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Getting A Weave for The First Time

Brazilian Water Wave Human Hair Weave Bundles With Closure (1)

Being a woman of color weave wearing isn’t new. For ages, black women have used a weave to amp their style. Nowadays we see other races, especially celebrities, use weave too.

After wearing weaves for ages, I know what works for me and what I’m willing to try.

I can attest to the fact that I have seen it all in regards to weave wearing. From wearing the wrong weave or the wrong color or even longer than I should, all these have given me the necessary experience.

Brazilian Water Wave Human Hair Weave Bundles With Closure (1)If you are starting, you don’t have to go through years of getting it all wrong. We are going to guide you in making the right decision.

But first, quit believing that you are supposed to use the weave for only what you don’t have. It works to bring the best version of yourself.

Should I Get A Weave?

Why not? If you feel like you are ready for it and you are curious about it, buy it and wear it. If you feel like you would love to try a new style, then use the weaves you don’t have to wait on your hair to grow longer.

You can enjoy different textures, colors, and lengths with the weave instead of wishing you had such hair. The weave will also give your hair rest from constant manipulation — this is why most people assume that in wearing a weave, you make your hair grow longer.

It just means less manipulation, and thus, the hair retains its length. Even then, sometimes, you may want to give your hair a break, and you can only do that when wearing protective styles like the weaves.

Do Weaves Damage Your Hair?

The weave is supposed to protect your natural hair or give your hair a break. However, there are things that, if you do, will cause utter damage to the hair. For the damage, we are talking about traction or alopecia, which is a form of hair loss.

Often that is the worst the weave can do. The worst damage occurs when you pull the hair from the follicle. When the follicles, therefore, become permanently damaged, the hair will stop growing.

Most women, once they realize that they are starting to lose their hair, often wear even more weaves, but sadly, this will go on damaging the hair.

One other major problem is the tangling of the weave into the natural hair. This will then mean that you maintain poor scalp health. You will, therefore, experience itchiness. This usually occurs when you are unable to shampoo the natural hair and scalp beneath the weave.

But can you treat alopecia?

It depends on the level of damage. If there’s too much damage, then the hair may not grow back. But if you discover the hair loss problem in time, you should remove the weave and let the natural hair out.

This will allow the hair to grow back. Make sure you don’t pull the hair excessively anymore. Your hair will start shedding again if you keep straining it only this time it will be forever.

Do Sew in Weave Damage the Hair?

As discussed earlier, the weave will damage your hair if you don’t take care and wear them right. Sew ins are protective, but only when you use them right. If you make any of the following mistakes, it will hurt your hair.

The sew in has its pros and cons, and that goes for all the other different kinds of hair. While their major aim is to give you style, they do protect your hair too. So, don’t do the following things if you wish to keep the hair nourished.

Make the cornrows too tight

When making the sew in, you will have to make cornrows underneath the weave. Some stylists will pull your hair to tight in the name of wanting the hair to last long. What they don’t know is that the tight cornrows will ultimately cause alopecia.

If you feel like even laughing is a problem when you have just made the cornrows, remove them. Don’t wait for a few days for it to loosen as that will cause even more damage. You might not see the damage immediately, but eventually, you will see it.

You leave the hair too long

Most women don’t know when to remove the hair. Of course, you might think that the whole stylist thing is expensive and even getting a good stylist challenging. That, however, doesn’t mean that you should leave the hair on for long.

You over style the leave outs

When you have leave outs, you want it to blend in with your weave, and that may mean straighter than the hair can or even curlier than it naturally can. Therefore, you opt to use the straighteners excessively or even colors.

Sadly, when you overuse any form of treatment on the natural hair, you will cause damage. Can you imagine if you have to use over 200 degrees on your hair on a daily basis? you will end up completely damaging your hair.

The best trick is to buy a hair type that matches your hair texture and color. This way, you don’t have to use the treatments excessively. Alternatively, then you can use the closures and frontals.

You like to use hair glue

Naturally, the hair glue can be damaging if you don’t know how to use it. Most of the time, glue causes hair loss and damage, which is what you avoid. The good thing is that today, there are better options than using the damaging glue.

But is your scalp already damaged?

Sometimes we experience some form of damage, and this may mean you shouldn’t use any accessories on the hair. This is often just your scalp communicating with you to give it some time to get healed first.

Any more strain may cause even more damage.

You should know when its time to remove it.

By six weeks, you should start thinking about when to remove the hair. It should last for a maximum of eight weeks, though. By this time, you should have new growth, so the braid starts becoming loose.

Another sign that will show you it’s time to remove the weave is as follows.

  • It’s itching a lot

If you realize that your hair is excessively itching its time to remove the weave. Although you may have naturally dry skin and, therefore, itching occurs all the time, the hair shouldn’t be overly itchy, and if it is, then you should remove the hair.

You can use the peppermint and tea tree oils for the relief of the itchy scalp.

Read the guide for help if you are suffering from weave itching.

  • The extension is very dry

Sometimes the hair gets utterly dry, which indicates that the hair is spoiled, and you should get rid of the hair. You shouldn’t walk around in dry hair; it makes you look unkempt. Besides, a time comes when even if you oil the hair, it just doesn’t regain its health.

So, wash the hair and then oil it, and if it doesn’t retain its structure, then let it go.

  • The braids are loose

This is the first indication that you should let your hair go. The braids often get loose, and the hair begins to hang. The braids aren’t attached to the scalp. This will make the hair not lie flat. This may even occur when you have cleaned the hair more than you need to.

  • Profuse shedding

When the time comes, and the hair starts shedding its often an indication that it’s time to get rid of the hair. If it’s particularly shedding excessively, you should remove it.

  • The hair doesn’t cover the tracks

If you have worn the weave for long, you must have noticed this sometimes. A time comes when the weave isn’t covering the hair tracks anymore. Infect if you have leave out, the hair doesn’t blend anymore.

If the leave out won’t cover the tracks, remove the hair. You might try to comb the hair in different styles, but then it just won’t work. If this is the case, you don’t have to use the flat iron, comb, and rod set on your natural hair, leave out as that is just damaging.

  • Has your weave just died?

It’s not the same again; it never holds curls, and it’s dull and dry. You have no choice but to remove the hair.

Is It Wrong to Consistently Weave Your Hair?

The truth is that just like any other thing, too much of something is poisonous. Therefore, yes, if you always have the weave on, you risk damaging the hair. Give the hair some breathing space to make it regain its structure.

Other reasons for a break from the weave.

To form a working hair regimen

Sometimes your hair needs to breathe, and when this happens, you have to use the right products. You will, therefore, create the regimen that works on the hair. The problem in wearing the weave is that it’s hard to clean the hair.

You won’t reach every strand or the parts of the strands if the hair is underneath the weave. It further makes it easy to get rid of the products that don’t work on your hair.

It gives you the leeway to assess the health of the hair

If you leave the weave on the hair for so long, you won’t know how healthy the hair is. If you don’t assess the hair, then you will find that you incur too much damage that you would not blow-dry if you trimmed and cared for the hair.

You will know when your hair is dry

You can tell when the hair is dry and needs moisture when you just have it out for a while. This makes it easy for you to take on the working remedy to nourish it. When you have the hair staying under the weave, then it’s hard to know if the hair is dry.

The hair dryness is the number one cause of shedding and hair loss.

How Does A Weave Work?

There are several ways to wear the weave, and they will, therefore, look as natural as you wish for it too. You can use human hair or artificial one if need be.

You can use the different methods to wear a weave as you will see below


The bonding method is about the gluing of the hair extensions tracks on the natural hair. Thus, you use a glue that is meant for the same purpose. Often when you glue the hair, then you can only have the hair for a short while since the glue is so damaging.

Tracking or sew in

The first thing when you are making the weave is to braid the hair in a circular motion around the scalp. Remember, the braids are flat on the surface of the scalp to make it as flat on the scalp as it can be.

Body wave hairstyle sew inNext, you need to sew in the wefts on the braids to make a weave. The secret then is to take care of the hair the same way you would do your natural hair. Remember to wash the hair the same way you would your natural hair.


This is another one of the many processes where you can make the weave. In this case, you attach the hair using a hot gun. Attach the hair on a small portion of the hair. You fuse a few strands of hair on your natural hair.

Fusion hair extensionsThis is one of the most time-consuming styles. But if you attach it properly, then it will take longer. The good thing about it is that its time consuming; however, its long-lasting.

Clip ins

Another temporary method of making the weaves is in clipping it in. This is where you use the clips to attach the weave on your natural hair then blend it in.

Clip in hair extensionThings You Need to Know Before You Get A Weave

What weave do you choose?

Consider what you like and your lifestyle, too, before purchasing a weave. While you may like a long weave that allows you to make the leave outs, it may not be a good idea if you, for example, love to work out or swim.

When you sweat during workout or swim, the leave out will regain its structure. This then means that you have to use the heat tools on the hair. Consequently, then you have to use the heat tools to make it retain its structure, and that’s damaging.

This is why you need to consider a few things before you buy the weave.

Never forget your natural hair and scalp

When you wear the weave, it’s not a leeway to forget your natural hair. Through the eight weeks, you will need to sustain the hair. Remember to keep your natural hair moisturized to avoid the itchy feeling.

Use the right products and oils to nourish the natural hair as you do the weave. After all, the natural hair is what you have and will remain with.

Change the hair

After six weeks, you should start thinking about changing the weave. At most, stay with the hair for not more than eight weeks. Even when you have the hair on for eight weeks, you should keep the hair clean.

You should find ways to look your best. This means that you will need to change your style every so often. From different colors to different lengths and textures, you are spoilt for choice.

A variety of options

There will be different kinds of hair; some high quality and some low quality. So, then you have to make the decision as to what works best for you. If you want a weave that will last long, then buy a high-quality type of weave.

Reduce the use of heat

Just like too much heat is damaging to your natural hair, it’s damaging to the hair extension as well, so steer away from it. Just use the heat when it’s utterly necessary. If you use the heat excessively, then you will damage the hair and make it frayed.

Too much heat will stretch out the cuticles and ultimately cause more damage to the hair.

Consider the products you use on the hair

There are thousands of hair products in the market. These extensions, though, require the use of particular products. Remember, the products you use on your natural hair aren’t the same ones you use on the weave.

Know and buy the right products to use. This will determine the lifespan of the weave.

Seek professional advice

With the right professional, you will know which weave to use since they offer you consultation. Aside from that, they make the hair look professional for you. Don’t go to unprofessional people,  though, as they may cause even more damage to your hair.

Proper care perfect weave and perfect hair

It matters the amount of care you give your hair weave and natural hair underneath the weave. It will determine how long the hair lasts. If you don’t invest in the care of the hair, then you will have weak natural hair as well as scalp.

Whats your budget?

There are hair types under different price ranges, so; you get to choose which is the best price for you and go with it. You can have a weave for as low as $50 and as high as thousands of dollars, especially if you need the customized ones.

The trick to getting the right weave, though, is to experiment with the different kinds of weaves.

The types

Hair weaves are either human or synthetic. Human hair is great, but especially when it’s a virgin Remy type. It just means that you will have a prolonged lifespan of the hair. There are also high-quality synthetic weaves, and therefore, you should determine which one works for you.

Different people have different reasons why they love different hair types. If you like synthetic hair, go for it, and if you do human hair, also, go for it. Nothing is ever wrong.

Leave Out Weaves

For a long time, we have used the leave out weaves, and even with the evolution of closures, there are still some women who love and enjoy leave outs. The essence is to give your hair the natural-looking sensation.

However, sometimes blending it in is never easy. Taking care of the weave is further not easy, and this may cause too much damage. The following are the tips you should use to manage your hair.

Minimal leave outs

You don’t have to have too much leave outs as that means if the hair isn’t properly catered for, you damage a large chunk of hair. Leave out minimal hair but know how to style it. The good thing about this si that you have only to maintain and repair minimal hair.

Use the right products

Remember, this is your natural hair; thus, you shouldn’t use the products you use on the weave for the natural hair. You should take care of you to leave outs and use the right products to sustain its life.

Use the right toxin-free shampoo and conditioner; a good heat protectant will protect you from damage when you are using the heat tools. Remember to take care of your edges, too, as that will determine how long the weave lasts.

Consider the hair practices

This is all about maintenance, and you don’t need to use the common maintenance method as that will lead to more damage.

Quit using too much heat on the leave outs as that strips the hair of its natural oils or weakens it. If you don’t want the natural hair to shed, you shouldn’t use the heat. Don’t flat iron the hair every time.

Minimize the products you use on the natural hair. The right products are good for your hair, but too much hair products will lead to build-up. This often weighs the hair down so, avoid too many products. Take the time to find a good regimen for your natural hair and maintain it.

Accessorize the hair

Sometimes you may need to wear the scarfs when you protect the hair from humidity. You can find a good scarf and cover the leave outs to shield the hair off damage.

Other times, though, you can use the headbands for accessorizing and styling the hair further.

Twist or braid the leave out

Even though you have the leave out giving you a finished blended style, sometimes you can braid or twist them to keep them protected. It will look like you have made the halo braid.

You can either decide to make the braid on two sides of your head or make a single braid.

Deep condition

If you want healthy hair, you should always make sure its moisturized. Since you will have this leave out, you must learn to keep it healthy by deep conditioning. There are different methods of deep conditioning that includes home remedies. Coconut oil remedy is my best.

Use heat protectants

You should always use the heat protectants to make sure you maintain the great hair. So, before you use any heat tools, make sure you apply the heat protectant.

How about the lace front or closure?

Nowadays, you have the choice to use the frontal or closures so you can use them in place of the leave outs. After all, when you have all of your hair covered, it will grow healthy and at the same level.

Where to Get A Weave

There are very many places to get the weave that the question should be what kind of weave you want. From the wholesalers, online stores, and offline stores, you have a variety to choose from.

However, since there are many cons out there, you should be careful when making the purchase. If you are making an online purchase, you must read the reviews to be sure the hair you intend to buy is legitimate.

How to Wear A Weave

There’s so much Infor on what you shouldn’t do about wearing weaves but very minimal info in regards to how to wear weave. This video below will guide you through the process.

Remember, the way you take care of your hair before you get the weave will determine if you maintain the healthy weave or not.

So, before you go for the weave

  • Which style?

Find out which style will work out best for you. There are so many protective styles, but not all of them will work for you. So, one style that will complement your natural style is ideal for you. From the texture, the length and to the style take time to know which one is best.

Before you get the weave or wigs, do prepare the hair. Clean it and deep condition it because it may be tricky to condition the hair. You ought to maintain the health of the hair or keep it from drying when you have the weave on.

  • Never have the style for long

Weaves are great, but they aren’t your natural hair, so you should never keep them on for long. Often the weaves will last between six and eight weeks. You will need to take care of your scalp, and you can best do that when you have removed the weave.

Lastly, nourish the hair even when it’s under the weave by using the leave-in conditioner. But if you have leave outs, you should take good care of them.

How to Make the Weave Look Natural

Even when we wear weaves, its often our dream to make sure we look as natural as we can. Sometimes though, women don’t apply the weave right, and thus, it makes it look so artificial.

Shape the weave hairline

The one thing that will make the hair appear as yours is when you get the hairline right. So, once you have the weave, you should cut it and shape it to mimic your hairline and fit your taste. But if you can go the salon for professional trimming, the better.

Whats your hair texture?

When you understand your natural hair texture, you can make it blend in with your natural hair texture. For example, if your hair is naturally kinky, you should go for the kinky hair texture, that way people won’t know you have a weave on.

Use the closures

Closure and frontals will always give you a complete finish, so if you use them right, you will mimic the natural hair. Aside from that They protect your hairline, making it grow perfectly natural.

Check the hair quality

Remember, there will be very many different hair types and quality, but the way to make it look natural is to make sure you buy the right quality of hair. You should use the virgin human hair as that looks so much like our natural hair.

Check the length

Sometimes you may get everything else right but the length. Always limit the additional length to four inches. If you use the hair at four inches longer, you will have the same hair length as yours. Any additional lengths make the hair look unnatural.

Caring for the hair

Unless you take proper care of the hair, it will develop flyway and frizz, making it look unnatural. Follow the instructions of your stylist if you wish to maintain the hair. This will ensure that the hair retains the structure.

How to Style the Weave

How to Cover Weave Tracks with Thin Hair

It doesn’t matter whether you have thin or thick hair; there are ways to make your hair look natural, but the most important is to hide the wefts. The following are ways you may use to cover the wefts.


Go to the nape section of your hair and then take a section of the hair from one side to another. Twist that hair, then pin it to your head. Now you can clip the hair wefts to the shorter sides.

Backcomb the hair

This is one of the most popular solutions you will ever hear of. If you have thin hair, the backcombing will help to cover the wefts and clips too. Do focus on the roots of the hair and comb the hair downwards.

Never use all the wefts

I know since you have thin hair, you may think your best bet is to use all the wefts for a full look, but it’s not. Infect it will show out if you use a lot of the wefts. It, therefore, depends on the style you intend to wear. That will guide you to the number of wefts to use.

Curl it

Naturally, curling the hair will often lead to volumizing the hair, thus hiding the wefts with ease. So, either use the curly extension or curl the hair.

Can You Blow Dry the Weave?

The problem with the weave is that they tend to knot up and tangle, so you should remember to dry it properly. Of course, air-drying the weave is the best, but when you don’t have the time to wait, you can use the blow-dry.

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