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7 Best Weft Sealer Review – Buyer’s Guide (2020 Updated)

Weft Sealer

The use of human hair extensions and weaves is undeniably the most common aspect today.

Thanks to brands like “Remy” both the men and women don’t have to struggle with thin or short natural hair.

One problem that people experience with these hair extensions is that they begin shedding sooner than you expect.

While the high-end weaves rarely shed, they aren’t readily accessible to the masses. This brings us to the quest for weft sealer which will reduce the shedding.

The secret is to choose the best weft sealer as that will ensure your hair remains intact.

Fray Check Liquid Seam Sealant
Fray Check Liquid Seam Sealant
  • Prevents fabric from fraying and secures thread ends
  • Great for sewing, quilting, home and crafting projects
  • Washable and dry cleanable

What Is A Weft Sealer?

In simple terms, this is an accessory or adhesive that increases the lifespan of your hair extensions. This happens because it prevents the shedding of the hair from the weft by providing a secure hold.

Weft SealerMind you the sealer doesn’t completely stop the shedding rather it reduces it. To be precise, sealing the weft is mostly done using the machines. This doesn’t, however, mean that you may not use hand tied wefts even though the machine one is more durable.

Sealing the weft, therefore, refers to the process whereby you strengthen the tracks on your wigs weaves and human hair extensions. This thereby helps to keep your hair in position thus reducing the shedding process.

I know most of my friends who aren’t patient enough to take on the process of sealing the weft but what they don’t understand is that with the process the ramification is awesome. With this article, you will realize that you have every reason to seal the wefts.

Sealing the Weft with Fray Checks

Notice that high-quality extensions rarely shed off and this is because the manufacturer will take time to make stronger wefts. However, if this is not the case, follow this process to seal the weft yourself.

What you need

  • Do you have time? The process takes at least an hour
  • Sealer
  • Wefted Human extensions
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • A towel iron board or another item that will protect your working surface.

To begin, buy your sealant as this is the most important item for the wefting process. These ones you will find from vendors and online stores around you.

Next, whether you are weft sealing your new hair or used hair, always wash the hair then condition it first. Some people prefer to seal it first and I must say this is all about personal preference if your weft is dry when you apply the sealant.

Your workspace should be at a place where you are sure no one will touch it. Moreover, some of the sealants have a strong odor and in such cases, it’s best to go to a room that is highly ventilated. This will help to protect even yourself from suffocation.

In that case, place the tracks on the towel on the floor or table. Straighten the hair then run the sealant on the tracks and make sure you apply it directly. During this process, you ought to use something sturdy as this helps to anchor the ends.

The advantage of using the sturdy surface is that it lets you clearly see the wefts. This also helps to prevent the bunching up when you are applying the sealant. For those of us who love double wefts, apply a liberal amount of the sealant using the applicator brush.

You shouldn’t allow the glue to reach the hair itself. This will lead to clumping and eventually ruin your hair altogether. Only buy the heavy sealants as they can seep into the wefts properly.

Alternatively, seal one side then let the glue dry up before you turn it over to the other side. This process is quite easy and fast.

  • The drying

Allow your sealing to dry and the duration of drying differs from hair type to hair type. The good thing is that it mostly dries out quickly but on the flip side it never cures that fast. It’s advisable to let the hair dry for a day to five days. The drying time is determined by the sealant you are using.

You are now ready to use the weave and extensions. Notice that it remains clear when nicely dry. You shouldn’t notice residues or clamps.

Choosing the Best Weft Sealer

The choosing part of the weft sealer can be tricky because there is quite a number in the market today. Always go for the sealants that are made for hair wefts as they will give the perfect bond without leaving you with residue on the weft.

When you don’t have the weft sealant, however, you may use the fabric glues as they are moisture-proof and dry clear.

The Best Weft Sealers

1. Dritz 1674 Fray Check Liquid Seam Sealant, 0.75-Ounce, 2/Pack

Dritz 1674 Fray Check Liquid Seam Sealant, 0.75-Fluid Ounce (2-Count)

View on Amazon

When looking for a weft sealer online or offline you will always hear someone mention the Dritz. The reason for that is that it’s effective thus loved by many across the board. It’s clear and it doesn’t leave you with sticky residue after applying it.

For most people, this is the best weft sealer that secures your fabric and hair from fraying. Your hair or fabric remains washable. To use it, you simply remove its blue cap using a fine pin then apply little amounts and let it dry for 15 to 30 minutes.

Although it’s washable, when it comes to contact with water on several occasions, the bonding may begin to loosen. The best part is that it has no odour and it will keep your hair intact for longer without the need to reseal.

It works on several items which include the hair weft, couches jeans and other fabric. This is because it isn’t designed for the hair weft. However, it has been effective with the hair for long. It’s encouraged that you may use this item if you are still new in the usage of weft sealants.

Moreover, it’s ideal in removing unwanted fray spots on both your hair and the fabric. Lucky for you, its applicator tip is effective.

2. NEVER LOOSE Weft Sealer

NEVER LOOSE Weft Sealer/ Hair Shedding Protection Glue Dark

View on Amazon

This is another best choice for those who wish to stop the shedding. Unlike the previous one, this is designed for use on hair use only. It’s known for quickly bond the hair to your weft and tracks. This helps to stop the shedding.

Its ideal feature is its ability to dry very quickly. It further comes in clear and dark options. On the contrary, they come in small bottles and you may, therefore, need more than one. Since its specially formulated for your hair, it works well to reinforce and seal the hair to the weft.

It comes alongside an applicator tip but you should be careful when using the applicator tip. A lot of it comes out which means you could end up pouring it all in one squeeze.

3. Aleene’s Stop-Fraying 4oz

Aleene's Stop-Fraying 4oz

View on Amazon

When it comes to sealing your weft, this glue will do you some good. In the end, you reduce the shedding of your hair. In fact, if you don’t like sewing the seam this sealant has you covered because even after several washes it still has your hair intact.

Keep in mind that it’s non-toxic which means that its suitable for use even with those who have sensitive skin. In addition, it’s easy to use and thus makes your work easy when you begin the wefting process.

Apart from using it on your hair, you could further use it on fabric craft and art projects. Although it works perfectly, it doesn’t dry easily and has a tendency to remain sticky after the drying process.

I’ve seen some people encourage you to give it more time for the drying process to take place. Although it still works perfectly some people have complained that it remains gluey or sticky after the application.

You may need to reapply the glue over time because the bonding fades after several washes.

4. Clear Weft Seale

Clear Weft Sealer

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This is the easy track sealer that comes in clear and bonds quickly to the weft. While most other weft sealers are also meant for sealing fabric this one is designed for only your hair no wonder it guarantees you a great job.

Another great characteristic is that it dries quickly and bonds quicker to the weft. The glue here is thin and comes with an applicator tip which eases the process. Unlike many sealants that will leave behind a strong odor after the application, this one doesn’t assume a strong order.

Also, the hair is flexible for use after the weft sealing process. It’s effective as it will stop a reasonable amount of shedding of the hair. The only downside is that it comes in a small bottle so you may want to buy two bottles for it to be enough.

Furthermore, it’s waterproof and you can wash your hair several times before it begins to shed. The application is further easy with the brush applicator. On the downside, the item is extremely flammable so you want to use it carefully and in a well-ventilated room.

5. Top-Loc Knot Sealer

Top-Loc Knot Sealer

View on Amazon

The hair wefts are made when you tie single hairs to the wefts and they make specific knots. However, sometimes these knots will loosen thus cause the hair to fall out of the wig. This is the shedding process and when it happens you can rest assured that the weave won’t last.

Thanks to the weft sealers as they come to save your hair from shedding. Our top lock knot sealer is designed to reduce the shedding. It tightens and protects the knots which then keeps them on the mesh thus reducing the shedding.

Unlike other weft sealers that have a strong odor and require you to work outside, this one has an alcohol base formula. This means that it has a low odor which then allows you to use it indoors. To your advantage, therefore, you could use it anywhere you are.

Notice that like most other weft sealants, this one is flammable so you should never place it close to the open flame. It like most other sealants dries faster and if you wish to make the process quicker, you may use a blow dryer.

You have every reason to protect your hair investment and Top-loc Knot will delay the shedding and aging process of the wig and weaves.

6. Salon Pro 30 Sec. Easy Track Weft Sealer 0.5 Fl Oz. Black

Salon Pro 30 Sec. Easy Track Weft Sealer 0.5 Fl Oz. Black

View on Amazon

You probably have the virgin type of human hair extension or weave and have been looking for ways to seal it, the easy track weft sealer is your solution. We all want our hair wigs and extensions to last longer than they do.

What’s more, this sealant is waterproof and will prevent shedding during swimming, workouts and if you stay in humid environments. The best part is that it’s easy to apply and it dries quickly. Your weft sealant comes with an applicator brush which makes it easy to apply the glue.

The best part is that it gives you a perfect bond quicker. Use this sealant sparingly so that you don’t spoil the expensive hair. Unlike the Top-loc knot above, this Easy track sealant has a strong odor that’s further acidic.

You should therefore only use it outdoors and remember to keep it away from flames. Some people complain that it will sometimes leave the hair with white residue after the drying process although I didn’t experience this myself after using it.

Always remember to cap it when you aren’t using it to avoid drying.

7. Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive 4oz

Aleene's 23473 Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive ,Clear,4oz

View on Amazon

We saved the best for last. Although the Aleene’s fabric fusion is designed to seal the fabrics it works effectively for the fabrics as well as the hair wefts. What stands out about it is the fact that it has a gel-like texture which makes the hair flexible after the applications.

It’s quick to dry and waterproof which means that even when you wash it, the permanent bond doesn’t come out. The best part is that it dries clear and applies easily. While its effective for your hair, its gel-like consistency may not sip easily into the weft.

This makes it hard to use for the hair. Other people like to dab it if to make it dry properly.

How to Seal Weft on Weave?

Whether you buy a wig weave or lace sealing the weft will increase its lifespan. Since the hairs are usually tied with a delicate knot, shredding is inevitable and therefore, sealing the wefts is essential.

For the weave, the process of sealing is almost the same as the ones sealing with fray checks.

  • Only choose the weaves with double wefts

For sure, whether the hair is double wefted or single wefted is normally not an issue. The only reason we recommend double wefting is because your hair is thicker when double wefted. This significantly influences the way it looks on your head.

Of course, even when the hair is double wefted and not given a quality sew it will still shed. Such hair is often more expensive but the good news is that when you seal it, chances are it won’t shed off.

The one thing that makes it admirable is that it gives you a fuller look compared to the single wefted one.

  • Step 1: co-washing

In this step, you wash your hair and rinse it only with a chosen high-quality conditioner. The co-washing process helps to retain your hair moisture thus eliminate dullness.

An important point of concern is the fact that you only want to seal a clean weave that is moist and healthy especially at the weft area.

  • Step 2: The sealing process

As you will have noticed above, sealing refers to the process of reinforcing the hair wefts to stop the shedding altogether. Before you place the weave on your hair, you should seal it this will ensure there’s no shedding. It further ensures that it lasts longer.

Some people want to seal it after the first use but this isn’t as effective as the first-time sealing. For the sealing process, choose a sealant that will dry first and clear. It should also form a flexible bond without white colored residues.

For effectivity apply the sealant on both sides of the weave this ensures that the hair knots are tight and then it minimizes the shedding to a bare minimum.

The process

After the co-washing, lay your hair on a towel or newspaper then on flat ground outside or inside depending on the sealant you are using.

Comb all the hair down to avoid sealing and gluing your hair on the weft. Ensure no hair is on the weft.

Next, brush a thin layer of the sealant on the wefts. Remember to be gentle. Let the sealant dry completely and this may take a few minutes to an hour.

Flip the other side and repeat the process. For effectivity, as you are sealing add another layer over the first layer of the sealant.

Avoid dropping the sealant on the hair and if you do, wipe it away with alcohol before it dries.

  • Step 3 drying

Give your hair time to dry. This may take anything from a day to two days. After drying, you can now sew the weave on your hair.

Preventing the Shedding of The Hair

Although you have sealed your hair there are still points you should remember that will help to keep your hair from shedding.

  • Manipulation

I know you have your new hair on and you are tempted to change the style every so often. But this will spoil your hair in a shorter duration than you expect. Obviously, the more the styling the more the pulling of the hair.

Care and maintenance are inevitable for the hair extensions if you intend to avoid shedding. You can cover your hair before sleeping so that you don’t have to blow dry it or flat iron it every morning. Another advice is to wear it down as opposed to having a ponytail every so often.

  • Sewing

If you like to sew your weaves, sew around the weft tracks. If you sew directly into the track it will begin shedding. Your weft will take longer when you sew around. If possible, seek professional help as opposed to doing it yourself.

  • Care for it

Obviously, anything you love and take care of never disappoints you. Every after you cleaning your hair, remember to oil it and spray it to maintain the shiny and silky soft look.

To prevent shedding use only the wide-toothed combs in combing your hair. This reduces the pulling of the hair from the weft.

I know we all love that uniquely straight or wavy hair but too much heat will also damage your hair. If you can use a heat protector for your hair the better. If not, minimize the number of times you use heat on the hair.

How Do You Comb Your Hair?

We already mentioned that you should use wide combs for the hair. If you intend to have the hair for a longer duration, you have to comb it right and not the normal way you are used to. Comb it from the tips to the roots.

This is in opposition to your normal combing style. You begin combing from the tip of the hair down to the roots or wefts. Remember if you comb it well, the hair won’t tangle and thus reduce the shedding possibility.

How to Clean the Human Extension Hair

Use a shampoo designed for dry hair to moisturize the hair extension. To clean the hair, use warm water and a half a cup of shampoo.

Using a wide-toothed comb, detangle the hair from top to the roots as this will reduce the shedding.

Place the hair into the sink with warm water and shampoo. Let it soak in there for not more than 10 minutes. Don’t swirl or swish it as this may cause tangling once again.

Remove it from the water then rinse it with running water. This helps to get rid of the excess shampoo completely. Drain the excess water by squeezing it.

Of course, you have to wash your hair if you will sustain it longer. The secret to the perfect washing of the hair is to deep condition it. This ensures it retains the moisture, texture and eases the combing process.

Once you have rinsed out the conditioner, using clip-ins, fold the hair in the clean towel then let it dry overnight. After it dries up, comb it and brush it to give it that authentic look.

Finally, don’t overuse the weaves as they tend to lose their luster over time. After three months of use, just replace it.

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