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What Is Mink Brazilian Hair

In the world of hair extensions, people are obsessed with mink hair even though it’s rare. The hair is silky, shiny, perfect, unique, and beautiful. You would understand why different people want to own it. If you know the mink coats or the mink animal fur, then you should know that it looks almost the same as it does.

And don’t even start thinking the hair comes from the animal mink because it does. So today, we focus on Brazilian mink hair.

What is mink Brazilian hair?

In the simplest terms, Brazilian mink hair refers to the highest quality of virgin hair. If you, therefore, think about it, this strategy doesn’t get any better than this. This hair is the perfection of hair extensions. Its appearance, durability, and flawlessness make you want it now.

I know you may be thinking and why the name?

Well, although it takes the name mink of the mink animal, this hair has nothing to do with the mink. To understand it better, the hair is soft, vibrant, silky, but also very short. It could only make eyelashes, and even then, no one uses the mink hair for lashes.

Basically, the name is used to refer to the highest quality of hair extension. In this case, since the hair is called Brazilian mink hair, it features the use of authentic Brazilian human hair.

This hair hasn’t gone through any kind of chemical treatment; it maintains the natural look. This hair has the cuticles intact, and thus it supports the smoothness, silkiness, and stunning look. Although we do have mink hair from different countries, the most common one is the Brazilian mink hair.

Nonetheless, I hate to break your bubble, but you ought to know that this is sometimes used just as a marketing strategy. Remember, vendors have to use the best tactic for marketing if they are going to make sales.

There’s no set standard that the hair should meet. Therefore, what one company considers to be mink hair is not a mink Brazilian hair for another.

So you won’t have the hair coming in different colors if its mink since it’s in its natural color. It doesn’t even go through steam processing.

Where is it from?

This is basically the highest quality of virgin Brazilian hair, and it comes from the specific donors of brazil. Notice though that some brands refer to their highest quality virgin hair as the mink hair, which is, of course, okay.

Features of the Brazilian mink hair

The fact that this is the most sought after hair makes it interesting to understand.

Mink hair is not short

Although the animal has short, silky, shiny, and smooth hair, the hair extension comes in very many lengths. It can be short or long, depending on how you want it to be. Remember, we have told you already that this has nothing to do with the mink animal.

This hair is thick

There’s a reason why we tell you that the hair is the best, remember. If you like volume, you will enjoy the hair volume in this case. It has its thick and natural-looking strands. It makes it nicely bouncy and healthy.

Its cuticles are intact and aligned

The hair has all the cuticles intact, and they flow in the same direction. You know what that means by now, right? It’s nicely smooth, shiny, and silky and will remain this way as long as you nourish it.

It comes in different finishes

Would you like it straight, curly, or wavy? The Brazilian mink hair comes in different finishes. In all parts, the hair is excellent. You can choose the straight one that’s shiny and sleek, the curly one that’s voluminous, shiny, and smooth or the bouncy waves.

It’s very luxurious and soft

One thing about the hair is that it’s nicely luxurious and soft. Of course, you would expect this to be the case, mostly because the hair comes from the women with the highest quality hair.

They come from a single donor

Of course, this is to say that the hair in a bundle package is from a single donor. This, therefore, means that the curls and waves maintain the pattern. This makes it look more realistic and natural too.

What is virgin hair?

You can’t understand the mink hair without first understanding the virgin hair.

Let’s start from the fact that mink hair is just virgin hair, but it’s the highest quality of virgin hair. Virgin hair contains pure human hair, and the one thing that will keep it a high-quality type of hair is that it doesn’t go through processing.

Since it goes through zero processing, you will enjoy its durability. It has all the cuticles intact.

But what’s the difference between the mink and virgin hair

We may just say that the only difference you expect is the quality difference. If you know the virgin hair to be a thick, full, shiny, silky, and great look, then expect to be three times more than that. For some companies, the virgin hair has a combination of strands from different donors.

This is why it will never tangle or get damaged. This hair has the highest level of softness with the perfect density. Of course, the hair is ideal since it’s light, and therefore, it’s suitable for those who like voluminous hair. This style will get your hair safe and perfectly healthy.

This hair will never frizz either, even if you are in different places.

But what is mink hair made of?

Often the vendors will just call their high-quality hair as the mink hair. But you would understand why this is so. It’s a strategy to get more buyers.

To be precise, this hair is made using 100% human hair. The donors have never taken the hair through any kind of processing. Such hair, therefore, has the follicle aligned in the same direction. The hair is further durable. Expect the hair to be the best quality, flawless, but also durable.

So you should be sure you bought the highest quality of the mink hair rather than fall for the traps set.

What texture is the hair?

This is one of the most popular styles in the market. Here you have the full hair that will blend well with any kind of hair. The reason is that it’s almost in its raw form; thus, it looks more like our natural hair. This hair will blend in with the different textures and types.

But is this Brazilian mink hair good?

The thing is that although some vendors just want to use the term as a marketing strategy, some of the hair vendors sell real mink hair. Remember, there’s no standard set for the mink hair to meet. It’s, therefore, hard to tell which quality is excellent.

This is to say different vendors will call their different hair mink hair. So don’t expect the same quality you have on one brand to be on the other.

This hair is versatile, and it will blend easily with different kinds of hair you use. If you want to buy the authentic type, therefore, check the following features.

  • Confirm that the hair is 100% human hair.
  • Go for the double weft or triple weft hair bundle as that assures you of the hair security.
  • Do they have the cuticles facing the same direction? Are the cuticles all intact?
  • Are you sure the hair hasn’t gone through the different kinds of processing but especially the chemical processing
  • Ensure that the hair comes from a single donor as that then means that the patterns of the hair remain the same.
  • This hair should be the easiest to style.

The buying guide

The most vital thing to remember is that if you are going to buy the real mink hair, you must check to see if it has the qualities below.

Is it pure human hair?

The first thing that makes the hair perfect hair is that it should be pure human hair. If the brand claims to have 100% human hair, ask them if each bundle came from a single donor. This is the first way to show you then that the hair is going to be safe to use.

Check the pattern

Make sure the hair you choose has the same pattern of the hair flowing in the same direction. If it’s curly, the hair should curl in the same direction. The wavy hair should also have the perfect flow of the waves.

The color

If you are going to choose mink hair, you don’t expect it to be colored. Remember, we assume that the hair hasn’t gone through processing. You will, therefore, have the hair coming in either off brown or the black color, but sometimes it’s a light brown color.

Is it durable?

You should be sure the hair will last longer. Of course, it has even better qualities than the virgin hair, so you expect it to last a little longer.

Check the reviews

Before you go buying the hair though especially if you are buying it online, check its review online this is your only proof that it’s great quality hair.

The price

Since we are talking of high quality hair that’s not readily accessible will cost you a little more. Have a budget but know that if its price is low then it’s not always a good quality hair.

Maintenance tips

The maintenance of the hair determines how long the hair will last. And since you have used a good amount of your money on the hair, you will need to cater to it.

When going to sleep

Once you have it on, before you go to bed, you should brush the hair and then hold it to a low pony before you use a satin head wrap over it.

Also, make sure you lie on satin and silk pillowcases only.

Be gentle

You have to brush the hair so you will need to be careful. Remember, it’s when you are brushing the hair that you may experience shedding. So brush the hair but be very gentle when you are brushing it.

This also means that you won’t have the hair drying or causing split ends.

Hair products

Which products will you use to wash the hair?

You have to wash the hair from time to time, but you will need to use the right products for the hair. Make sure they contain no harsh chemicals that will rip the hair of its natural nutrients.

Don’t over condition

You must condition the hair, but then you shouldn’t over condition it. Remember, if you over condition the hair, then you will weigh it down. Nonetheless, make sure you deep condition the hair from time to time.

You can use oils but be careful

Not all oils are useful in fact, most of them will weigh the hair down. Make sure you use the light ones, not the heavy oils that will cause even more damage.

When the hair is wet

Although you may be tempted to comb it, you shouldn’t. The hair is at its weakest when it’s wet; therefore, it’s also the time when it sheds a lot.

Heat protectants

When you are going to use the heat on your hair, you will need to use the heat protectant. That makes it easy for you. The way the heat protectant works is such that it creates a layer over your hair strands to allow for protection.

When drying the hair

You should make sure your hair remains safe when drying it. This is also the time when we often lose our hair. So you should use the microfiber towels and let the hair air-dry at all times. Nonetheless, if you have to use the heat protectant, make sure your hair is safe.

Where to buy the hair

As we have said that the hair is not always the best quality in some shops, you should be careful where you buy it from.

At hair theme, we have the best quality hair that will always stand out in a crowd. Check our reviews to see that our clients are all satisfied. We also source our Brazilian mink hair from brazil, healthy donors. Buying from us can only mean one thing, satisfaction.

When you are looking for the flawless and best looking human hair go to our shop.

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