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How To Care For Virgin Hair

I know the elating feeling that comes with investing in the hair. So congratulations on ordering your favorite hair. But do you want to have it serve you longer? Order the premium virgin hair like the one we have on our site.

Once you are sure you have the right hair, then you can learn to take care of it, making sure it serves you over a long time. You also want it to keep looking shiny, healthy, and flawless. One thing to do is to be careful about the products you use, though.

Below are the things you can do to take care of the hair

Pre-installation tips

When you have bought the hair you need, check it out for lice, and other infections it may have. Also, check its wefts to know whether its double weft or single weft for security. Of course, you want the hair that won’t shed regularly.

Remember to brush the hair first before you begin the washing process. This will keep them free of tangles and shedding.

Next, wash the hair in the lukewarm water with shampoo or the co-wash it. Once you wash it right, then you can rinse it clean.

Next, let it air dry, and all through this process, make sure you never use the alcohol-based products.

The essence of this step is to make sure you know how to use the hair, thus making it look perfect.

During the installation, make sure you never sew through the wefts. This is more damaging to your hair. Therefore treat your hair and nourish it with care, then it will serve you perfectly.

How to install the hair

You don’t want the hair to start shedding the moment you buy it, so you will need to be careful how you sew it in.

You should sew it using the over and out method. For even more security, you can use the weft sealant to make sure the hair strands stick in place.

Remember, you should never cut the wefts as that will lead to shedding soon. Only cut it when it’s unavoidable.

Once you install it in, you should use the wide-toothed comb and a paddle brush to style the hair. These two tools are great, and they will make it easy to style the hair gently.

Wash the hair

Before we go deep into the care and maintenance, you should know that you must keep your weave or wig clean at all times. If you don’t, then you become susceptible to hygiene hazards.

You can wash the hair as soon as you receive it just to make sure it’s free from all the dirt, debris, and other things.

Unpack the hair when you receive it first. You can decide to wash it with the co-wash or the mild shampoo. It all depends on how it looks. If you feel like it got a little dirty, then you can wash it with the shampoo.

You can either use the lukewarm water or the cold one. So take a basin with cold or lukewarm water then place the hair in the basin. You can then squirt just enough shampoo or conditioner on the hair then massage it gently on the hair.

Gently rub it from the roots to the tips. Also, make sure all the parts of the strands are soaked in the shampoo or conditioner.

Next, rinse it clean then place it in another basin of cold water to make sure you have it being clean. Add some conditioner to all parts of the hair strands and leave it to rest for about 15 minutes.

Rinse it out and use a soft microfiber towel to pat dry the hair.

Go on to air dry it on your wig stand. Remember, it won’t dry immediately, so go about your business.

Washing the hair when you have it on

When you already have installed the hair, you should remember to wash it from time to time. Just know that your wash days are quite important, and they will take a lot of time. So do you have time?

Detangle the hair first and always. Comb or brush it with either a wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush. Take all the time you need on this because you want to get rid of all the knots and make sure you straighten the strands.

Under the shower, wet the hair first and make sure you soak all the strands perfectly.

Apply the best moisturizing shampoo on the strands. Use the toxin-free shampoos. This will make sure you keep the hair perfectly nourished. Also, apply a generous amount of shampoo on the hair. Massage the shampoo into the weave and also to your scalp.

Rinse it all out and then apply another amount of shampoo. The second option will lather more than the first one as its now cleaner.

Rinse it out, then go on to apply your favorite deep conditioner. You should make sure you deeply nourish your strands at this step.

Once you have applied it on all the parts of the hair, then you should cover the hair with ta plastic wrap. Let it rest for about 30 minutes.

Then rinse the hair with lukewarm or cold water and make sure you rinse out all the hair products. Then pat dry it with a microfiber towel.

Let your hair air dry. Also, avoid the use of heat as it will damage the strands by drying out the nutrients.

Go on then to use the serums and other nourishing oils when you are going to style it.

Remember, you should only wash the hair at least once in two weeks. This is not your natural hair, so you have to take care of it. If you have an active lifestyle, then you can wash it once in a week to make sure it never smells.


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There are thousands of shampoos you may use, and this is just one of those that will work well with your virgin hair.

Unlike many other shampoos, this one will clean your hair without stripping it of its nutrients. From its name, you know that it contains no toxic ingredients. So it’s all about the nourishing of the hair and not stripping its natural oils.

In the end, you will have smooth and frizz-free hair. It further smoothens the hair, making it feel and look shiny at all times.

This product will maintain the perfect hair color. Remember that you can also apply it on your natural scalp beneath the extension using an applicator bottle since you want to look amazing.

The result is the perfect shine, nourished hair, and durability.

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The secret to maintaining the healthy hair strands is in using the right deep conditioner, and this is one of the very best.

It will work perfectly on the dry and damaged hair as well as all the different kinds of weave. This conditioner will always boost your look by enhancing the shine while making it feel smooth. You also have the conditioner boosting the color of the hair.

In using this product, then you improve the hair vibrancy while making it even more manageable.

It has all the organic ingredients to make it nourish your hair strands from the deep within. To some extent, it will further act as a detangler. Thus you will not have to struggle with knots.

For the daily care routine

The most important part of hair care is normally daily care. It will determine if the hair will serve you longer or not. The first trick is first to forget that the virgin hair is an extension and then instead treat it like your natural hair. Of course, we mean be tender and gentle with it.

First, when you are choosing the products to use, you should make sure you never use alcohol-based products instead choose those that contain no toxic ingredients.

Use your water-based products to moisturize the hair. This means that your leave-in, for example, should be water-based.

Every morning before you even begin to brush the hair, run your fingers in the virgin hair, make sure you finger comb it. You want first to get rid of all the stubborn tangles that could have formed already.

You can then brush it with a good paddle brush, but make sure you let it flow in one direction. At this point, you can spray its parts with the leave-in conditioner then brush it in the styling direction.

If you, however, feel like the hair is too smelly and you are not about to wash it just yet, use the dry shampoos.

When styling the hair

We have said a lot already in this regard, so here we just remind you of the basics. Always brush the hair first before you go in to wash it.

Although you may want to heat style the hair all the time, it’s not a good idea. It will always dry the hair, making it look tattered. If you, therefore, have to use the heat, make sure you use it at the lowest settings.

Best leave-in conditioner

Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control

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There are many types of conditioners you could use, but the design essential is one of the very best options we have for the different kinds of hair. This conditioner will hold your style throughout the day, and what’s more, it won’t even form buildups.

You can use the conditioner with all the different kinds of hair. It will always serve you right, making the hair look lively. Go on to use the leave-in conditioner every day to make the hair look fully moisturized, smooth, and shiny.

It further focuses on the ends, making it look perfect, and that then means that it will serve you over a long time. You can use this product to manipulate your hair to your desired style.

The bedtime care

The other most important part to consider is when you are going to bed. You will either lose all the hair moisture or retain it.

First, brush the hair to make it smooth and tangle-free.

Next, braid your hair to a single thin ponytail or sometimes two ponytails if you have too much hair. Then cover it with a satin or silk head wrap.

Then if you use a pillow, make sure you only lie on a satin or silk pillowcase.

When you wake up, untie the ponytail then hydrate the hair once again. Also, use the wide-toothed comb to loosen all forms of tangles. Begin from the ends to the roots.

Apply the leave-in and style it then off you go about your day.

Here are the tips to remember

Brush the hair daily

You don’t want the hair to tangle. Therefore whether you are at home or going out, make sure you comb and brush your hair. If you can, then brush it in the morning and evening too.

Co-Wash the hair once a week

This is the easiest way to pack the hair with moisture, thus keeping it looking healthy and nourished. This will cut down the use of shampoo, thus keeping the hair from drying. Most shampoos have such drying ingredients.

Which products?

Although you may think that the hair products are all you need for the hair, you should avoid too many products. You risk weighing the hair down if you use many products. Use only the necessary and select ones.

Never sleep with wet hair

If you know you won’t dry the hair thoroughly before bed, it’s better not to wash it. Sleeping with wet hair will cause even more tangles. You can use the heat tools if you have to before sleeping but never wet hair.

Don’t use high heat if you have to use heat

Well, we don’t encourage you to use heat just because it deteriorates the weave quicker. But if you have to use the heat, then you shouldn’t use too much heat. Use the low heat setting with it.

Be gentle when brushing

You should maintain gentleness to avoid pulling the strands as you are brushing it. This will make sure your hair never sheds. Also, brush the hair in one direction.

Be careful when washing the hair

You should use the downward motion and use the right products that keep the hair tangle free and shedding free.

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