cap will keep your hair in place. It gives you that extra layer of comfort. All your hair will stay in place with no single one misbehaving.
  • It keeps your hair flattened and close to your scalp which then makes the wig look completely natural.


  • Some people complain that the wig cap makes their hair feel so warm.
  • There are those who complain that the wig cap makes them have a headache.

Types of Wig Caps

  • Netted wig caps

This is one of the most important wig caps that you have since it will help you manage your hair that is underneath. The good thing about this piece is that it lets your hair scalp breath.

Netted wig capsIt’s ideal for those who have a problem with sweating. It’s also a great method you would use to pin your hair on the wig. It’s recommended for those with larger heads or long hair. They often come in the nylon material and cotton.

I, however, prefer them in nylon as opposed to cotton especially for those who have hair. However, if you have lost the hair then it’s a non-issue. It will hold the hair in place the same way your bathing cap does.

  • Breathable wig cap

This one often comes in a nylon material. There are times when it’s used to cover the whole head while other times it’s used to cover the hairline. The fact that it uses nylon makes it easy for you not to sweat.

Breathable wig capIt will help you hold your hair in place making it easy to wear the wig. Remember to choose one that has a good elastic so that it won’t hurt or cause you headaches. They are comfortable to use and most importantly they won’t affect your head.

  • Closure wig cap

The wig caps are designed to make your life easy. They come in with a 100% virgin human hair. This makes it work well with your hair if you are using the human hair wigs. This hair you can straighten, curl and color as you desire.

I like that you can have it in any color you wish. This comes in with the closure so all you have to do is sew in the extra bundles. The good thing about the hair is that it has 70% of the work already done for you.

  • Japanese wig cap

This is a lightweight mesh wig cap. It makes drying your hair a quick process. You can use it for making your wigs. They don’t come with an adjustable cap. Often times people use the combs as they sew them on the wig cap.

  • U part wig cap with adjustable straps

These ones are designed with the U shape hole where you expose your natural hair. It’s often at the top of the head. Although this happens to be an old-style where we would leave parts of our hair to blend in the weave, it’s still quite effective today.

U part wig cap with adjustable strapsThe cap works for you when you wish to wear high ponytail. This wig caps come with adjustable straps. You can sew in your extension or use the glue in the method for the hair extension.

  • Dome cap

This one works for your quick weaves although you can as well use them with your regular wigs. Although classified here there’s a difference between it and your wig cap because of its spandex.

It further has the thick band which keeps your wig in place. It’s more ideal for anyone with thick hair. They will keep your hair secured under the hair extension or wig.

Bamboo wig cap for cancer patients

This cap will help you especially when you are looking to wear cancer wig s safely. Remember our cancer patients are abet more sensitive from using very strong drugs. The caps won’t allow for the growth of microbes and bacteria.

It has the bamboo which sucks off the moisture from your hair thus keeping you cool. They will make you comfy during the warm weather. The cap is lightweight and breathable.

The cap is soft on your head and it will stretch to fit your head. It, in fact, works when you have a bald head or up to 23 inches of the head. It will give you relief from those hot and itchy wigs that you have been wearing.

For the maintenance, remember to hand wash it then air dry it. This one shouldn’t be used by those who have a head full of hair rather it works for you when you have a medical problem.

Weaving cap

From the name, you realize that the hair extension is woven onto the unique cap. You may have it being used to make the wig cap as well. However, in some instances, it’s customized to fit your head.

This then means that you won’t have to think about your wig being weirdly worn. I like that when the hair is sewn on the wig it normally alleviates the weight of the hair as well.

This item has small holes and it further has the adjustable straps that make it easy to adjust it so that it can fit on any hair type.

With its perforated holes, it will work especially to keep you from sweating. This item makes it easy to dry your hair fast as you are washing the hair.

How to Use the Weave Cap

This weave cap works to serve you. Once you have your hair nicely cleaned, you can make the hair tangle-free. Braid the hair into cornrows, make it into a circular pattern. Do this from the back to the crown area.

Use the clips to secure parts of the hair you are not working on and this will then help to keep this hair out of the way.

  • If you have the weave cap ready, fit it on your head.

Stich this weave cap around the perimeter of your head hairline. Nevertheless, do this an inch above the hairline. Ensure you cut away all the excess fabric from the cap.

  • Now stitch your extension to the weave cap

As you are now ready with the weave cap, use the cornrows as your guide on where to sew the hair extension. Go ahead and stitch the wefts at the weft base.

Check to confirm that you have about 2 inches round remaining. Next, cut the remaining weft. Now, tie the remaining head to secure your stitches.

  • Time to glue the remaining closure

For the circular part remaining, stitch the closure on. Next, comb the remaining wig and then cut the weave as you desire.

Lace Wig Caps

This is just in reference to the wig caps that are made using the lace. There are a number of designs that work for the lace wig caps

  • Full lace wig without stretches

This works every time you need to make a customization for your full lace wig. It works best if you need no stretches around the ears. The cap is the most versatile option you will ever have because you can part the hair from the hairline to the nape as you wish.

  • Full lace wig with thin skin around the perimeter

This lace wig that has the thin skin around the perimeter is your best option when you love the thin skin. It will even give you the tight fit around the perimeter of your skin. The good thing is that you can use any glue and tape to secure it.

  • Full lace wig with stretch from ear to ear

Now, this is the most popular type of cap. You can use it and fit it around your ears.

Glueless full lace wig

This comes as a solution to anyone who doesn’t like using glue or tape. You will still use this cap to enjoy the natural like wig.

Silk top full lace wig

The silk lace cap is so invisible you can enjoy the silk top together with the lace wig. Silk top gives you the best finish.

Silk base cap

This is simply the cap that is made using silk and not the lace. It uses the silk fabric. This appears to be the most natural you will ever have the base cap looking.

What Color of The Wig Cap Should I Get?

Check your scalp complexion. That should guide to the right wig cap. This is because when you part the hair you should have it looking like your own scalp. I often advise people to part the hair then check the color that suits your wig cap.

Go for transparent if you have white, off white and creme scalp tones.

Brown will suit those with light beige scalp or other beige scalp tones.

Light brown is best used by those who have light brown scalp.

The dark brown color is suited for those with dark brown scalps.

Black Double Lace Wig Caps For Making Wigs

This comes in the form of a double lace wig that further has adjustable straps. It comes with a wig cap and its superelastic. It comes in black color for you to use it in making the wigs.

It comes in a large size to fit all people both those with a large head and those with small heads. With its double lace, it becomes very strong yet sturdy in construction. It then features a durable material.

This is a great brand of hair that you may use over a long period of time.

eBoot 3 Pack Wig Caps

This wig cap will tightly hold your hair in place. With this hair, you will feel free and comfy. The wig cap is not only stretchy but also durable. It will suit most occasions.

With a single set, you have both the netted option and the other material is soft, stretchy, durable and the most comfortable to use.

It’s easy to use and also clean. It’s breathable and will hold your hair in place.

Bella Hair Glueless Full Lace Wig Cap for Making Wigs with Adjustable Straps

This feature a swiss lace together with the carbon net. You will experience the sure ventilated method. You will have the stretch panel at the crown area. It further has the adjustable straps which make it easy to wear when you have whichever size of hair.

It then has the adjustable straps together with the combs for easy and adhesives free attaching of the hair. This hair will give you the natural-looking hairline. It’s best to use when you have the 360-wig cap.

The one advantage about the wig cap is that it has pores which make it breathable. In the end, your hair dries so fast once you wash it.

How Do You Choose the Wig Cap?

You will have a wide selection of wig cap to buy. You will then get to choose them.

Keep it natural

Whenever you are looking for a wig cap, it’s your duty to go for an almost natural scalp. Today it’s hard to tell whether one is wearing a wig or not because of their wig caps. They are used to mimic your scalp.

If you are using the lace front cap construction or the monofilament wig style cap, you will achieve the natural look.


When choosing your desired wig cap, just buy one that looks all elegant. The good thing about the elegant piece is that it will serve you over a long time.

Check if the wig cap is a single piece or it’s made using strips. They are all good quality so for this point it’s more about preferences.

Glue or glueless

You can have the cap being attached using glue or no glue. This means that you can choose whichever you see fit for you.

The size

We have different head sizes; this means that it’s important to choose a cap based on your head size. Is it petite, large or medium are all questions to ask?

Where to buy the wig cap

The list of places to buy the wig caps is endless. From online stores to offline stores. Wherever you have a large shop that sells hair products, you can buy yourself the cap. I love the online stores because they show you various options at a cheap price.

How To Wear A Wig Without A Wig Cap

The process is easy just watch the video in the link below.

How to Keep A Wig from Slipping?

The last thing you want when you are wearing the wig is for it to start slipping. The following are the things you could do to keep it from slipping.

  • Wear a wig cap

Remember we have talked about this extensively on the article. Using a wig cap is a#1 method to keep your wig in place.

  • Wig grip bands

With the current evolution in the hair industry, more people prefer the use of a wig grip band instead of glue. The good thing about it though is that you can never have the wig slipping if you wore the wig grip band underneath.

  • Metal wig clips

The other method is for you to sew the wig clips on the wig. They will give you a good grip and the wig will further stay secure.

  • Gel band for a secure fit

This one will secure the wig as it maintains the lightweight of the hair. they work even for those who have sensitive skin. they are soft and comfortable making you enjoy the hair.

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