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50 Usher Mohawk Fade Haircut Designs You Will Never Forget

The Usher mohawk, also known as South of France hairstyle become popular thanks to the famous singer and actor Usher Raymond. This style adds elegance and charm to anyone who is bold enough to wear it.

The Usher mohawk is a move away from the landing strip mohawks worn by stars in the past. This wide South of France mohawk is a great choice for anyone to whom class is important.

Some may say that usher mohawks look the best on men with dark skin, however, it is not always true.  Let’s take a look at 50 examples of different fade usher mohawks for black men that can become the favorite hairstyle for almost any african american men out there.

The Best Usher Mohawks for Men

If you are ready to try something new, take some time to choose between the best Usher Mohawks which we are offering here.

You are bound to find a South of France style which will suit you best. Good luck in turning some heads!

1. Mohawk hairstyle with curves


Curving the shaved part of the mohawk is a great idea to make an usher mohawk stand out of the crowd. Any creative geometrical shapes as well as traditional curves are always welcome on any South of France hairstyle.

2. Will Smith mohawk


This type of mohawk is very easy to make. The curly hair on top is cut to a minimum. The sides are shaved and the hairline gradually continues to where the beard starts. An elegant hairstyle can fit any man, who is ready to keep the beard neat.

3. The short usher mohawk


The shorter the mohawk the easier it is to take care of. Cutting away most of the hair is a great way to make a short mohawk which is very low-maintenance. If the shaving is done properly, this style will slowly grow into a regular usher mohawk.

4. Curly mohawk


The unruly curly hair can be a hassle, but not when it is kept on the very top. By shaving off all the extra hair on the temples, a great curly mohawk is easily made. Leaving a lot of hair on top is not a problem, it just adds to the style.

5. Mohawk with a scruff


A neat scruff is always a good addition to a short mohawk. Usher is known for using this style every once in a while, so growing a nice scruff will make the mohawk seem even more stylish. Usher would approve.

6. Spiky usher mohawk


Spikes are mohawk’s best friends. A spike will make the mohawk look more outstanding and will provide additional exquisiteness to the hairstyle. Curly hair might be hard to deal with when it comes to spikes, but everything is possible.

7. Lateral fohawk


As was said earlier, mohawks can look great on any man, regardless the color of his skin.

This fohawk is the best approximation of the usher mohawk which can be done using long hair. Such fohawk is easy to create and stays intact for a long time.

8. Classy mohawk


Usher knows everything there is to know about class, so this classy mohawk is created to make anyone feel classy.

Such mohawk might require a little effort to maintain, but the result it creates beats almost any other mohawk out there.

9. The high Usher mohawk


The higher the better? Usher will agree. Keeping the temples shaved is the only real requirement of the usher mohawk. The rest is up to the hair. The height doesn’t matter.

However, overdoing it is not recommended, otherwise the high mohawk will become a Marge Simpson’s haircut.

10. Geometrical usher mohawk


The geometrical mohawk is always a great choice for those who want to get creative.

While it might not be as classy as the regular mohawk, it really stands out and makes the wearer feel special. The more creative, the better.

11. A longer mohawk


Growing a longer mohawk is not a problem. Keep the temples neat and grow some curls on top.

The usher mohawk can look great with longer hair, as long as it has a neat look to it. Once the fade look is gone, so is the mohawk.

12. Add the glasses


In order to make to get a more serious look, Usher sometimes wears glasses.

The glasses take some attention away from the creative mohawk, however they add some style to it as well. Different accessories are a great way to improve the hairstyle.

13. The usher fohawk


If there is no time to go to a hair salon, the usher mohawk can easily turn into a fohawk.

No problem! An usher fohawk is a great hairstyle as well and will fit practically anybody who likes changes in their haircut, but doesn’t like a lot of maintenance.

14. The more the betterfilename

No time to get a mohawk? No problem. Spend some time wearing a regular haircut, to grow some hair. Once enough hair is grown, the stylist can have a way with it.

Longer hair allows for a wider variety of haircuts, including all types of mohawks and fohawks.

15. Forget the mustache


Leaving the mustache out of the mohawk image is a great way to bring about some changes. Once the mustache is eliminated, the mohawk becomes more showy and the beard seems a great continuation of the style.

16. Add some art


Adding some skin art to an usher mohawk is always a great idea. Skin art does wonders for making the mohawk stand out and adds a lot of personal expression to it. Artistic approach is a great way to make a mohawk noticable.

17. Curly fohawk


Men with curly hair have trouble creating a noticeable fohawk, so a better idea would be to go to a more straight forward mohawk. However, a fohawk is fine for those who are just starting out.

18. Hair mohawk


Usher’s mohawk looks great on any type of the face, even on the one, which the owner forgot to shave. Unexpectedly, the unruly and unshaved look goes extremely well with the South of France hairstyle. It should be given a chance.

19. Low mohawk


Shaving the temples might be compulsory but nothing is said about how much of them should be shaved. A low mohawk is a great look for those who don’t want to drastically change their look. Shaving just some of the hair off will do the job.

20. Straight hairline


The straight hairline is a very important component of the usher mohawk. Without it, the hairstyle changes dramatically. Shaving off all the unnecessary hair from the forehead is compulsory for creating the right South of France look.

21. The classical usher mohawk


The classical usher mohawk is more of a fohawk. However, it has a very specific feel to it. Shaving is really unnecessary here, even though it is allowed. Cutting the hair very short on the temples and keeping it just a little higher on top will do the job.

22. Mohawk + beard


A protruding beard can become a great addition to the mohawk if it is porperly maintained. People with curly hair usually have troubles with growing a proper neat beard. So, if it is possible to manage, then it becomes a stylish add-on.

23. Messy mohawk


The hair is starting to grow fast? Surprisngly enough, it is not the reason to run to a hair salon. A messy mohawk is a hairstyle all on its own. However, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise it will quickly lose its charm.

24.  A cherry on top 


The top part of the South of France mohawk leaves a lot of room for imagination. Going away from the classic look is always a good idea. Making a spike on top of your head is a great way to bring some changes to an old and boring mohawk.

25.  The square mohawk


Keeping a little bit of hair on top is fun, but making a real afro out of it makes for a great classy style. The usher mohawk allows for large volume on top of the head along with some interesting shaving design on the temples.

26.  Accessorize


Using all types of acessories is another great way to achieve the Usher Raymond look. If the mohawk is not enough, chains and bracelets will add something special to the style. Usher would appreciate it.

27.  Clean cut mohawk


A clean cut mohawk is a great way to uphold the easy-to-make usher hairstyle. Leaving just enough hair on top and on the sides gives the mohawk a classy and elegant look, as well as makes the owner looks very presentable.

28. The perfect fade


The right fade is extremely important for achieving the classical South of France mohawk. Fading must be done professionally in order not to leave anything extra on the sides. Adding some curves to the lower part of the face makes the mohawk look even more outstanding.

29. The brushed mohawk


If the hair on top of the head is made to be a little longer it is very important to keep it brushed. The unkempt curly hair ruin the look of an ideal mohawk, so brushing it is imperative. Going for a long usher mohawk is always a maintenance challenge.

30. Add a geometrical beard


Adding a geometrical beard is one of the best ways to make the mohawk more noticeable. Making the face match the head is always stylish. Geometrical beards look extraordinary all by themselves and attract attention the hairstyle.

31. Keeping the eyebrows neat


The mohawk will look the best if the eyebrows are kept neat. Regardless of the bold image, this hairstyle is really something elegant and stylish. So it is important not to forget about keeping the rest of the face cared-for.

32. A thick mohawk


A thick mohawk is the one that leaves a thick layer of hair on top, while keeping the temples neatly shaved. The most important part of the thick mohawk is the balance between the top and the sides. Once the hair on the sides grows out, the style is lost.

33. Braided mohawk


A long haired mohawk can easily be turned into a braided mohawk. Braiding hair is a great idea for those who want to change their style without cutting any hair off. Braids are very low-maintenance and stay intact for a long time.

34. Cut it short


Cutting the hair as short as possible without loosing the mohawk style is an art. However, once the goal is reached the stylish look is obvious to everybody. Short hair is easier to keep neat, so a short mohawk is a very popular style.

35. Voluminous mohawk


If you thought that afros were out of style you were wrong. They just call them differently now. Essentially an afro is a voluminous mohawk. A big volume of hair is left on top while the hair on the sides is cut to a minimum. The only negative thing about afros is that they don’t look good on everybody.

36. Brushed up fohawk


It is far from being an usher mohawk, but it is the best approximation for those who have long straight hair and are not ready for shaving. Such fohawk also looks very stylish, requires minimum maintenance and a little hair gel.

37. The furious mohawk


This mohawk doesn’t require any effort to maintain and looks more like a regular cut. Such hairstyle can easily be used on any occasion since it doesn’t have any of the outstanding mohawk features.

38. The forgotten fade


A fade is not always an essential part of an usher mohawk. The hair on the sides has to be just a little shorter than on top. However, there must be at least a slight difference, otherwise the South of France style is left behind.

39. Curl it up


Curls are a very important part of a classical usher hairstyle. So if there are curls to flaunt, it wouldn’t be smart to shave them off. Leaving just as much hair on top to make sure that the curls are visible will make the hairstyle look fabulous.

40. Business mohawk


A business mohawk is essentially a hidden one. It looks a lot like a regular haircut, however has some slight elements of the usher mohawk, which can be noticed by connoisseurs. Such hairstyle is the best choice for business people.

41. Let it go


Even Usher Raymond doesn’t keep the mohawk neat all the time. That’s why letting it grow out a little is not criminal. However, such haircut will soon become unkempt, so it is imperative that a salon visit is scheduled.

42. The sleek mohawk


The shorter the mohawk the sleeker it looks. If a very neat and sleek beard is added, the usher mohawk will look outstanding. Keeping the curls subdued is a great idea for those whose hair tends to grow very fast. This cut will not need any maintenance at all.

43. Combinations rule


Keeping the hair on top of the head the same length as the beard is an art. Such art produces a great combination. A well balanced-out style always looks best. The balance is hard to reach, but the result surpasses all expectations.

44. Experimental fohawk


Experimenting with different colors is allowed. A mohawk or a fohawk will look outstanding if the hair on top has lighter color than the hair on the sides. Dark skinned man can try such an experiment too. It will look great.

45. The usher style


It is a lot like Usher to introduce a hairstyle and then forget to keep it. No problem. All his hairstyles look great, so following his trends is always fashionable. Letting mohawk slowly turn into a regular buzz is never a mistake.

46. The natural mohawk


Geometrical hairline and temple line is not compulsory for the usher mohawk. Keeping natural hairline intact is a great idea for those who want the South of France style but don’t want to spend too much time on it.

47. The shaved mohawk


A shaved head is a good start for any mohawk. Leaving just a little hair up top is the first step toward the 48 different mohawk styles. Keeping the temples shaved and letting the top grow will allow the mohawk to appear over time.

48. The shaved fohawk


Usher sports different types of mohawk. Several of them can be called classical. The last, but not the least is a fohawk with slightly shaved temples. This fohawk is a more calm hairstyle and looks very soft.

49. Afro mohawk


Leaving an afro on top while shaving the sides makes for a great afro mohawk. This is a style which will be appreciated by those who don’t want an obvious mohawk, but still wish to look stylish. Mixing an afro with an usher mohawk is a great way to stand out of the crowd.

50. Superficial mohawk


This is a mohawk suitable for those men, whose occupation doesn’t allow them to wear a full-time mohawk. Keeping the temples slightly shaved will give a slight impression of a mohawk.

We showed you the 50 wonderful ways of getting a South of France a.k.a Usher mohawk haircut. Hopefully at least one of them was useful to you, so you now have something to show to your hair stylist. Choose the style you like best and have your way with it. There is really no bad choice when it comes to usher hairstyles.

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