Unprocessed Vs Processed Human Hair – Which One Should You Choose

Come to think of it, we should all be thankful for the hair extension today because they allow you to change your look for the better.

The use of hair extensions is popular across the globe: from white people to Asian to Latinas and most importantly blacks.

Unprocessed Vs Processed Human Hair

Today, you can have short natural hair and use the wigs to change your look when you want to or when you are going for functions that require you to have a little bit of hair. Celebrities have done this for ages.

They are used to provide extra length and full body to your own hair. The common human hair is normally either processed or unprocessed.

Today we answer your questions in regards to the two hair terminologies.

Of course, without knowing the meaning of the terms it’s easy to be misled by hair vendors because even they usually mix up the hair types. After all, they are only after the money.

What Is Processed Hair?

In simple terms, the term refers to the hair that has been chemically treated especially during its production.

This makes it appear shiny and bouncy just the way the manufacturer wants it to. Before the process, you simply soak the hair in acidic water to strip off its cuticles.

In this manner, you will emit all the characteristics of the strands then acquire new ones. However, contrary to most beliefs, the fact that the hair is processed doesn’t mean it’s bad hair.

What Is Unprocessed Hair?

This hair is the direct opposite of the processed hair. It’s hair that hasn’t been chemically processed in the factory or during production.

Unprocessed human hair

It hasn’t been relaxed, bleached or tampered with. With this hair, you keep its original quality of cuticles.

This hair works to maintain its original structure. And that makes it easy to color or restyle. Everyone loves this hair type and it’s usually more expensive since it gives you quality service.

I don’t know if you have seen the recent movement towards natural hair. Celebrities are choosing to walk comfortably with their natural hair. This means that more people are selling their stored human hair that is unprocessed.

Mind you the hair still remains as expensive as you might have bought it from the stores. Since vendors are using the unprocessed terminology to incur profits, check the following things before buying the hair type.

Are you buying the hair online? Be watchful

There are fake sites for literary everything and segregating legit ones from fake ones can sometimes be tricky. There are many scammers who claim to sell high-quality hair at a significantly low price.

If you find that the high-quality hair is being sold at a cheap price, notice that you need to ask yourself if the item is legit. Remember to think twice when a deal is too good. Conduct your research to find out if the company even exists in the first place.

Check for customer reviews from people who have purchased it in the past. If there are no reviews in regards to the company, just run they are scammers.

Things to Consider When Buying Unprocessed Human Hair Online

  • Fake sites

You should know that anything that gives booming business in the global scene is bound to attract fake business. Although there are many high-quality hairs, the problem of online purchase is that you don’t see what you are buying. Therefore, you are likely to be scammed.

More so, don’t be lured into buying hair bundles that seem so cheap. Every day you will find a new company online that claims to sell the same hair that’s normally expensive at a cheap price. Don’t fall for their trap.

They are probably scammers who sell fake hair or no hair at all. Before you buy the hair, research more about the company. Go ahead and find reviews from those who may have already bought hair from the company.

  • Inspect the hair

Unfortunately, the online purchase doesn’t allow you to inspect the hair in which case you may buy a poor-quality type. Remember sellers online put a front picture that is so attractive to lure you to buy their product.

Nevertheless, if you can inspect it, check for tiny little animals like lice because you don’t need to be infested with lice. Go ahead and either wash it before installation or after. Comb it through as well to be sure.

  • Check the quality

Other companies will do anything to make the high profits including mixing the synthetic fibers into the human hair. They will then call the hair a virgin hair. At all times, be observant. When you have just received your package, observe it critically.

You will notice this by looking for any unnatural hair colors and texture. If you notice such features, know that your hair has been processed.

  • Don’t buy into the too good to be true price

If something is too good to be true, think twice. While we enjoy being the super bargainer and making a quality purchase at a minimal price, you shouldn’t buy into the idea of buying quality hair at half the usual price. Just remember to invest wisely.

Tips to Tell A Real Unprocessed Hair

  • Observe

You need to know what you are looking for. Don’t just buy any hair product and assume its unprocessed hair. Unprocessed hair normally looks shiny, natural and bouncy. The processed hair, on the other hand, is often darker.

It might be hard to tell the difference right away but if you can, put the hair pieces together and notice the difference.

  • Overlapping scales

Notice that the unprocessed hair outer layer has overlapping scales like that of fish. The best way to feel this is to run your fingers through the hair from the roots to the ends where it’s smooth. But, on the opposite ends to roots, the hair remains rough.

  • Test the hair

If you have lighter colors you will notice the ends being lighter than the roots and this will give you space to watch the cuticles.

When you have the hair bundles, take a knife and scrape the color off a few strands to observe the cuticles. If the cuticle color is slightly yellow or white, you have the right unprocessed hair. If you notice that the color is brown or black, that is processed one.

  • Washing

When you are washing your hair and notice that the color comes out, especially black color, know that the hair isn’t the unprocessed one.

  • The distinctions and influence

This hair normally features the 100% hair from a single donor. They are chemical free and without additional chemical. The cuticles are intact and they flow to the same direction this makes it tangle resistant.

You can dye the hair or bleach it. Also, use the flat iron for ease in restyling your hair. The processed hair, on the other hand, is fragile and will tangle since the cuticles aren’t aligned. The hair is processed which makes it not take coloring well.

Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair

Simply, this hair features the hair that has been collected from a single donor but hasn’t been processed chemically. The features include the fact that its 100% human hair, the ends and tops of the hair face the same direction with the cuticles aligned.

1. Flady hair unprocessed virgin human hair

This is a package of all the goodness you would wish to have. Proven through various standard tests, this is your 100% human hair. It contains no chemicals for processing. The hair is of premium quality.

It’s very clean, soft, natural, combs easily and there is no synthetic fiber you expect. It further has no animal hair and the company chooses the highest quality of hair from the young hair donors.

You can curl them, straighten it, dye it or even bleach it. The hair is double weft to avoid the tendency to shed and it even moves easily. It has a full thick end and without split ends. The hair is further easy to take care of.

So, What Makes the Unprocessed Hair So Special?

  • They make different hair extensions

They are the best hair that is used when making the highly sought-after wigs of today. The hair extension that uses unprocessed virgin hair looks healthier yet natural.

  • You have the cuticles intact which means that the hair is tangle resistant.

The hair is much stronger than the processed type. This is because it has been through less damage which means it’s durable. No wonder people love the hair types.

  • Coloring

It works best if you love to color the hair. You can even get the color that matches your own. You can see the original tones of the hair thus making it easy to pull a great color tone.

The drawbacks

Of course, everything with advantages must also have disadvantages.

Its costly: when investing in the hair you know it’s worth it but be ready to spend more bucks that you would with processed hair.

Must be treated to style it: If you bought the straight hair, you have to treat it when you want it to be curly.

You dont have many original colors: although you can color the hair to your desired color, when you wish to buy the hair in and original desired color, sometime you will have to wait for long time for it to be available. This is especially so if you have rare colors like ginger.

Availability: it’s difficult to come by the unprocessed hair. We have vendors who deal with the unprocessed hair and since the market is small, they make only a few hair extensions.

2. QTHAIR raw unprocessed virgin human hair

This features high-quality hair that is cut directly from donors. It further contains no chemicals, synthetic fiber, animal hair and no treatments. At grade 10A the hair is 100% human hair.

You can perm this hair, bleach it, highlight it or even dye it. You are also allowed to curl and style it the same way you would with your own hair. The hair has a double weft to keep the hair pieces intact. It further is shedding free and tangle resistant.

Wearing the hair also boosts your confidence especially as it’s bouncing behind you. The hair is tight and neat. It has full healthy ends that don’t make the split ends. It’s further soft and thick. You will find its maintenance being easy since you treat it as your own hair.

3. Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Weave

You can never go wrong with unprocessed virgin hair. They not only serve you for long but they also make you look your best. If you get such raw hair pieces you have all the advantages which include the fact that you can wash it, dye it and style it as you wish.

Featuring a grade 7A hair it’s 100% human hair. It appears to be soft, silky, natural, easy make up, durable and even reusable. The hair won’t tangle nor will it shed. You can use it with the different installation methods like sew in, micro link, glue in and clip ins.

It comes with a strong and durable weft which means it will last for about 12-18 months if you take proper care of it. The cuticles remain intact thereby making your hair look healthy and great. The hair is then easy to attach as it is to remove.

4. Bestsojoy Peruvian unprocessed virgin hair

The body wave hair gives you a soft and bouncy feel like no other. The hair is made using 100% human hair. It’s still soft and smooth with a great luster. The hair is full and thick without split ends.

The hair is double weft to prevent shedding yet it appears so tight and neat. The hair is cut directly from the young hair donors. They make sure to take only the healthy hair. For its durability, keep the hair at 150˚ and do not restyle it often to make it last longer.

You can color the hair but only focus on darkening it as opposed to lightening it. With 3 bundles in the package, you have enough hair for your whole head.

5. Brazilian virgin unprocessed bundle hair

The hair is from a single donor and features a 100% human hair package. The hair flows in the same direction and it’s soft. It remains smooth and soft. It further features a double weft design for shedding resistance.

The color comes in natural black and you can color it to your desired color. The hair is healthy and thick. It further carries along a frontal closure to create a natural hairline. It’s bouncy and good looking yet you have a range of short to long hair of 26˝.

6. CYNOSURE body wave unprocessed Malaysian virgin human hair

The hair is sourced from young donors and it features 100% human hair. It’s shiny, bouncy and elastic making you look elegant. Typical of Malaysian hair, it holds your curls well. It has thick ends with no split ends.

The hair is double weft to avoid the shedding problem and since the cuticles are intact the hair is tangle resistant. It comes in at the grade 8A just to show you how much of a quality hair this is.

You can style it however way you want. From straightening to dyeing and to restyling you will have the best end result. If you are a fan of Malaysian hair, this is the best unprocessed hair you have.

Why Buy the Processed Hair?

Its versatile: although it has its cuticles removed, you can change the color, change the style, make it curly or straight I mean you can do anything to it.

Processed Human Hair

Readily available: unlike the unprocessed hair type, this one is readily available in any hair store you could think of. Additionally, the hair remains pocket-friendly.

All hair extension works it: it works to create wigs, and all the different kinds of hair extensions. You will even have those that are meant for the theatrical purpose.

Shiny: processed hair is silicone coated after treatment. This makes it replenish the hair and improve its appearance as well as the shine.


Its longevity: the processing of the hair while aiming at making it look as natural as possible, strips it of its valuable oils and colors. It also soon becomes dry and brittle leading to breakage.

Unhealthy: it looks unhealthy and unnatural over time.

The hair isnt as strong: this is a result of the chemicals that are subjected to the hair before its even weft to a wig or weave.

The Difference Between Processed and Unprocessed Hair

When going to buy the human hair you must know there are only two basic types of human hair, processed and unprocessed hair. Nevertheless, when buying the hair, you should confirm to the seller that the hair must have its cuticles intact. This reduces excess tangles.

But what is the difference between them?

Cost: when buying the hair, unprocessed hair makes a greater investment than the processed ones. This is because it often lasts longer than the processed one does.

Availability: while the money might not be a problem and we love unprocessed hair, it’s harder to come by the unprocessed hair. There’re even fewer hair distributors dealing in the pure unprocessed hair. The processed hair, on the other hand, is readily accessible.

Not only is it cheap but you won’t have to struggle in finding the hair. For the unprocessed one, you might even want a unique color that you won’t find easily. The processed ones are available in the different colors, textures and lengths.

The hair blending: the processed hair type readily blends with your hair. When you want to make it suit your exact hair color, you can process it and have the color you desire. Finding unprocessed hair that matches your own hair is a lot of work and rarely possible.

The colors: processed hair since is all about processing the hair into the color you want has a variety of colors for you to choose from. Unprocessed hair, on the other hand, has the cuticles intact and they retain the natural hair color which makes it hard to find other unique colors.

Which Is Better? Processed or Unprocessed Human Hair

In studying these two kinds of hair you realize that the benefits and drawbacks come out as obvious. So, we would ask which one is best?

We can’t give you a clear-cut answer as to which hair is best for you because we all have different likes and dislikes. Also, there are various factors that determine our decisions as humans. Therefore, select the color based on the preference, your lifestyle and the budget set.

For those who like to change the color of hair by themselves, you should choose unprocessed hair since it hasn’t been over processed and will take in color well.

The hair is also durable and soft yet you can manage it just the same way you do with your natural hair. Nonetheless, be ready to part with some good money if you choose it.

The processed hair is ideal for those who know that they can color the hair as they want and they also already have a vast number of hair extension colors to choose from. If you love the hair being extremely shiny also choose the processed one.

And of course, if you are under budget, go for a good quality of processed hair.

My verdict

Listen up, both of these human hair types are of great quality at different times. Processed hair isn’t bad. In fact, it serves you best if you are looking for a hair type with full shine and bounce. You can try the processed ones and unprocessed ones to know which one works best for you.

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