What Is A Vixen Sew In – The Complete Guide About Vixen Sew In

A few years ago, vixen sew in style made a grand entry in the world of weaves. I remember almost all stylists and clients wanted to try this versatile style.

I’m one person who loves sew in style not only because it protects my hair, but also that it allows me to style the hair however I wish. Since it gives you leeway to style the hair in different ways you want to, more people prefer it.

It, however for some reason doesn’t work for everyone, especially since you need to leave out a lot of hair.

What is vixen sew in?

This is a braiding pattern that is made when you want to attach the sew in weave. Of course, if you haven’t yet heard of the vixen sew in, it can only mean one thing, you aren’t a fan of weaves. From salons, YouTube, Instagram, and many other platforms you will hear about it.

The reason why the style is popular is its versatility. Unlike other sew in styles, it allows you to style the hair in various styles.

So, you no longer must braid your hair to a honeycomb all the time. Rather you can divide the hair into four sections. Each of those sections is braided to a beehive.

Remember, in the other options you braid your hair in a honeycomb or cornrows push back. In this one, you braid the four, three, or two parts of the hair. You will also have the edges of the hair left out for blending.

Reasons Why You Should Use the Vixen Hairstyle

Easy to care for your natural hair

When you wish to wash the hair, it will be easier to apply the shampoo under the cornrows. You can use the applicator bottle to apply the shampoo under the tracks.

It further makes it easy to oil your scalp to prevent the itchiness.

Since you will have braided just a few sections of the hair, it means that the detangling process is easier.

You have way more styling versatility

Since the braids come with partings, you can style the hair differently. You can even make the ponytail style which most sew in styles don’t allow.

The seamless blending of the hair

Most of the women are against the amount of hair you leave outside. But then the blending is perfect since it makes it look as though the weave is your natural hair. The hair looks more like a traditional sew in.

The Cons of Vixen Sew In

Too much leave outs

This is one style that lets you leave so much hair out. What that means is that it requires a lot of maintenance on the hair. Often, the hair that is left out sheds due to constant manipulation. It, therefore, beats the logic of protecting part of your hair.

With the leave outs, you won’t have the even and healthy growth that occurs when you have all the hair braided.

You must cut the wefts

Remember this is the hair you invest a lot of money to buy. It’s quite hard to imagine that you will cut it into tiny pieces to fit the braided hair. The moment you chop the wefts unless you seal it, it starts to shed.

Whats the hair health?

Unless your hair is nicely healthy, using the vixen style will lead to more damage. Remember, when you subject the hair to a lot of heat, it will grow unevenly. You shouldn’t use hair that is heat damaged with the style as you will leave out too much hair.

Vixen Sew in Styles

Vixen Sew in StylesOf course, this is the reason why so many opt for the style as opposed to any other style. Its versatility is inviting. So, it’s upon you to choose how versatile you want the extension to be.

There are three styles you can choose from.

The four-part is the most common. With it, you can make the high ponytail, four-part braid pattern, pigtails or even buns.

The three-part vixen style is another ideal method but mostly if you are looking to make the half up half down style.

There’s also a two-part vixen that lets you make the French braids.

Two-part vixen sew in style

This one is known to make it easy for you to make the French braids as earlier stated. So, you can make the whole braids and a bun. Unlike the other two styles, this one is limited.

  • You will have to part the hair down the middle.
  • Go on to leave enough hair along the edges and on the middle horizontal part. Next, braid the leave outs to give you leeway.
  • Begin to braid the sections that you have left. When doing the braids, you should make sure you are doing it neatly and even making the braids small.
  • Braid the sections down then use a net to make the braids lie flat.
  • If you are a left-handed person, you can start from the left. If you are right-handed, start from the right to sew in the hair. Don’t forget to tie the thread every time you are through with the sew in. On reaching the end, you can fold over to sew in under and over the weft.
  • Finish off by removing the excess thread. But don’t cut off the excess thread because then you will make it all unravel too soon.

Three-part vixen sew in

Like the previous style, part your hair down the middle and leave out the hair at the edges.

  • In this case, though you don’t need to middle part the hair down to the nape. Leave it in the back part.
  • Now begin to braid all three sections of the hair. Ensure the circular motion braids you form are neat.

Four-part section for the hair

Four-part section for the hairPart the hair in four sections and then leave out the hair at the edges. Go on to leave also the middle part and vertical cross-section side. These ones you will use to blend in.

Now start braiding all the four parts to a beehive as shown in the diagram above. Ensure that you make the braids small ones and neat as well. When you finish, you are ready to start the sew in process.

How to Make the Vixen Style (Step by Step)

The supplies you need

  • A rat tail comb
  • A needle and thread
  • Edge control for your edges
  • Best hair extension.

The process

Before you begin the style, make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the hair. Use a clarifying shampoo for the thorough cleaning and then you can condition it if need be.

Grease the scalp with the nourishing oils as it will be under the style for a prolonged time.

The braiding

To start you have to part the hair.

Begin to section the hair off around the edge. Leave only an inch of the hair around the perimeter. Go on to leave some of the hair at the middle vertical then leave the horizontal cross-section.

Begin to braid the first section of the hair in a circular motion or beehive like braid. Make the hair neat and even smarter. Remember to leave out the hair for blended in.

Next, you can wear a net to flatten the braids even more.

The sewing process

We like the curved needles, although it’s okay if you can use the straight needles.

Go on to sew the hair from the bottom left and bottom right. The secret is to make the stitches as close to each other as possible.

This will make it even neater. Some people prefer to use the fold over method to give the hair a neater appearance. It will also prevent the shedding possibility.

Other people prefer to finish sewing the entire weft to the end before they can fold it over.

Notice that some wefts will come so thick therefore you can split it if you feel like you need to.

Finish sewing all the sections but remember to tie the thread to a knot every time you are finishing the sew in.

This will keep the hair from unraveling.

To blend the hair

Confirm that in all required sections you left out just enough hair to blend in before you begin to style it.

First off though you should unbraid the hair you left then apply your heat protectant before you use a blow-dry to straighten them. Nevertheless, if you have made the curly or wavy hair you can use rods and curling iron for the leave outs.

Lets talk of styling

There are many styles you can try. This is the reason why this braiding style is common because it’s versatile. In fact, it lets you part the hair however you wish.

Vixen Sew in Hairstyles

Vixen sew in body wave

1. Auburn brown body wave

Auburn brown body waveComing in auburn brown the side parted long weave is one of the best hairstyles examples. It gives you the leeway to style it as you wish.

2. Half up half down curly hair

Half up half down curly hairHalf up-half down is another effortless style to achieve when you are using the vixen sew in style for body wave hair. You can tie the half up hair to a bun for a more prominent look.

3. Long and curly vixen sew in hairstyle

Long and curly vixen sew in hairstyleEven with such curly hair, you can make the vixen sew in work. What’s even better is that you can hold your hair in a high ponytail. Just let the ponytail hair flow, though.

Vixen straight hair

4. Straight pony hairstyle

Straight pony hairstyleMore and more women are opting for the straight hairstyle. But when you can make the vixen sew in, the partings make it easy to style. You can part the hair to two or four but sometimes even to three parts.

Vixen sew in weave braids

5. Two braided vixen style

Two braided vixen styleWeaves have significantly evolved, and the fact that you can make the braids with them is amazing. You can create two braided cornrows for an enhanced style. It won’t be easy for people to understand the weave you have made.

6. Kinky hair vixen sew in

Kinky hair vixen sew inThere are several styles as you can see above to try when you are using a kinky weave. I like that this is the closest you can come to the authentic looking weave. You can make the pigtail bun, half up half down styles, braids styles or even a mohawk. So many styles to try.

7. Vixen braids without leave outs

Vixen braids without leave outsIf you are uncomfortable with the leave-outs, don’t worry, you can use closures or the 360 frontals if you want to make the ponytail style. Therefore, this means that you can braid all your hair under the weave.

I like this style as it ensures all your hair is protected. So, all hair grows healthy under the weave.

8. Vixen on natural hair

Vixen on natural hairSo, I know what you would ask, can I install the vixen hairstyle if I have relaxed hair?

Yes, you can it suits all and sundry. If you have natural hair though, it’s even better. Taking care of the hair is easier under the weave.

If your hair is naturally straight, curly or wavy, choose the hair extension of the natural hair texture. That way, you don’t need to tamper with the texture of the leave outs.

9. Purple Vixen sew in style

Purple Vixen sew in styleLike all the hairstyles we have seen above, you can choose a hair extension that has a tint of purple. Next, make the styles you see above.

10. Vixen sew in with bangs

Vixen sew in with bangsDo you like bangs? This is the best style to try. Even with the vixen style, this bangs style will help to reduce the leave outs you have. It looks amazing, right?

11. Side swept bangs

Side swept bangsBangs work great for anyone with a broad forehead. This side-swept bang is great but more so if you hold the hair to a bun or let the remaining one flow.

12. Side part vixen sew in style

Side part vixen sew in styleThere’s always a subtle difference when you side part the hair weave. For this style, it makes it look natural because the person looking can’t see the edges of the sew in.

12-inch vixen sew in

12-inch vixen sew inEven for those who love short to medium hair, vixen sew in has you covered. You can make all the styles above with the hair. Also, you can have the single, four, two, and three ponytail hold styles.

The hair comes in the ombre color where you blend the dark roots and the blonde ends. This, in itself, is an outstanding style. I like that you have the choice to part the hair however you want.

13. Short vixen curly sew in hairstyle

Short vixen curly sew in hairstyleThe vixen hair suits all lengths of hair. Coming in a curly hair with a lace front, you can style the hair however you wish to. It features the blonde beach color with dark roots making it look so much like your natural hair.

14. Loosely held vixen style

Loosely held vixen styleIf you have never been a fan of tightening your hair, then this sew in will suit you. Check out all the four styles and try them on mainly because the hair is held loosely.

15. Vixen sew in wigs

Vixen sew in wigsYou can use wigs for the vixen sew in if you need to. Make it a bob style where you part the side and let a simple bang flow to the face. The loose curls will spice the style up.

16. Vixen crochet style

Vixen crochet styleFor those who don’t like the sew in method, you can use the crocheting technique with the vixen braids. Check out the styles above.

17. Kinky vixen crocheting style

Kinky vixen crocheting styleWho will tell that this is not your hair? Not many people. Another crocheting vixen braid style to try with this kinky Yaki hair.

Caring and Maintaining

You can’t have the style lasting long if you don’t maintain it. But the same way you maintain any sew in is the same way you would manage this style. Nonetheless, it’s easier to take care of your natural hair when you use vixen braids because of the partings involved.

Shampoo the hair once in two weeks

When you have sewed the hair in, you should clean it but not as frequent. So, if you can do it once a week is fine but once in two weeks works for me.

You can use the clarifying shampoo for the thorough cleaning. But avoid shampoos that have harsh chemicals. You can also co-wash the hair every once in a while.

Condition the hair

The answer to healthy hair is in the conditioning of the hair because the conditioners often pack the strands with moisture. The conditioner will also keep it from tangling as it defines the curls more. If you have curly hair extension, you should condition it even more.

Do not forget your hair under the weave

Often people forget the hair under the weave, making it develop bacteria and foul smell. Use the applicator bottle to apply both the shampoo and conditioner. Just make sure you liquify the shampoo before applying it. This makes it flow with ease.

Dry it properly

Of course, you can wash the hair and go, but then you won’t have dried the hair underneath. This will lead to mold formation. Focus on adequately drying the hair. There’s no way you can air dry the vixen sew in especially if you have thick hair.

So, it’s essential that you sit under a dryer for an hour or two with the lowest temperature. You shouldn’t damage the hair from not properly drying it.

Sleep routine

Make it a habit to comb the hair before bed. Tie it to a loose ponytail then cover it with a satin scarf. Also, sleep on a satin pillowcase to retain the moisture within the hair. This will keep it from frizz, and the locks remain silky soft.

Be careful about the product you use

Each product has a purpose on the weave, but you shouldn’t use any and every product. Some products may weigh it down. Only use essential products.

Oil your scalp

Never forget your scalp because they determine the health of your natural hair. I often use coconut oil and aloe vera to keep my scalp from itching.

Take care of the leave outs

For vixen style, you will have a lot of leave outs. So, you should make sure you take care of the hair. Clean it and keep it moisturized. Also, you should massage that part of the scalp to help in the growth. Do not overmanipulate the leave outs as that will cause damage.

Take a break

When it is time to remove the hair, do so, and then give it time to rejuvenate. The strands will retain their texture and health.

Visit the stylist

Since you have a lot of hair leave out, even when you have the sew in, you need to visit the stylist. Also, when you want to install the vixen hairstyle, you should never do it alone instead go to a professional.


How long will the vixen last?

Like all other sew in weave, the hair will last for six weeks. But you should observe your leave outs to know whether they need more TLC. The hair will guide you when to remove it. Besides, it will only reach six weeks if you maintain it properly.

Which kind of weave should I use?

You will use the same weave you use for all other sew in styles. Whether it’s a synthetic or human hair, there’s no restriction. Choose from the thousands of weaves in the market and sew it in. You can also use the weave net if you have sensitive scalp to keep it itch-free.

How many bundles of hair for a vixen sew in?

You should use at least four bundles of hair. Notice that the size of your head and the thickness of the hair also determine the weave you use. Some people can use 3, others 4, and others even 5.

Where can I get the vixen sew in done?

I bet there are thousands of salons in the country you are in. Most high-end salons will know how to make the vixen sew in. Go to the salon for the process don’t do it at home.

What will make my style look vibrant?

The secret here is to make sure you develop a daily maintenance technique.

  • Reduce your use of styling products and be gentle with the tools.
  • Keep the hair hydrated by spraying it with a bottle of water.
  • You can use leave in conditioner sometimes, and especially when wearing a wet and wavy style.
  • Only use the wide toothed comb and avoid any alcohol-based products.
  • Maintain the hairstyle.

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