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Wavy Vs Curly Hair – Difference Between Curly And Wavy Hair

Talk of the stylish yet versatile hairstyle, both the wavy and the curly hair are the go-to styles if you are a bubbly and fun girl.

These are the two most popular kinds of hair we have in the market. For some people, the curly and the wavy hairs are the same, but the truth is that we have some differences when it comes to these textures. So then what is the difference between the two textures.

The difference by definition

What is wavy hair?

This is the texture that is in between the curly hair and the straight hair. It’s the best choice for those who don’t like too much definition. It gives you various options you can try as there are many versions of the wavy hair.

So it’s not curly hair, but neither is it straight hair. It has curl like feature, and this means it’s never straight. But the curls are looser than the regular straight hair.

Remember, the wavy hair has an almost loosened S shape. Nonetheless, the hair will develop a nearly close characteristic to the straight hair. And it also has some features close to the curly hair.

What is curly hair?

This could be the easiest to identify after the straight hair. Notice that the curly hair is sexy looking but also thick. If you are talking about the natural texture, then you will realize that it’s rough compared to other styles.

This hair creates a round or sometimes an elongated oval look. If you love volume, you will find this hair to be the best, but one thing you may not like as much is taking care of it. Since it creates defined twists and turns, then the hair is very different from the straight and wavy one.

The difference based on the pros

Of course, you would expect both of the hair types to have the pros and the cons

The pros of the wavy hair

It allows you to try on very many and different kinds of hairstyles. Of course, you have the leeway even to make the style straighter or even curly if you would love to.

If you have wavy hair, you can achieve a beachy look. Also, if you like the ocean-like waves, you can use these wavy styles.

This style is ubiquitous among Asian women.

The pros of the curly hair

  • You can quickly spot a curly hair

One thing you will love about the hair is that the hair its visible and defined curls. You notice this because the hair has very tight curls. This has an advantage, therefore, as it makes the hair bouncy and perfect. The twists are visible, so you don’t have to ask as you can see that its curly.

  • Its versatility

Just like the wavy or straight hair, you can create thousands of styles with it. You can make the ponytails you can hold it differently, and you will, therefore, choose the style that works best for you.

The hair is coarse in structure, but when you touch it, then you notice that it’s soft.

Of course, there are different races of people who have different types of curly hair. Some Asians, whites, biracial kids, blacks, Latinas are a few of the races with curly hair.

The cons of the different hair texture

Of course, like any other textures or hair types, it does have the cons.

The cons of wavy hair

Such hair may get dull quicker because they dry out quickly. This is because, to some extent, the hair has raised cuticles.

The cons of curly hair

Well, this hair can’t stand humidity. It will frizz, making it hard to maintain; therefore, if you are anything like me during such times, then you need to use protective hairstyles.

  • You won’t know the length

Remember, the hair has twists and turns, and that then makes it hide its actual length. You won’t even know how long it is unless you either pull it or use the straightening tools for the same.

  • It’s hard to straighten it fully

If you have curly hair, then you will agree with me that it’s never a cup of tea to straighten the hair. Of course, you can try to straighten it, but with time it does go back to the same texture.

  • You shouldn’t over brush it

If you are going to brush the hair, you should know that you will soon make it frizzy. Remember, the worst thing about this hair is that it doesn’t receive the oils from the scalp.

The major differences

For most people, these hair types have no difference. But if you look at them keenly, you will notice that the curly hair has the ringlets and the corkscrew shape. Remember, these hair textures vary in rigidity and thicknesses.

The wavy hair takes an almost ringlet shape, but it remains just at the s shape. Therefore, it doesn’t change to tight curls.

The curly hair is much kinkier, and it’s, therefore, more spring-like. So to make the perfect sense, just know that the wavy hair is in between the curly and straight hair.

The curly hair starts right down at the roots of the hair and forms the curls to the ends. This means that the hair is much coarser and thick. It’s also the reason why the hair puffs up.

The wavy hair, on the other hand, is straight on the roots, and therefore it’s not as thick and full as the curly hair is.

The curly hair has rounded curls, and they are defined. The waves ones, on the other hand, aren’t so defined.

When the hair is dry, though, if you try to brush the curls, it’s not easy.

We all love great style, and curly hair is one style that people like a lot. This curly hair is one of the people’s favorite, but then remember you have to take a lot of time to maintain it contrary to the other hair types.

So with all that said, no one style’s better than the other. You get to choose the one you like based on the features you enjoy.

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