30 Amazing Widows Peak Haircuts In 2021

Widows peak hairstyles are perfect for the men with natural peak hairline. When guys have such a unique hairline it becomes more complex to find out that perfect hairstyle for them.

Popular Widow’s Peak Hairstyles for Men

Does your hairline have natural peak that gives a V shape to your forehead? Following are the 30 easy widows peak hairstyles for men.

You will need to do some careful choosing depending on what your goal is.

We are offering several ways to hide the widow’s peak as well as some creative methods to emphasize it.

1. The mixed up


This hairstyle has a mixture of messy yet organized look.

Men can prefer the hairstyle if they are heading for a party or a casual meeting. The hairstyle doesn’t require much of hair styling products.

2. Smooth and the compact look

It gives an authoritarian look with no-nonsense attitude. The hairstyle is very impressive and needs a lot of hair styling products to keep it intact.

The hair is generally side-parted or sometimes back brushed to give that neat and tidy look. It suits best on guys with rectangular face cut.

3. Adaptations of pompadour

This hairstyle emphasizes the style and attitude. The hair is styled by lifting it in upward direction. There is no specific rule of partitioning the hair.

There are many variations of pompadour which need different styling agents but most common among them is the blow dryer which actually defines the look.

4. The Intricate spikes

If you are a kind of guy who loves spikes then you should definitely go with your instincts. Spike is the new trend. It requires very less effort compared to other men’s hairstyles.

Only a mirror and little amount of hair gel is required to complete the look.

5. The edgy combover

It is a kind of look that not only gives you a rough and tough image but also makes your look impressive at the same time. If you are a fan of David Beckham then you should absolutely try this hairstyle once.

The hair in the front part of your head needs to be combed sideways and the remaining hairs need to be combed in backward direction. Hair gel or mousses are required for the look.

6. The intense widows peak

While you want to have a nice guy look and at the same time want to be stylish, this hairstyle suits both the purpose. You need to have your hair combed in backward direction.

The motive is to give volume to your hairs so no need of using any hair gel but to keep the hair set and shiny, hair serums can be used.

7. A touch of crisp

Guys like to keep their hair short. To get the look you can create little spikes and can texturize them nicely using hair styling gels.

You can also highlight the spikes with different hair colors that match with your natural hair color and skin tone.

8. Shag Haircut

When it comes to keeping longer hair, men often tend to be repulsive. It is not that the look is a disaster but it is that most of the guys don’t know how to keep their long hairs stylish.

Shag is a kind of hairstyle where hairs all over the head are cut in the same length which is usually longer than 2 inches. For a clean a sexy look, apply a good quality hair serum.

9. Leveled top


This gives a perfect military look, with side fades that amplifies the appearance.

The hair is cut short so as to create the neat flat top with no chance of the messy look. The hairstyle looks good on men with a square jawline.

10.  Added volume to the widows peak hairstyle


Adding some volume to the place where the widow peak is most visible can be a great idea. By amplifying the top, the attention is drawn away from the forehead.

Keeping such hairstyle neat will not be too hard. However, it will mostly fit those men whose widow peak doesn’t stand out.

11. The side bangs


Growing long bangs and parting them in the middle is a great way to cover up the widow’s peak as well as get a classy look.

Such hairstyle requires long hair, so it may be hard to maintain. However, it will add a lot of style to whomever is bold enough to sport it.

12. The  brush over


Brushing long hair back over the peak is a bold choice. Doing it without any hair gel is heroic.

However, for those who want the Nick Cage look, such hairstyle will be ideal. Keeping the hair neat is the key to maintaining the style.

13. Let it stand out


There is really nothing terrible about the peak. So if it is not too obvious, letting the world see it is not a terrible idea.

Any widow’s peak hairstyle has a right to exist, especially if the hair is nice and thick. Brushing the hair up draws attention to this hereditary feature.

14. Spike it up


Brushing the hair up to the top is a great way to deal with unruly locks.

A little hair gel mixed with some imagination can provide a very interesting hairstyle which can be different every day. A widow’s peak is not a problem.

15. Brushed over style


Brushing hair to one side is another way to put the accent on the interesting looking peak.

This hairstyle looks very natural. The hair will often fall this way on their own without any hair cosmetics. However, sometimes gel will be required.

16. Comb it up

Combing hair up to the top will allow the widow’s peak to look very stylish. Such hairstyle will work great with short hair.

If the hair is a little longer, then a different approach will be required. This type of style has a very young feel to it.

17. The obvious hairline


Making the hairline obvious is another way to allow the peak to stand out.

The obvious hairline adds a natural feeling to the peak and makes the haircut look very neat. The longer the hair, the better such hairline will look.

18. The swept up pompadour


The swept up pompadour never goes out of style. This wild and outrageous look keeps the attention away from the peak and adds a lot of youthfulness’s to the wearer.

However, keeping the swept up pompadour intact is quite complicated.

19. Keeping it short


The shorter the hair on the sides is, the better the hair on top will look with a widow’s peak. Brushing can be kept to a minimum, while a just-out-of-bed look is easily accomplished.

Such hairstyle is one of the most popular ones with the widow’s peak owners.

20. A long sweep


Growing long hair and then sweeping it back is a great idea for any lucky widow’s peak owner.

By avoiding a pompadour but keeping the volume on top of the head, such hairstyle looks extremely fashionable and seems hard to achieve.

21.  Lateral bangs


Brushing the bangs in a lateral fashion allows for a very stylish look and draws attention away from the widow’s peak.

In order to achieve the best results with the lateral bangs style, the hair must be kept very neat. Otherwise, it will lose the stylish look.

 22.  A fohawk


Fohawks look great on those men, who are not afraid to flaunt the balding forehead. If you can’t fight them, join them!

Keeping the hair long on top, while cutting it very short on the sides will do wonders for achieving a fashionable look.

 23.  The classicsfilename

This is what the classical widow’s peak haircut looks like.

There is nothing really special about it, however, it looks very soft and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. It might seem boring, but it works for a lot of men.

 24. Keep it long


The longer the hair the more options the proud owner of the widow’s peak can have.

Longer hair on the bottom gives an impression of an elongated face and keeps the attention away from the peak. Sweeping the bangs to the side is a great add-on.

 25. Wavy toss


Wavy hair can cover up the widow’s peak quite easily. All that needs to be done is to grow them a little longer to cover up the forehead.

However, wavy hair has a tendency to get messy once it grows long.  Still, there is nothing bad about it.

  26. Pony tail


Growing hair long enough to make a pony tail is another option, which is well-liked by many men.

Such hairstyle doesn’t require much washing, brushing or hair cosmetics. It does all it can to show the widow’s peak as well.

27. Mohawk


A mohawk is a great hairstyle which accentuates the widow’s peak and allows the skin to breathe. Such hairstyle is popular among all ages as well as occupations.

It is never a mistake to try a mohawk. Once such haircut is done, many men stay with it.

28. A creative mohawk


A creative mohawk with hair swept up and then brushed to the side is a style that is ageless.

It will look great on a teenager as well as on someone with gray hair. It also does the trick of making the widow’s peak almost invisible.

29. Let it grow


Growing long hair is a great way to deal with the widow’s peak. It always looks less noticeable once there is a lot of volume on top. Adding a beard will make the look seem complete.

30. Textured cut


Leaving the hair a little longer to create a textured look is a great idea for those men who want to emphasize their widow’s peak. Such haircut might require some maintenance, but the clean look is definitely worth it.

Now that you’ve checked out the 30 hairstyles for men with widow’s peak, you hopefully understood that the peak is really not a problem. But whether you choose to hide it or to flaunt it, there is a hairstyle out there to satisfy your demand.

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