Rooneys Hair Transplant – Before And After

Wayne Rooney hair transplant created a buzz as Wayne Rooney proudly shared the news of his hair follicular unit extension transplant on twitter in 2011.

Ever since then, hair transplant has become a popular issue amongst men. Posting a picture of his scalp on twitter, he seemed delighted and went for transplant because of baldness.

The Wayne Rooney hair transplant created quite a buzz on the social media.



What is hair transplant?

Basically, hair transplant is a surgical method primarily used to rejuvenate the growth of hair in a particular patch of the head. In this technique, individual hair follicles are transplanted from one part of the body (which is called as the ‘donor site’) to the bald part of the body (also called as the ‘recipient site’).

Hair transplant can help and treat various baldness patterns in men which were once considered to be untreatable.

Hair transplants are not just limited to the bald scalp, but can also be used to treat lost eyebrows, eyelashes, beard hair, chest hair, etc lost due to varied unknown reasons.

The 2011 Wayne Rooney hair transplant surgery


Wayne Rooney underwent hair transplant surgery for the first time in 2011 and if sources are to be believed, an amount of £15,000 was spent on the surgery.

While many keep hair transplant treatments under covers, Rooney enjoyed the limelight sharing the news of transplant along with his pictures on twitter.

Also, he was extremely delighted to be showing positive results. In the procedure, Hair was taken from the back of his head in individual follicles and grafted at the front.

The 2013 Wayne Rooney hair transplant surgery

Two years after spending £15,000 on hair transplant, the star striker underwent a second hair booster operation to hide the bald patches developing on the top of his head.

Wayne Rooney underwent a nine- hour long surgery at London’s Harley Street Hair Clinic. The second procedure was standard and was part of the £15,000 treatment that the England Striker had paid two years earlier.

Rooney kept on losing hair even after the first transplant back on his head and his crown giving him two clearly noticeable patches on his scalp. He also developed the need to start using the drug Propecia, which footballers can take legally without failing any drug tests. Propecia is a drug used to prevent hair loss.


Effect of Wayne Rooney Hair transplant

Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant surgery motivated many to give the treatment a shot and as is the mass popularity of the star striker, many people started knowing more about the procedure and showing interest in the surgery.

As a result, the rate of hair transplant surgeries in London boosted up by a whopping 25 percent.

Wayne Rooney’s effort was sincerely appreciated by many hair transplant clinics on being honest about his surgery and not hiding the procedure under the covers. Also, it raised a lot of social awareness amongst masses on the issue.

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