Type Of Hair Weaves – Which One Is The Most Suitable For You

Weaves have brought a glamorous feminine look to women for over 5000 years. Initially, they were mostly used by celebrities.

Today, women from all over the globe are rocking these pieces.

The hair extensions have rapidly evolved and they suit the needs of the modern world.

Nevertheless, it’s never easy to experiment weaves on your hair because not all hairstyles will suit you.

The noble thing that we normally end up doing is go-to the stylist for advice on which hair suits us best and how to attach it.

While some hair stylists are passionate about hair and have therefore studied them enough to make you understand them, not all of them do.

For this reason, it’s important for you to understand them and especially the ones you are wearing.

What Is A Weave?

This is basically a hair extension or an artificial hair integration that will add volume and length to your hair.

You install them following the different methods which include gluing, clipping or sewing in.

Weaves origin dates back to around 3400 BC when Cleopatra dyed the human hair and sheep wool then wore it on his head.

At the time, they used resin and beeswax to attach them to the head.

Weaves have since gotten popular among different races of the globe and especially the black community.

The weave is often sewn in not worn to cover your head as the wig does. It will, therefore, last more weeks on your head.

Types of Hair for Weaves

Before we delve deep into the topic of weaves, we need to know the types of hair for weaves.

Synthetic hair

This happens to be the cheapest hair you may use to make weaves.

The hair is made using microfibers which means that you shouldn’t use it with heat. Heat burns it and makes it look weird as it bends it.

Otherwise, there is a quality synthetic hair that makes quality weaves.

Sometimes you can’t even tell the difference between it and the human hair. The hair types have come a long way and are being made to emulate the human hair today.

Human hair

This hair basically comes from human donors and it normally looks very close to your hair. You wash the hair the same way you do with your natural hair and style it the same. Although it’s a little more expensive, it’s worth it because it feels as though you are styling your own hair.

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  • Virgin human hair

Within the human hair, is the kind of hair we call the virgin human hair. This is hair that is taken directly from the scalp of the donor. The hair is more durable and long-lasting because it isn’t chemically treated.

Unlike the normal human hair, this one allows you to treat it or use a lot of heat on it.

  • Remy hair

This is the kind of human hair that is often a little more expensive. This hair has its cuticles remaining intact. The strands further run in the same direction and such hair is tangle-resistant and shedding resistant.

It’s a high-quality human hair type that when maintained properly can last longer.

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Types of Weaves Texture

There are many textures in regards to the hair extension that are meant to accommodate all textures.

However, they are sometimes overwhelming. You just can’t figure out which hair or texture will work for you at different times.

As a guide, the hairstyle you are rooting for will reduce the number of weaves you are left with to choose as it also guides you into the right texture.

Weaves vary from different textures to the wave patterns. It can be straight, tightly curled, wavy or deeply waved.

Peruvian hair

The hair is popular in the market.

· It has the multipurpose textures which make it blend easily with all hair types especially relaxed hair. Using the hair, you can style it in every way you like.

· The hair is free-flowing, luxurious and lightweight. Yet it’s coarse and thicker in its construction than the Brazilian and Indian type.

· The natural state of the hair is curly, straight and wavy. Lastly, it has a medium to low luster.


Brazilian hair

This is the most popular hair in the market.

· It suits hair types that are from African descent.

· It’s further the most versatile with a great density. This makes it frizz resistant.

· It’s soft and durable yet thick and full.

· You can color the hair and re-use it if you maintain it well. The hair rocks any style, wavy, curly or straight.

· It comes in various colors for you to choose from. Since it has a full body you may only need a few bundles.

· It further has a natural shine with medium to low luster.


Malaysian hair

Another one of the popular hair types.

· If you are looking for sleek hair with excessive shine this is yours to rock.

· The shine reduces with a few washes then it takes on its natural sheen.

· It’s softer and silkier than other hair types.

· It holds your curls perfectly and it’s often dark brown in color.

· It never changes its construction even in humid environments. Frizz is unheard of.

· It has a medium to a high luster.

Indian hair texture

It’s popular as well and the easiest to access.

· This hair you would describe as versatile and light.

· It’s tangles free and yet easy to style.

· The hair then maintains an effortless bounce. The hair ranges from straight to wavy look.

· You can easily style the hair to straight or curls.

· It’s known to hold curls well but not like the Malaysian one because it begins to loosen sooner.

· It blends well with all hair types and It never sheds easily.

· Use anti-frizz products as it easily starts to frizz.

Vietnamese hair

You will all know this hair for its purity and strength.

· It’s thicker than most other hair types and that gives it a perfect hold.

· The hair matches most women hair texture. Whether the hair is curly or straight, you can rock it.

· This hair is directly from the donor.

· The hair is soft and silky thanks to the simplicity of the diet.

· It is able to hold curls quite well.

Eurasian hair

This is not very popular but it’s a great piece.

· The hair is collected from those mixed-race people from Europe and Asia.

· This hair is very thick silky and softly perfect for you if you have relaxed hair.

· It looks so much like the Brazilian hair.

Cambodian hair

· This hair matches the African American hair since its coarse in texture.

· It has a full body and enjoys a lot of bounce.

Mongolian hair

· The hair is of Asian origin.

· The hair has thick shafts which makes it not as lightweight as some virgin hair types.

· It maintains a soft texture and it has a heavy density.

Burmese hair

· This is another one of the blended hairs between the Chinese and Indian.

· The hair is rare but a high-quality one.

· It has a high luster and it’s versatile.

· It’s further coarse in texture.

Filipino hair

· This hair is easy to color and style.

· It’s thicker than most hair types which include Malaysian Brazilian and Indian.

· It’s medium-coarse and silky.

· The hair is further durable.

The Different Types of Weave Hairstyles

Notice that each weave you buy has a characteristic of a particular texture.

  • Curly Weave Style

Curly weave styles

This hair enjoys the natural thick curly hair patterns. These curls bounce back when wet. Most people love curly texture because it’s easy to maintain. You don’t have to style it as much because it already has its style on.

The hair is often not affected by weather which makes it a durable piece. Curly textures further give you the youthful look.

  • Body wave weave style

body wave weave stylesThis one suits those who are known to have wavy natural hair. It’s also open for use by those who often wand curl their hair. This hair comes in large in between curls that are either loose or tight. It will serve you if you have been wearing straight hair for long and need to change.

They are voluminous yet subtle and in essence, the hair takes the s shape which is to tell you that they aren’t tight curls. The hair is further easy to manage. Maintain a shiny feel and appearance.

It’s tangle resistance and doesn’t shed therefore requires less maintenance. The hair is beautiful in its appearance.

  • Loose wave weave style

Loose wave weave styleThis is another wavy style that has an easy spiral pattern. It’s the ideal style for you if you are looking for a loose curl pattern. This is where it gets its name from the curls that are basically loose. You can decide to make it straight sometimes and curly at other times.

You could easily confuse the loose wave and body wave because they are so similar except for the fact that the loose wave curls are a little more defined.

  • Natural wave weave style

Natural wave weave stylesThis is perfect for you if you are looking for a more natural wave pattern. It will rock different and multiple hairstyle patterns. Use this hair to enjoy a subtle hairstyle.

  • Straight weave style

Straight Weave styleThis is by far the most common. It works best for those who have naturally straight hair. Although if you can easily make your own hair straight then blending it with your natural hair is easy. The hair lays flat and smooth to any hairstyle.

The cuticles will remain intact and easy to maintain and style. Whether you want it long or short the hairstyle is great.

Want more weave hairstyles? Here comes the guide with more than 100 weave hairstyles.

Types of Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is the most loved hair type in the world. This is mainly because it blends in with almost every hair texture. The hair is normally thick and bouncy giving you a natural look.

  • Brazilian curly hair

Brazilian Kinky Curly 100 Human Hair Bundles With Lace Closure Weaves (4)I don’t know about you but curly hair for me is the sexiest. It gives you the youthful face yet it’s easy to maintain. The good thing about such hair though is that it gives you a bounce which is normally not only enticing but also seductive.

There are other curly hair types but I have always said that Brazilian curly one is the best. The curly hair type blends with many hair types as it’s silky. It further has a natural shine and luster.

The curly hair, in this case, is popular for holding curls well. The best hair to buy for the curly hair is the virgin Brazilian curly as it maintains a shiny feel and appearance.

  • Brazilian straight hair

Brazilian straight hairFor those of you who love straight hair that is also versatile, you should go for Brazilian straight hair. This hair is soft, flowy and luxurious. For a complete look, buy yourself the Brazilian straight frontal or closure.

Although referred to as straight, the hair has some waves and the hair is soft and smooth.

  • Brazilian body wave hair

Brazilian body waveThis is another style that blends perfectly with your hair. It’s not easy to break since it’s thick. If you can get yourself the unprocessed virgin body wave for this hair then it gives you the leeway to style the hair as much as you want.

It can come in a deep brown color for you to chemically process the hair. This hair will last for as long as you will take care of it. It works with all hairstyles and it’s ideal for you if you don’t like too much maintenance of any hair design.

  • Brazilian deep curly hair

Brazilian deep curly hairThis is the most sought-after hair that is loved for its density, durability and softness. Brazilian hair makes a pretty curly hairstyle effortlessly. Taking care of it and maintain it is easy.

  • Brazilian hair wigs

Brazilian hair wigsIf you are going for a more natural look, the Brazilian wig is the way to go. In fact, if you are interested in a hair type that will last long, this should be your hair type. Just make sure you measure your head size in order to get the exact size that will suit you.

The hair is further easy to style and take care of. I like that it looks so close to your regular hair.

  • Brazilian hair with closure

Brazilian Kinky Curly 3&4 Bundles With Closure Human Hair Weave Extensions (4)This hair gives you a full look, especially with an additional closure. You are allowed to part it anywhere you would want to. It looks so natural flowing.

  • Brazilian clip hair extension

Brazilian clip hair extensionClip ins have come to make it easy to transform your hair in minutes. You don’t have to spend hours in the salons anymore. The clip ins are great since you can add them and remove it when you want to.

The hair is usually made using 100% virgin Remy hair. The hair blends seamlessly with your hair and you can treat it or style it your way.

Brazilian wet and wavy human hairWhenever you want a natural looking weave, this should be your on the go-to style. This hair lets you change your look from bouncy to curly to sleek straight hairstyle. The hair is versatile for use on different occasions.

Types of Curly Waves

We have already mentioned the different types of curly wave in the preceding subtopics. If you are like me then you will know that there’s no better way to look gorgeous than to rock the voluptuous curls. Below are the different curl types.

Body wave: the hairstyle is quite common as it gives you the sure way to rock an effortlessly sleek style. The hair waves take on the shape S. They are normally easy to maintain.

Deep wave: they have the curly voluptuous waves as well. This will give you a full beautiful and youthful appearance. It further has a lot of sheen for the healthy look of the hair. The waves are smooth yet deeper than the body waves. Always maintain it if you want it to serve you longer.

Deep curly: this is the best choice if your natural hair is curly and it lacks the perfect body. The deep curly hair works to add volume to the hair. They are normally tighter than the deep wave thereby giving you a full look.

Kinky curly: thanks to the manufacturer of the hair because today we have a hair type that assumes the curly nature of those with afro descent hair. It blends well if your hair is naturally kinky since people won’t tell whether it’s your hair or a weave.

The hair is fluffy for you to experiment with the style. Always make sure you choose a Remy hair for this style.

Kinky straight: naturally the African American hair even when blow-dried, it still maintains the tiny little curls. These curls are what the kinky straight hair is all about. It looks as though the black person has blow-dried the hair. It maintains a fluff for easy styling.

Different Types of Sew in Weaves

There are different types of sew in weaves and let’s just say it has to do with the installation technique.

  • Full sew in

In a full sew in method, all your hair is braided and very little hair or no hair at all is left out. This gives you the ultimate protection and allows your hair to last longer. Also, the style is durable as it will last longer than most other styles.

With this style, you don’t have to straighten your hair to blend in with the hair extension since you are braiding it all then sewing the weave on it.

  • Partial sew in

This is more popular today. It works to allow you the flexibility of styling your weave to different styles. Some people even call it a quick weave. If you like to blend the hair with your natural hair then this is the style to go for.

In fact, you should rock the updos if you will have the partial sew ins. The major thing to do with this hair is to make sure you protect your natural hair. Consider leaving some hair around the whole perimeter. Although you can leave the top left part of the head.

The hairstyle is best used with those who have reasonably long hair.

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This gives you the option for all the versatility in the world. With the hairstyle, you can pull in a high ponytail. This style makes your hair look really natural. You should leave the hair out in the edges and the middle part has two parts then two others go across.

The common styles you can rock with the style is a ponytail, half up half down and a bun.

This is the best look because it doesn’t give any noticeable tracks of where the hair is sewn in. Once you braid the hair, the wig cap you wear should cover the perimeter braids.

Types of Human Hair

The difference in human hair extensions is based on the location where they come from and also how they look. Since there are a number of human hair extensions, consulting with your extension specialist makes it easy for you to know shish hair is best for you.

  • Brazilian human hair

This is the most popular hair among blacks but especially the southern and western side of Africa. The hair is known for its softness, thickness, and durability. It will even suit any style and this makes it ideal for those who prefer straight, wavy and curly hair.

For those who like to color the hair, you ought to buy the virgin Brazilian human hair as it will allow you to color it to whichever color you like. The hair normally has a natural density which means that it doesn’t frizz easily.

Since it’s bulky, using fewer bundles will still give you a full look. Take a look at the Brazilian people’s hair, they often have thick and luscious hair.

The hair then flows naturally for easy styling. This is the exact characteristics that this hair extension emulates because the hair is collected from donors with such hair description.

This hair is popular for its durability and versatility. This means that you can style it as you please. From straight to curls and still maintain its nature over a long time. The hair, therefore, is multipurpose as you can change the look whichever way you like.

The hair is usually extremely soft but also silkier than your Brazilian hair. The hair is not as common as the Brazilian one and it’s normally a little bit more expensive. It’s further coarser and thicker than the Brazilian hair type.

This hair is thicker and heavier than the Brazilian type of hair. It’s further popular among celebrities. It assumes a luxurious feel and it assumes a natural shine. Nevertheless, this shine will be stripped off the moment you wash the hair a couple of times.

The hair is strong and is known to hold the curls perfectly well. If all you are going after is the regular curls then this is the hairstyle to go for. This hair is usually dark brown in color and it will handle color well just as the Brazilian does.

This hair comes from Malaysia and Malaysian women sell the hair to make money for their families. Although it’s a new hair in the market, it’s quickly gaining popularity. It’s usually softer and thinner than the Chinese and Mongolian hair.

  • Indian Human hair

This hair is originally from the temples of India. Both the men and women cut their hair in the temples believing that they will receive blessings. The hair is then sold and the money used for the school scholarships and other development plans.

The hair is often readily available. Therefore, it makes for one of the cheapest hairs you will ever have. The hair is known for its thickness although it’s thinner than the Chinese hair. The hair is always available in longer lengths than most other hair types.

It’s even shinier than Chinese hair. The hair is highly regarded among beauty industries. It’s easy to style, light, bouncy and airy. It can come in either natural wave or natural straight style. It never tangles easily nor does it shed and loose its wavy nature.

  • Chinese Human hair

This hair is originally from China. The hair strands are usually straight, coarse and thick. It’s a great match for those looking for a straight hair extension. It even suits African American hair.

The hair is mostly used to create kinky hair because of its coarse nature.

  • Mongolian Human hair

This one comes from Mongolia and it’s rare since the country has a small population compared to other countries. The hair texture is between the Chinese and Malaysian hair. The hair is thinner but not as coarse as the one of China. It’s further soft but not as Malaysian soft.

What Is the Best Weave Hair?

There’s no roundup as to which hair is the best in the market. Almost all the hair types are of high quality but this segment shows you the best hair weave with the different textures. Now, this rating is based on both the price and quality.

The best straight weave

Every woman loves the straight hair. You can have them both short and long. Below are the best hair types for the straight weave.

  • Brazilian straight

Another fantastic hair and don’t just think it’s second best because it will also blow you away. The hair is soft, straight and allows you to style it as you wish. The hair color also comes in the color of 1B.

  • Malaysian hair

Although it’s cheap it’s also a great piece. The hair will suit you if you are on a budget and still want to spook amazing. It doesn’t break the banks and it’s, therefore, a great hair piece if you are not looking forward to changing the color frequently.

  • Vietnamese straight hair

If you can get the authentic hair that is weft in Vietnam then you are sure to achieve the best straight hair. The Vietnamese feature healthy strands that can all be long and short. The hair is thick in the bundle giving it a more natural feel.

It comes in its raw state and you can, therefore, color it, style it or even curl it. It’s further coarse and not as silky smooth as some other hair types. The coarse texture assumes the texture of many people. It comes in the color of 1B.

Wavy hair

Talk of a best-selling category. This hair has lured many souls over. The wavy hair keeps evolving although the body waves still remain the most loved hairstyle we have.

  • Wavy Indian hair

The wavy Indian hair is the best hair as this is the natural state of Indian hair. They have a curly pattern that is even consistent. These different waves for the Indian weaves are uniquely nice and different from many other hair types.

Once you sew it in you realize that the waves come in together to bring out the best of the hair.

  • Vietnamese natural wave

This hair is very close to the Indian wave type. It is easy to style and color yet easy to maintain no wonder it’s a best seller in the market.

  • Brazilian wavy

Another one of the bestselling Brazilian hair is its wavy hair. You can have the Brazilian wavy hair in multiple wavy textures. Check that the body wave is the most popular in comparison to the other wavy styles. It’s an affordable hair yet good looking.

Curly Weave

Everyone enjoys the curly texture as it tends to bring out the youthful nature in you. It even looks best if your hair is naturally curly.

  • Curly Indian hair

This is your best choice for the curly pattern of hair. The hair looks stunning. They are taken from donors who sometimes have natural curls in India. Nevertheless, it’s never easy to come by this hair since most women in India have either straight or wavy hair.

  • Curly Brazilian weave

This is the hair that makes the kinky and afro kinky hair. It’s like your standard when you are looking for curly hair. For so many years, this has been the standard for the curly hair extension and no wonder it has really evolved.

The Best Weave for A Sew In

If you are looking for the best sew in weave then raw hair should be your best bet. With this, you get the best quality of hair. So, as you have seen, the Peruvian wave, Malaysian curly, Brazilian straight and Brazilian natural wave are your killer hairs.

This doesn’t mean however that the Indian and Vietnamese hair weaves aren’t great products as well.

Best Weave Texture for African American Hair

The secret to maintaining a natural look is in maintaining the use of a hair weave that is close to your hair texture. If you can classify your hair as being the afro descent hair, the hairstyle below would suit you.

  • Afro curl

This features the smallest curl pattern for any hair human hair extension. The hair normally comes slightly combed or tightly curled. In both instances use a tin comb to loosen the curls. they further normally come in darker colors although you can dye them if you wish.

You can have them in both synthetic and human hair. They will also be as long as you desire.

  • Loose afro curl

I think these are the most common ones as they are also referred to as the kinky curls. Their curls are larger than the afro curls and therefore more defined. That’s why you hear it being called loose afro.

This hair is more fluid and has a greater movement than the previous one. You can have it in different colors and lengths.

  • Kinky straight

This is the regular one we talked of already. The hair moves freely and gives you a natural flow of the hair. It’s easy to style and you can color it as you wish. It normally looks like the blow-dried natural hair of African Americans.

It has no curls or waves rather it has the small kinks. It’s quite popular and available in different colors. The hair is versatile and allows you to play around with the styling techniques.

  • Yaki straight

The upcoming of the Yaki hair was to suit the afro descent hair. In fact, you can’t rock this hair unless you have the afro descent hair. The straight version of Yaki hair extension is strong and also looks as though you have just blow dried the hair.

This means that although it looks straight, it normally still has some tiny curls. It’s quite popular among African Americans. You can even add more waves if you wish to.

Best Type of Weave for Caucasian Hair

Although most Caucasians have different colored hair and sometimes long, they also suffer from lack of enough body for their hair. They also sometimes just love to increase the length.

I think unless you are going for the Yaki hair which is designed for the afro hair, all other hair types will work for you.

When you would love to rock the straight hair, you should go ahead and choose the Asian hair. If, however, you would like to enjoy a few curls, go for the European or Eurasian hair as that will give you a much natural look.

From tap in extension, clip ins, fusion and even sew in you could enjoy the hair extension just as the other people do.


There you have a list of all the weaves that would work for you. However, whenever you are choosing the hairstyle there are a number of factors which determine the weave you choose. Always go for what works best for you.

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