13 Best wholesale wigs distributors

The demand for hair extension is growing by the day. More people are seeking to use hair extensions as a solution to their hair deficiencies. This desire for new and different types of hair has led to the need for more wholesaler wig distributors.

There are thousands of wholesale wig distributors in the market, and as the years go by, more come to business. The demand for even higher quality hair means that wholesalers have to look for or create even better wigs.

Notice that we have seen synthetic wigs that look so much like human hair. The consumers define the products that the factories sell, whether the synthetic fibers or human hair. With such development, the market is calling for creative manufacturers and wholesalers.

Wholesale Distributors from China

The only reason that makes us start with China is that the country produces and sells more hair than any other country globally. This we attribute to the fact that the cost of production in China is lower than in other countries. If you have noticed, most manufacturing businesses in the US have moved to China.

This translates to profits if you produce your goods here since the cost of investment is quite low. Thus it’s true to say that if you want to make more profits or even make quality and fair purchase of hair, you should buy from China

1. Lord hair

This brand was only in the recent past, a brand that’s not popular. Today, Lord hair is the talk of the streets. They sell both the male and female wigs. From hair replacement to stylish female wigs, they have you covered. You will have your needs met at all times.

The reason why it’s even more popular is that it caters to real problems and situations. A good example is a baldness. You no longer have to suffer baldness for fear of hair replacement surgical procedures. Today, you can replace the hair without the need for surgery.

This brand was born in 2006, and about 14 years later, they still maintain the same quality control. Although the brand is in China, they sell their goods globally because they have partnered with the major shipping companies. So we may say that this is one of the most popular wholesale distributors who make it unnecessary to have middlemen.

When you decide to work with them, you get high quality, low capital investment, special package, among others. This will show you how to use the products and even their website. Additionally, you receive the hair cutting chance at their local salons and further hair fixing bars.

Men will benefit the most from this brand because it offers solutions to their baldness. The best part is you will find it easy to order hair from them.

2. AliExpress

The fact that its the second most popular online shop only after Amazon gives it an upper hand. The shop is, in fact, more popular when it comes to the hair industry than Amazon. Let’s say that if you wanted a hairpiece and you didn’t find it in AliExpress, the chances are that it’s not in the market.

It supplies various other items alongside the hair wigs and extensions. You will have a wide range of options from AliExpress. Many people have their shops here, including those who aren’t from China. Founded in 2010, this shop has seen massive growth.

The significant difference between this brand and others is that they sell their goods at a meager price. We have already told you why this happens. Most of the brands here have their factories in China, or they buy from China, and that’s why the price is much lower.

Buyers will always check out the products on AliExpress first before they go to any other shop. This shop is dear to buyers, and it continues to be the most popular. The thing that makes them more popular is that it has a 24/7 customer service and the refund policy is excellent.

Note that there are so many scammers on AliExpress, so you should operate with your 6th sense alert.

3. Hairtheme.com

If you want a brand that will never disappoint, then visit Hairtheme.com. This is one of the best wholesale distributors in the market. They serve over 200 countries across the globe. Also, what makes them the most preferred brand is the fact that they give you no minimum order requirement like others.

With this feature, therefore, you have the lowest capital investment if you intend to work with them. Most buyers find this feature more attractive since they don’t have to spend a life looking for capital. In the end, you will buy quality products at a lower price.

They further have a wide variety of hair for you to choose from. Working with this brand is fantastic because they offer a 24hr service. You can even do drop shipping with them as they maintain the quality control system.

Besides, you can find their hair through other large stores like Amazon AliExpress Shopify and others.

Whenever you wish to buy the quality hair at a low price, think of this brand. Also, if you further want the uniqueness and quality, think of this brand.

4. DH gate

Well, here is another brand to go to when you are looking for more choices when it comes to hair business. But the DH gate supplies a whole load of other items too. Like the most prominent retail shop in China, ordering from the DH gate means you receive free shipping of the goods to your home.

I like the fact that they have a wide range of hair products. Also, you will receive the goods on an express delivery. They further ensure that you receive your goods on time and as you ordered. They, therefore, have a proper buyers protection policy.

Whenever you are looking for a wide range of hairstyles to try or sell, the best brand to visit will be the DH gate. They have made it all easy for you by creating a mobile app to ease the process of purchasing the goods you want. Mind you; the products will always come to you at a low price.

5. China best wigs

For over the last ten years, this brand has made a name of itself in the hair industry. They are famous for selling some of the best hair types and particularly high-quality hair. They make the best-textured hair using the 100% human hairpieces that aren’t processed.

They sell different textures of hair with varying lengths to suit the different client needs. Today they are popular across the globe primarily since they focus on making sure the client is satisfied. It doesn’t matter what time it is in your area because you have 24 hrs customer service.

Whenever you are looking for high-end hair, you may as well buy it from China’s best wigs. The best part is that you will make the best purchase when you buy from this brand. From lace wigs to lace frontals and other human hair wigs, you will have a selection to choose from.

Mind you; this is a brand that’s accredited across the globe.

Best Wholesale Wig Distributors in the UK

6. Koko Hair Wholesale

Even the UK, just like all other parts of the globe, has brands that solidly sell the hair in a wholesale. Koko brand first came to the business in 2002. Even then, the brand here sells all the different kinds of extensions, including clip-ins, wigs, sew-in, tape-in, and many more.

They have their base in Manchester, but they supply all across the UK. For this brand, we have the business solidly focused on the wholesale market, and you can’t buy from them if you aren’t retail.

Although they have recently founded the KOKO fashion limited, they mainly focus on delivering some of the best hair to its evergrowing client base.

From Koko, you will find the party wigs and heat resistant synthetic wigs, among others. Of course, they, unlike the Chinese ones, will charge you for the delivery. Note that they mostly serve the UK based clientele. You can have the drawstring ponytail hair bun-like hair and many other styles.

There are very many different hair types that they sell, and they sell other hair accessories too.

7. Annabelles wigs

Another famous brand in the UK is this one. They are the best when it comes to supplying wigs across the UK. They are a wholesale brand that mostly focuses on providing wigs to hair shops, salons, mobile hairdressers, and many other wig suppliers.

They have the right wigs for the different markets, whether you are looking for blonde, short, long, brunette wigs they will deliver. You can further buy the full wig, 3/4 wigs, partial wigs, among others. You can even have the ponytail and dip-dye wigs.

If you are the person who isn’t comfortable purchasing hair through their website, you can have access to them on Instagram as well. Besides, you will receive your order the very next day if you are within the UK.

Best Wholesale Wigs Distributor in the US

The USA makes the largest consumer of hair extensions. Whether we are talking about wigs or weaves, they like and use hair extensions more. If you, therefore, can capture that market, you would do great business. So whether they are importing the hair from China or they are buying for within, it doesn’t matter.

Although they are the biggest market, most of the hair they buy comes from China. So let’s take a look at a few of the wholesale distributors online.


Whenever you are looking for good quality wigs from the USA, you should consider this brand.  If you wish to buy the wigs in large quantities too, you could get the wigs from this brand. They have all kinds of wigs for all the different people. Whether you want a different color or length is all a personal choice.

The best part is that they sell hair for both men and women. Yes, even men sometimes wear wigs. They have a wide selection, whether its the medical wigs, monofilament, or any other type of wigs you wish for you will always get them here.

They further sell the wigs in retail across the country through some specific shops that will see on their website. Also, they quick to make new and different styles of wigs. Whether you are looking for synthetic wigs or human hair, you will find it here.

9. Rose wholesale

This is one of those brands that sell all the different kinds of hair. They also sell other products like dresses and shoes, among others. When you are looking for wholesale wigs, consider this shop. They will sell you all the different types of wigs

You will find all the best looking wigs you can think of here ready for you to supply. In fact, you will receive a 15% discount as a new client. For even better business, you can watch out for discounts they give out from time to time. What I like the most about the brand is that they deliver the most natural-looking wigs and all at a fair price.

Whether you want the short or long wigs, synthetic or human wigs, you will have it with ease. Other than wigs, they also sell other types of hair extensions.

10. Wigs warehouse

This is your online store that focuses on selling the best wigs from the different brands in the US. They sell the best remember from all the different brands, which means you will get all the quality wigs from here. In fact, if you urgently need a fashion nova wig, you should check them out here.

She came into business back in 2002, and she has since been thriving in the same. They continue to bring you some of the best of the best in the market. They will offer you up to 25% discount to hold you to their brand, but you have nothing to regret since they are some of the very best in the market.

They sell wigs for both men and women, and that means you can get some of the very best hairpieces. Today they supply wigs not only in the US but also in other parts of the world.

Wholesale wig Distributors in India

Since they have some of the best hair in the world, they produce and sell a lot of hair. No wonder you will find even some of the best distributors here.

11. Adorable hair suppliers

This is a 100% raw Indian and Brazilian human hair factory that focuses o distributing the hair. For them, you will find the raw unprocessed hair that has the cuticles aligned. You can be sure to receive the best from this brand since they aren’t new to the hair business.

You will decide how you want the hair to be because they sell it raw and only cleaned and packaged. Whenever you are after the raw virgin Indian hair, you should visit this website. You know these days it’s not as easy to get the raw hair.

If you do get the raw hair, you will always find that it has been processed where this compromises the durability. Here you will only receive the best hair at the perfect price. Additionally, the best part is that the hair is from a single donor at a time.

Here you don’t have to worry about the length, texture, or color; they have it all. I bet that’s the reason why they make it one of the most famous distributors from India. Mind you buying from this brand means you purchase hair that’s taken directly from the donor.

12. Indian human hair

Of course, there are many brands you can shop from when you are purchasing the Indian hair in India. But this is one of the best brands. You have all the different textures, lengths, and colors of hair to purchase. They make the hair versatile for anyone to get a taste of the hair they want.

The hair they use here comes from the south Indian temples. You will find the hair in different parts of the world today. They focus mostly on selling raw and Remy Indian hair. Moreover, they have a vast market to serve, which tells you that they are a legitimate company.

You will have the 24 hours customer support, which allows you to communicate with them at different time zones. I love that they bring to you the hair that will satisfy you because they have different options from the affordable ones to the high-end pieces.

Its one of the best brands too because they sell only thick and high-quality hair that is durable.

13. SGI hair

Talk about another one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of hair that’s also a leading exporter of hair. They distribute different kinds of wigs and hair extensions. They receive the hair fro the south Indian donors of hair. Indian hair is readily accessible, but it’s also trendy for its quality.

They have learned to sell all the different textures at an unbelievably low price. They listen so much to the customers that if you complained about something, they would have to stop and change. The website they have is easy to use even for a beginner, and what’s more, you have 24/7 constant support.

Here’s Why You Should Find the Best Wholesale Distributors

Unfortunately, it may not be easy to choose the right distributor for you. This is because most of them aren’t trustworthy. They will tell you that they sell high-quality hair, yet they don’t. That can negatively impact your business. This is why I encourage people to research the brand they are going to business with.

You will need to know what to look for when you are starting. But don’t worry, there’s so much information online to tell whether the brand is legit.

Benefits of Buying from a Wholesale Distributor

  • The best pricing

When you are starting a business, it’s your dream to make the most sales and earn a significant number of return clients. So if you can get a better deal of good quality hair at a fair price, the better. Buying from distributors that have a factory means that you make the cheapest quality purchase. That translates to massive profits for your business.

  • The best quality

Often, the hair you buy from the distributor is from the factories.  What that means then is that you only sell the best hair. When you have only the best, you will maintain the business.

Even if you want the customized wigs, you can get it from the distributors. The good thing is that you will get the raw hair from the donor, and that means its a good quality.

  • Negotiating edge

When you are buying directly from the wholesalers, they can show you a wide range of options to choose from, contrary to offline stores. I love that you will get all the different things you need under a single roof. You will have the option to check the prices and the quality before you decide on the goods.

So, Where Will You Find the Best Distributors?

Most definitely, if you want distributors that will sell you cheap hair, you should go to either China or India. As we had mentioned earlier, the only reason why they offer you more affordable hair is because of the low cost of production. It’s never that the hair is of poor quality.

However, if you want even better quality, then you may need to customize or source the hair from Europe or Vietnam. To make the most out of the distributor, you should know your product well before you go in search. Only then will you make the best purchase of hair.

Also, know the brand you are going for. Don’t only read their praises because who wouldn’t praise themselves? Read the reviews and check the number of hair they have sold as well as how long they have been in business.

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