White Girl Hair Extension – A Beginner’S But Complete Guide

There’s an assumption that we white girls don’t need hair extensions.

That is never the case because we too sometimes have fine hair or even shorter hair than we would love to have.

For a long time, the hair extension has been associated with black women.

White Girl Hair Extension

Most of the hair extensions that were previously manufactured were geared towards the black women hair.

However, we realize that apart from celebrities, white girls also like to wear extensions especially on their big days like weddings.

Nevertheless, hair extensions for white girls aren’t as easy to find as those designed for colored women.

You see often the human hair donors come from Asia and South America. The hair texture from these sides varies a lot from white hair.

Can White Girls Get Weaves?

Most people ask this question all the time because of the sew in method.

White girls can get sew in hair extensions but aside from that, there are other methods to use for your extensions if you think that sew in doesn’t work.

For most white girls, the major complaint has been that the sew in weaves normally come off sooner than the stipulated time it should take.

If you want to make sew in weaves it’s best to get it done by an African American stylist.

This is because they are more experienced in the sew in style braids.

Reasons Why White Women Like to Wear Extensions

  • Length

Contrary to most beliefs, even white women wear hair extensions to increase their hair length. You will realize that some women can’t have their hair grow past a certain length. In most cases, it’s the shoulder length.

For this reason, white women will opt to use the extensions, especially during important functions. If you understand much about hair then you know that it’s easier to style long hair.

In addition, some women like to cut their hair but sometimes you’ll just cut your hair wrong or cut it more than you wanted to. In such cases, hair extension will help you rock a longer hair for some time until the hair grows out.

  • Color

If you are a white woman and would like to try a different color but you aren’t sure it would look good on you, you should consider trying it while wearing hair extensions over your natural hair. Once you get a color that suits you, then you can color your natural hair.

No one wants to color their natural hair only to realize that you look different in a bad way. With hair extension, you have the chance to experiment the different colors. Hair extensions come in the ombre color, balayage and any other style you wish for.

Besides, you don’t have to change your maintenance routine to the natural hair because the color is on your weave, not your own hair.

  • The hair volume

Some white women are born with naturally thin or fine hair. In such cases, the only way to increase the volume is in using hair extension. You don’t have to wear natural thin hair anymore. You can use hair extension to increase the volume of your hair.

  • Hair loss

Some situations are inevitable like when you develop diseases that lead to slow shedding of the hair. You may use wigs and other extensions to maintain the same look if you are losing your hair from diseases like cancer.

Sometimes aging causes thinning of the hair. Therefore, the best thing to do is to wear extension because remember, when you have thick hair, you continue to look young. Alopecia is another disease that is affecting most young and older women.

  • Style

When you would like to change your look the easiest way to do it is using hair extension. Sometimes it’s good to give your natural hair a rest and then use the extensions to rock new hairstyles. Wearing the extension makes your hair not only look beautiful but also interesting.

Since you will have additional length, volume and pop up, you can then make an easy braid for the hair. For those who love ponytails, using the hair extension is the sure way to rock the ponytail without straining your hair.

  • Less damage

Wearing hair extension right will mean you subject your hair to zero damage. This is especially true for wigs. Thus, you should opt for styles that will cause no damage to the hairstyle whatsoever.

It further lets your hair grow longer and healthier since you don’t have to comb them frequently. Nevertheless, when you use styles like the tape in and bonding you might still subject the hair to damage.

  • Ease of use

If you are anything like me then you will know that taking care or styling my hair is never a cup of tea for me. I have therefore found great service in using hair extensions. They are easy to manage especially the synthetic ones that I don’t have to manipulate.

Cons of Wearing Extensions

  • Since most white women have thin hair, you should be careful in styling the hair so that you cover the tracks. Tape ins especially are easily noticeable if you don’t cover them properly and if you have thin hair.
  • Your hair gets knots more easily than those with thicker and curly, wavy or kinky textured hair.
  • If you have a bad hair day and you don’t style them, you are bound to look pretty awful. This is especially so when your hair extensions are longer than your natural hair.
  • You must braid it at night before you sleep to prevent the knotting.
  • Some hair extensions are worse than your own hair. They will harm it more.

Best Hair Extension Types for White Women

The thing is that there is no clear-cut hair extension which we may all agree to be the best one for the white women to rock.

However, there are a number of extensions that they can use. It all depends on your personal hair to know which extension works best for you.

  1. Clip in hair extension

Clip in hair extension

This hairstyle is pretty common among white girls. It’s simply hair extensions that you use clips to attach them to your natural hair. You will mostly find the hair extensions being used here to be made using the Remy hair.

If you naturally have thin hair, you shouldn’t use the hair extension. Thin hair extension can’t stand the strain caused by clip in extension. It will make your hair even thinner. You can color it wash it and style it but most importantly you remove it when going to bed.

This is the on the go-to hairstyle for white women and girls. You will just care for the hair the same way you do with your own hair extensions. Gently brush the hair, wash it and condition it.

  1. Tape in extension

Clip in hair extension

You will find this extension being already pre-taped and then you can tape them or use glue to attach it to your natural hair. This one, you can’t install yourself as the tapes need to be attached to the roots of our hair. You further use the heated tools for melting the glue.

When removing it, you must use the glue remover and this is best done in the salon otherwise you could easily damage our hair. Although you will need to wash your hair or style it when wearing the tape in extension, always exercise caution.

If you don’t, you then loosen the bonds making it easy for the hair to slip off. For this reason, you ought to only use specialized shampoos and conditioners as directed by your stylist. The shampoos must never be harsh or oily.

  1. Sew in extension

Sew in extension

This method is common with the colored women mostly because white women complain that the hairs extension come out so fast. However, if you go to African American women who know how to braid the cornrows, it will be durable.

The hairstyle will normally last about 6-8 weeks. You will have your stylist make the cornrows then sew the hair extension over them. The problem though is that some people claim that the style is normally too painful.

Remember to moisturize your scalp and natural hair at least once a week. You can also wash your hair with protein products to make sure you don’t damage it.

  1. Fusion and pre-bonded style

Fusion and pre-bonded style

Another common style that the white girls’┬árock often is the fusion and bonded style. Here’s how it works; the extension is bonded to your hair using different kinds of adhesives.

This is the most expensive method of hair extension installation because it takes a lot of time to install.

This hair is not for all people, in fact, you shouldn’t use it if you have damaged the hair. While it blends perfectly to the white girl’s hair, it’s known to damage your scalp/hair more than any other style you know.

This means that you should nourish of your hair when you are wearing it. You may use glue/tapes and sometimes even hot bonding tools.

They will generally last at most 6 months. However, you have to take good care of the hair at such a time.

The hairstyle should never be installed at home and only use the help of an experienced stylist in either the hot fusion method or cold fusion.

The Cost of Hair Extension

I wish I would round off the prices for you to know how much it will cost you to have the hair extensions installed. But the answer to that quest is normally not direct. There are many factors to be considered.

  • The hair extensions used for different hairstyles vary.
  • The hair stylist installing your hair may charge you differently in one city as they do in other cities.
  • The method of installation also contributes to the difference in price.

Other factors that will determine the variation in the price include the quality of hair, the length and the color you are using for the hair.

  • Tape in extension will cost you anything between $300-$1400.
  • Fusion and pre-bonded hair is the most expensive at $400-$2000
  • Sew in extension $400 and above
  • Clip in costs you about $200

 Complete Guide To The Cost Of Hair Extensions
Generally, the range should be between $200-$4000 depending on where you are installing the hair. If you want cheaper hair extensions you are bound to get them but remember, you will have to compromise on the quality.

Best Hair Weaves for Caucasian Women

You see there are different weaves in the market today. While they suit best the hair texture of colored women, there are those that are suitable for even Caucasian women.

  • Peruvian hair

This hair is loved by many and all for a good reason its multiple textures. Whether yours is kinky, curly, straight or wavy this hair weaves will work for you.

The hair is luxurious but most importantly free flowing which makes it easy to use at all functions.

  • Indian hair extensions

The hair is richly textured yet it blends naturally with the Caucasian hair. While it’s a strong Asian hair type, it’s quite soft which is the real characteristic of the Caucasian hair. This hair is durable and when properly maintained will last to 24 months.

Don’t worry if you have blonde hair since you can color the hair to suit your own color. The hair is mostly just virgin unprocessed hair which allows you to chemically change it.

  • European or Russian hair

While this type of hair perfectly matches Caucasian hair, they are never readily available. Not many Europeans are willing to donate their hair. For this reason, if you manage to get the European type chances are that it will be quite expensive.

The other challenge is that Russian hair is often very fine which means you have to use a lot of it to serve your needs. The other problem with Russian hair is that since it’s fine, coloring it to match your own hair may just continue to damage it.

  • Eurasian hair

They may serve you a little bit because they feature a blend of European hair and that of Asians from the mixed-race people. This hair is rare but it’s as close as it gets to the Caucasian hair as well.

Thick, silky, smooth is the description of the good-looking hair.

  • Malaysian hair

This is the other hair type favored by those in search of the Caucasian hair extension. The hair is very soft which is a typical characteristic of the white hair. It works perfectly with those who have fine hair or silky type.

What’s more, the hair is easy to manage and tangles less. You also feel the bounce and its shiny feature. They have a light density and although they mostly come in dark brown to black, you can color them easily.

How Long Does the Hair Extension Last on A White Woman’s Hair?

With proper maintenance, the hair will last as long as it does on a colored woman hair. The time the extension takes on your hair also vary based on the method you have used to attach it, the quality of hair and maintenance.

Some will last for at most 4 weeks while others will last up to 6 months. Factors like whether it was properly installed, how fast your hair is growing and proper maintenance determine the length of time.

Important Things Before You Get the Hair Extensions as A White Woman

  • Your lifestyle

Hair extensions depend so much on your lifestyle. However, there are temporary kinds of hair extension which are best used by those who are just starting out on the hair extension industry.

Semi-permanent extension is the one that will last from a few days to 8 weeks and you can have the permanent ones like bonded hair that may last to 6 months when well maintained.

If you like to change your hair often then you should use the temporary ones that include flip always, clip ins and wigs.

If you love to exercise though you can use both the temporary ones and the permanent ones but never use tape in as the bonds will loosen up fast.

If you go to a specialist first, you will be advised on the style that suits you best.

  • How about the color

We all love to try the different and unique colors but that doesn’t mean you should go overboard. The best color to choose is normally the one that matches your own color or the one that is a shade or two after your own hair color.

Always pick the colors of your hair tips, not the roots. You may play around with the color of course but just make sure you look your best in it.

  • The quality

The quality will determine how long the extension lasts as well as how good it looks on you. Synthetic hair for example normally looks unnatural because it’s excessively shiny. If you can afford the Remy unprocessed human hair, you will have gotten yourself a great quality hair.

  • Maintenance

While you are wearing extension, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t maintain the extension or you will be worse than if you had your own hair. Unruly hair looks so bad on the white girls. In this case, you have to protect your extension as well as nurture your natural hair.

Consider using only high-quality shampoos when washing it. Also, always dry your hair at the right temperature.

  • Is it time to let it go?

You may have rocked your extension for a while now and it has served you well but you should learn to let the hair go when its time. The stipulated time to have hair extension is normally 4-8 weeks. When the time elapses, you should think of other methods to protect the hair.

  • Don’t ever forget to care for your own hair and scalp

Wearing extension will easily make you forget to take care of your own hair. If this happens, you won’t be protecting your hair rather you will be damaging it. Consider moisturizing your natural hair, keeping it clean and massaging your scalp.

Once you have removed the extension, wash the hair and deep condition it before you can even attach another weave. If possible, also give your hair some time to breathe like 2 weeks before you attach another weave.

This is necessary for the healthy growth of your hair.

How to Maintain the Hair

There’s one thing that is very important when you are using the hair extension and it’s the maintenance.

  • Remember to visit the salon once a month for a checkup of the hair extension and your hair progress.
  • Brush your hair right and gently. This will prevent your hair from the frequent knots formed. Brush the hair from the ends to the roots to completely rid it of tangles.
  • Be gentle in washing your hair scalp as well as the extension. Rapid movement may loosen the bonds you have between the extension and your own hair.
  • Avoid oily products when wearing extension as this may result in easy slipping especially because you have silky smooth hair.
  • Use sulfate and paraben free shampoos for the cleaning.
  • After six months give your hair a break from hair extension. This will help rejuvenate the hair.
  • Don’t expose your hair to excess chemical treatment. Treat it just the same way you do with your natural hair.
  • If you have to use oil on the hair, make them natural oils like almond oil and only add a few drops.


Choose a color that is very close to your own color.

Don’t buy extensions which are too shiny. They will soon wear off and become dry.

Add the hair extension on your head only to places where the hair is a little thicker than other parts.


Who said white women can’t rock hair extensions? They look very good in hair extensions as well as the colored women. You don’t believe me? Switch on your tv to see Miley Cyrus, the Kardashians, Katy Perry, Britney Spears just to mention a few.

Don’t they look their best? The thing you need to do is find the best stylist to show you which hair will work best with your hair type. Also, remember to manage your tresses and scalp so that you can still wear your natural hair when you want to.

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