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What is A Bundle of Hair? – The Guide to Buying the Right Bundles for You

What Is a Hair Bundle

Whether you buy or sell hair, the term hair bundle is quite important for you. It lets you know the quantity of hair you need.

But what is a bundle of hair anyways? This is a question that will help you understand the vital aspect of the hair business particularly the quantity.

There’s nothing so frustrating than when you purchase hair online only to find out that it was never enough. If you know the number of bundles you often use then you will cut off the frequent trips to the shop.

With this article, we help you find out the best quantity of hair.

What Is a Hair Bundle?

What Is a Hair BundleOne of the most common hair terminologies is hair bundles. Whenever you are talking about the hair you will always hear people bring about the term bundles.

Well, have you ever seen the hair extension? You will notice that it comes in a long weft. When buying the hair, therefore, you buy then in a set of 3 or 4 bundles per package. In short, it refers to the single weft hair that is normally rolled and tied loosely for use.

How Much Hair Comes In A Bundle?

It weighs about 100 grams across the different textures of hair. Often, this bundle of hair is made using human hair that is either black or dark brown color. Nevertheless, you will have other shades of hair color.

They further come to you at different lengths and prices depending on a number of other myriad factors like the price textures and types.

The weft is the part of the bundles that help to hold the hair strands in place. This makes it one of the most important parts of the weft.


Why Do You Need Hair Bundle?

  • Reduces the work involved

You can imagine if you had to buy single strands of hair then you have to attach them to your hair. This is too much work. So, we have to thank the manufacturer for making them into bundles. Basically, it makes your work easy.

  • Increases the length

The bundles you choose will help you with the length as well. If, for example, you wish to have a parting, the right bundles will make it appealing. Although, when you are reaching for the layers then you may need to choose different lengths.

  • For volume increase

Its easier to know the right volume to add to your hair when the hair is set in bundles. Often you only need two bundles for the increase in volume. If you are using the hair without bundles, it can be hard to tell the right quantity.

  • They are of high quality

The bundle hair often features very high-quality human hair. It has its cuticles facing the same direction, the hair is from a single donor thus the quality is the same. When you don’t care about spending money, you can buy the


How Many Bundles of Hair Do I Need for My Hair?

How Many Bundles of Hair Do I Need for My HairFor beginners, the first question they would ask is the number of bundles they need to use. Now, depending on the style, length and head size, the bundles you need may vary.

There are a few pointers you will need to know before you can make a conclusive decision.

The texture varies in that if say, you will use straight hair; you may need more bundles than if you were using the wavy or curly hair. This is especially necessary if you intend to develop a full look.

The length you are after will also determine the bundles you use. If you need long hair, you will need a few more bundles than if you are using short hair.

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Then essence is to make sure the hair looks thicker. The length of the hair will vary if they are straight or curly hair. Check the hair length chart to be sure of the length you are after.

Other pointers

  • The wefts

The Hair weftsIt further depends on the weft type you use because if the hair is double weft then it will mean you only use a few bundles. Although some manufacturers just make the single weft hair extension, I personally love the ones that are double weft.

  • The different types of hair

We have said on the pages before this that you will need the different number of bundles for the different hair types. If you want straight hair then you need at least one extra bundle than when you need curly hair but especially if it’s long.

Closure and frontal: these ones also come in bundles which still means that depending on the style you have you may decide to use either two or three bundles of hair.

If you are for example buying the 360 frontal you will need at least two bundles of hair. Remember, it covers all your hairline circumference. Also, when you are using straight hair, you may need up to three bundles sometimes.

However, if you have an average head, you could buy only two of our closure bundles. Even when using the ear to ear closures you may need at least two bundles.

Still, to be safe always stick to a range of between 2-4 bundles unless you can prove that a bundle contains 100grams of hair.

Remember, the closures will particularly cover the frontal and side parts of your hair. Most of these manufacturing companies use just a few hair strands pieces. Always ask your professional stylist for advice though.

  • The head size

Most women have an average head size of 22½ – 23 inches. But sometime you may have those with a slightly bigger head and slightly smaller head. For the average head size, you will most likely only need a set of three bundles of hair.

You should make the exception if you have a smaller or larger head. You may need to use 4 or sometimes 5 hair bundles depending on the length or thickness you are after.

  • The volume you need

While this isn’t the most important factor when you are looking for the right bundles, it’s definitely a point of concern. If you are not going to have leave outs you will need more bundles to make it voluminous.

Put into consideration the volume of your natural hair though so that you don’t weigh the hair down.

How Much Is A Bundle of Hair?

The best answer to this question is that it mostly depends on where you are buying the hair. Aside from that, there are other factors that influence the price.

  • Which color are you going for?

It all matters the color you are after for the bundles. The most common colors are black and dark brown colors or blonde. The basic and common colors though are usually cheaper.

The 613-blonde color, for example, will cost you between $55-$60.

The ombre color will cost you about $62-$65.

The natural black color though will cost you as little as $45-$50.

This refers to about 10 inches of hair for all the different colors. Remember if you are buying the colored hair it must be more expensive.

  • The amount of hair you need

It also depends on what you are after with the hair. For those days when you are only after the volume of hair, you will only need a bundle or two.

However, when you need the length increase then you will need three to four bundles of hair. With this kind of hair then you will also need different hairpieces that come with different prices. It’s ideal for you to buy the bundles in a pack as it’s going to be a little cheaper.

Albeit, when you are buying the bundles to increase the length you don’t often buy the same length you can mix up to three different lengths and this makes it a bit more expensive. The prices range from $45- $250.

  • The texture

Different people prefer different textures of hair. Take a look around and you will notice that the straight and body wave hair is more popular than the curly one. It depends on where you are buying the hair. You may spend more on the hair that’s unpopular.

  • The grade of hair

Even though I don’t think the grade of hair determines its quality, it does affect the price. If you are buying a grade 8A, 9A, 10A you don’t expect the 5A, 6A 7A to be the same price. Whenever you are buying grade 10A best sure that you will spend more.

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  • The quality

Although we are talking about human hair there are different qualities of human hair and they cost you different prices. If you are buying pure Remy hair, it won’t cost the same as the non-Remy one.

Remy Vs. Non-Remy Hair

Also, if you are buying the unprocessed hair, it won’t cost the same as the processed one. If the hair is virgin, it will cost you more than the non-virgin hair.

Unprocessed Vs Processed Human Hair

So, for you to determine the price of the hair bundles, consider the above factors first but especially the quality. If you want cheap hair then you will have to compromise on the quality.

Bundle Hair Vs Pack Hair

The way I understand this subtopic is that the pack of hair refers to the hair that they bought in the beauty store. On the other hand, the bundle of hair is the one that they ordered online.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the hair you buy in the store isn’t always set in bundles. In fact, nowadays you will find the hair is set in bundles and packs at the same time. For most people when you invest in the bundles of hair you invest in the quality as well.

So, let’s check the other differences between the two kinds of hair.

  • The hair construction

Unlike the bundle hair, the construction of the pack hair may be of low quality. The hair often comes from different donors. The donors have varying hair types yet they collect them and weft them in a pack.

The hair may have varying lengths that face different directions. The quality of hair is also low since it’s a mix of both good quality and a bad one. Since you pick different hair types it will tend to matte and tangle more often.

Pack hair may also contain a mix of the regular synthetic hair and Yak hair.

On the contrary, we collect the hair bundles from one person. Often, it features the virgin hair and I love that it maintains the same standard. You will have the hair being soft, smooth, full and the perfect color.

In summary therefore here’s the difference between the hair types.

Pack hair: the pack hair is of bad quality and it will always tangle and shed easily. The hair is usually processed so you can’t color it.

This hair is readily accessible and cheap. You won’t shampoo the hair as often as you do your natural hair.

Bundle hair: this is the virgin hair that lasts a little longer and it doesn’t tangle easily. If you want you can shampoo it as often as you need.

So, the pointers above are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using whichever hair type. Anyone who understands hair well shouldn’t recommend the use of beauty store hair because of its quality.

The only problem though is that you should be ready to spend a good fortune on bundle hair. But like that the quality makes it an investment that will last longer. High-quality hair looks good as it mimics your natural hair.

What Does Quantity Mean When Buying Hair Online?

A lot of these hair terminologies can be confusing for many. But if you are going to order hair online, you will need to know what the hair quantity means. When buying the hair online, you determine the number of orders you wish to place.

The quantity is, therefore, the number of orders you place of the particular hair product. Often the hair comes in 3 bundles so then one quantity equals to three or four bundles.

Where Can I Buy Bundles of Hair?

There are so many places you could buy the bundles which include online and in beauty stores. Here at, we sell bundles of hair with high quality. Some of the popular places you could buy the hair include AliExpress and Amazon.

If you wish, though, you can go to some of the popular e-commerce stores that sell hair. Be sure to read the blogs and review to find out whether they would serve you.

Closures and Frontals

Today, this is the most important factor of concern. Notice that the inches you are going to use determine the number of bundles you may use. Generally, though you will need between 2-3 bundles of hair whether it’s to use in making the wig, or a sew in.

How to Care for The Bundles

When all is said and done, you notice that the bundles are often more expensive than when you are using the pack of hair. Therefore, we all love to care for our special investments.

  • Keep it clean

There are methods to keep the hair clean. If you will use the right products on them, it will last longer. Brush the hair often to keep it free of tangles and mating. This will ultimately keep it free of shedding.

  • Moisturize

The secret to keeping the hair longer is in making sure its moisturized. Remember moisture is to hair what food is to humans. The deep condition when necessary to keep it moisturized.

  • Keep it safe

Whenever you aren’t using the hair, brush it then either keep it on the mannequin or store in the package to maintain its newness.


How many bundles do I need to make a wig?

If you are in the hair industry you might have already heard this question. Before we answer this question, you may need to know that each bundle will be 100grams. This is true whether the hair is short or long.

So, if you need to make a short wig, you will only need two bundles of hair. The short range is from 6 inches to 14 inches.

For the long wig, you will need at least three bundles. But if you are going to use the hair to make hair that’s longer than 22 inches then you need four bundles. Sometimes you will need even six bundles to make it appear thicker especially if you make 28 inches.

Are 2 bundles of hair enough?

It depends on a number of factors. The style you are going for and the size of your head determines the number of bundles you need. Sometimes two is just enough to give you the natural look especially when you have a smaller than average head.

However, if you want a fuller look especially when you are using the straight hairstyle, then you ought to use at least 3 or 4 bundles.

Remember other factors like the length also determine whether the 2 bundles will be enough. For example, if you wish to make very long hair then the two bundles aren’t enough.

For 4×4 closure, it’s just enough to give the closure a full look. But when using the ear to ear closure then you may need to add a bundle.

Are 3 bundles enough?

Often this is enough for your whole head. But again, it matters the look you are going for. If you are after a long weave you may still have to add another bundle. If you want up to 30 inches of hair then you may need to use up to 5 bundles of hair.

How many bundles of Brazilian hair do I need?

There are different types of textures and lengths of Brazilian hair. There’s no rule book that tells you, for example, to only use one bundle of hair for the extension. You have to use a different number of bundles for different reasons.

For example, you may need one or two bundles to add the volume of hair. Here, it doesn’t matter the length, you only need the thickness. If you need to increase the length though you will need at least four bundles.

If yours is slightly bigger than average head, you need to use at least three bundles for the full head.

For those who love the closures, you may need at least two bundles but sometimes even three bundles of the hair.

How many bundles do I need for curly hair?

When you want curly hair extension, you may use lesser hair than when you are working with straight hair. This is because naturally, curly hair is voluminous. You should generally use between 2-3 bundles of hair depending on the origin of the hair.

The density of the hair determines the thickness as well. Of course, the head size also determines whether you need to use the 3 bundles or two.

The length of the hair may also influence the need for additional bundles. So, basically, you may use between 2-4 bundles of hair for curly hair.

How many bundles do you need for the sew in?

Still, the question is the style you want to make the length of the hair and the texture. But many times, you only need three bundles of hair to make the sew in look as natural. This is especially if you are going for an average length of hair.

If you, however, wish to make the hair slightly longer, you will need 4 bundles of hair. Other styles like bob, though, will require you to only use two bundles of hair. Most bob styles are short thus you need just a few bundle pieces.

In Summary How Many Bundles Do You Need?

You should have known now that the stylist doesn’t just guess the number of bundles you need. It depends on various factors that include: length, volume, size of your head and the texture you like.

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When you have identified those factors, you can then choose the bundles that are enough for you. Generally, about 2-3 bundles are enough for the different styles you are looking to achieve especially if you have an average head.

With that said, it’s good to note that Hair Theme has a variety of hair extensions you could buy, visit us today to see what we have. If you have any more questions that I dint tackle here don’t hesitate to ask.


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