10 Impressive Wedge Haircuts In 2021

2016 brings us a lot of hairstyle asymmetry. That’s why wedge cuts are becoming more and more popular. For men who care about their appearance, knowing about a wedge cut is an absolute must.

There are many different ways to create such a stylish haircut and one of them will definitely suit your tastes. Take a look at what the fashion world is offering men, who are ready to sacrifice some of their personal time for making their hair look neat and stylish.

When choosing a wedge haircut, don’t forget to consider your face type. The asymmetry will look perfect on an oval and round face, while men with long face type should be very careful about it.

Do some thought out browsing before making the final choice.

Outstanding Wedge Cut Hairstyles for Men 2021

If you like to follow fashion trends, you already know that wedge cut hairstyles for men are in the spotlight. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the wide choice you will be offered when looking for such a cut.

You can find something suitable for any face type and hair thickness, as well as skin color and personal preference. We have prepared a short list of such hairstyles to help you make your choice faster and easier.

If you are not sure what to choose, you can ask for advice from an experienced hair stylist. But before you go, choose some options to work with.

1. Wedge spikes


Wedge spikes look especially creative, if you have enough time to deal with them. In order to make this haircut, the asymmetrical top part of your hair needs to be styled upwards with the use of some hair gel.

The rest is up to your hair. Messy appearances are trendy nowadays.

2. High comb over


A great way to arrange a perfect wedge haircut is to comb over the top part. Make sure to use a lot of gel to make it as high as possible. The asymmetry will be visible only if you do the styling right, so practice!

3. Shaggy wedge


If you have thick hair and a square face type, you will appreciate shaggy wedges. Grow your hair long enough to fall down your neck and create long side swept bangs. This romantic look will surely score you some points with the girls.

4. Create volume


The perfect wedge is the voluminous one. So, ask your hair stylist to leave enough hair on top to create a voluminous look. Remember, this hairstyle is great for any face type except for triangular one. It will make such a face look disastrous.

5. Go short


Short wedge styles are perfect for guys who hate hair care. This wedgy undercut will really make you look fantastic, while freeing up some time from the image work in front of the mirror. Do the wedging on top and leave the sides short.

6. Spikes with asymmetrical bangs


Spikes look terrific, especially when the hair is thick enough to let them stand up on their own. Coupled with asymmetrical long bangs, they will create an amazing image. Want to make a real statement? Go through with this style.

7. Clean cut look


If you’ve got an office job or need to look neat for school, this clean cut style is for you. There is a little volume created on top, while the side part allows it to look very tidy. Make sure to style this cut daily or it will loose its clean appearance.

8. Be like Elvis


While Elvis preferred neater cuts, this hairstyle is a good way to look like a real music star. Unfortunately, it will take too much effort to keep it intact. So, choose it only if you are ready for frequent touch ups.

9. Volume, volume, volume


If you hair is long and thick, you can really appreciate one of these wedge cut hairstyles for men, that can make you look truly fantastic. The long hair is styled into a voluminous crest on top, while the sides are neatly faded toward the ears.

10. Comb over


Even if you didn’t get any special cuts, your hair can easily be arranged into a wedge style by making a properly shaped comb over.

All you will need is some hair gel and a little time. Style your hair to look like an upside down cone and your fashionable look is ready!

Tired of simple haircuts? We hope we helped you choose a trendy wedge hairstyle, that will help you make your own statement. Don’t be afraid to try the wild choices. They are perfect for special occasions, when you really need to impress someone.

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