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Types Of Hair Clips – 24 Different Types To Choose From

Hair Clips

Hair accessories play a vital role in the hair industry. They are part of the determinants as to whether you will look your best with different styles. Notice that with the different hairstyles you require different hair accessories.

Among the most popular hair accessories are the hair clips. They are not only popular but they are also versatile for use.

They are mostly used to hold your hair in place but they also act as styling tools especially when you are making styles as blow dries among others.

Hair ClipsThe good thing is that you can have a variety of types of clips. Even though there are many categories and types of clips, they serve the same or an almost similar purpose.

Nevertheless, make sure you have the right material as that is what will determine the durability. You can have the metal clips or the plastic ones. The metal ones are durable but they aren’t as comfy as the plastic ones. However, expect the plastic to break easily.

different types of hair clipsBanana clips

The banana clips are the types of common clips in the market. They happen to be larger than most other clips. They usually come at a length of about 6 inches. These clips are therefore best used by those who have long hair but would like to control it.

They have claws or teeth on both sides of the clip. The way they secure your hair makes them be adored. For one, they will give an illusion of your hair being longer than it really is. You can even use them when you are out there working or in the shower.

These kinds of clips aren’t easy to use on fine and thin hair. The 80s clips come to you in different styles and patterns as you will see below.

1. Banana Hair Clips

This is a top-quality clip that has strong claws. It features a length of 5.5 inches with a width of 2.5 inches. The set is strong but gentle to use on thin and fine hair. The clip has the interlocking teeth for an enhanced secure hold of your hair.

The clips are break resistant and they will, therefore, prevent damage. You can use these clips for the different occasions especially the parties and weddings. They usually come in a set of two. The unique fishtail clip makes it a charming piece that will turn heads.

2. Banana Clip for Thick, Curly, Kinky Hair

I started hearing about the banana clips back in the ‘90s it appears that it became popular in the ‘80s. This is one of the hair clips that will never disappoint you. The good thing is that the hair clips will hold your hair through the whole day without causing you tension.

You won’t even have the hair slipping if you have curls or other styles. Get the hair volume with no pins. Use this clip to sweep your hair out of your neck area especially if you are the one person who is never comfy when your hair falls on your neck.

This clip is extremely flexible. It will pull mostly your thick hair in place. It’s perfect for use even if you love yoga and other forms of exercise. You can use the banana clips to hold dreadlocks and braids among other styles.

3. Fancyin Luxury rhinestones fish banana hair claw clip

This one wins a spot here because it’s fancy and best used for your special party events. It works best when you have thick hair. Its colorful rhinestone, on the other hand, will be more visible if your hair is light colored like let’s say a blonde.

It features not only a sturdy construction but a beautiful piece which you can use for the various events.

4. Plastic banana classic clincher

This is a flexible French banana clip clincher. It is ideal when you are looking to style your hair into a ponytail without any cease marks. This one comes with interlocking teeth on both sides of the clip. It will hold your hair in place whether you have the thick or thin hair.

Here is your fashionable anti-slip hairpin that will create a perfect hairdo. It will create a high or low ponytail without dents. This works as the item that you may use to section parts of your hair.

It further has the wide jaw for curl pin braids. You can use it with all your hair types and it will even help you in clipping your wig extensions. This is by far one of the strongest clips we have. This piece gives you the 8 claws to hold your hair into place.

Whether you are going for yoga or any other form of exercise, the clip won’t come out. It gives you a firm grip yet it’s portable.

Pearls clips

I love pearls clips because they are fancy and they look elegant on anyone’s hair. They come to you in very many designs and the one thing that makes them appealing to most of the fancy events is that they remain glittery.

5. Pearls Hair Clips for Women Girls

This feature a high-quality metal alloy item with white artificial pearls. This hair clips are beautiful and will act as the perfect gift to all your female friends. If all you like is to look outstanding this pearl beauties should be you on the go-to clips.

It will fit all the lengths and whether you are looking to use it for wedding, dates or official uses. You can use it for your different hairstyles. Since the brand is sure of their products, they give you the lifetime warranty.

The pearl clips will serve you for your day to day use.

6. Souarts 6PCS Hair-Clips Pearl-Hair-Clips

Here you have the 6 pieces of pearl clips that will match any of your outfits. These pearls are like cute little balls yet they are also shiny and beautiful. It makes you look charming and attractive as well.

They come in six pieces but with different shapes. They are either rectangular, drop shaped, flower shaped or any other shape. They can meet your style design. They are made of metal alloy with artificial pearls.

They offer a sturdy comfort and yet they have a gold-tone plating on the hair for enhanced aesthetic value. If you like to gift your women friends and family, maybe you should give out this on an upcoming event that you have or are planning.

7. Waldd 3 Pieces Pearls Hair Clips

This gives you 3 pieces of fancy design clips that you may use for your major events. They are the clips that are often used by the women celebs. You can use the pins to hold your hair in different designs.

You can perfect your looks with the faux pearls pins that are mostly made using the acrylic pearls, zinc casting shiny gold plating and metal alloy.

These clips are durable and sturdy yet they have the rose gold tone.

The pearls are shiny and will make you a center of attraction. Use the pins as a gift to any a woman in your life. These clips are not only durable but also flexible.

Claw clips

Some people refer to the clips as butterfly clips. This is another set of clips that is quite popular especially since it has rapidly evolved. These ones are easy to hide in your hair and you can have them not creating so much attention.

They mostly have two combs with large teeth. The teeth are attached to the middle with a powerful spring. This spring allows you to push the two combs sides and therefore open the mouth then when you release it shuts or locks the hair.

8. EAONE claw clips

Here you have the colorful plastic claw clips that have a metal spring. The set features the most flexible, durable, easy to use and hard to break clips. These claws are sleek yet slip resistant and the best part is that they will never damage your own hair.

You can even use it to hold the hair as you are styling it. From updos to all the different hairstyles this jaw clips will bring out the best of your hairstyles. It works for all hair types, long or short, thick or thin and fine or normal.

9. Fascigirl Claw Clips

This is yet another design of the jaw clips that you may use when you are taking on various activities. You can use them when you wish to keep your hair out of the water as you are bathing, as you are taking on your morning routine, cooking or you can use it to just style the hair.

These clips have interlocking teeth for a secure and non-slip grip. They come in 12 pieces while taking on the flower shapes. These pieces are then made using the acrylic which is durable and also lightweight. You can use it for your half or full updos.

10. Yeshan Rhinestone and Crystal Metal Jaw Claw Hair Clip

Taking on the shape of a small butterfly this jaw clips will serve you on fancy events. They come in 6 and with different colors for use throughout the week or those fancy events. It features the metal rhinestones which enhances its elegance and quality.

Unlike other clips, this one is hard to get damaged even if they fell down. This design works best for those with thick hair. They remain comfortable to use for the different styles and easy to wear as well.

Snap clips

They are also referred to as contour clips. Now talk of the most popular type of clips that you will find in the market. The best part is that they are sold in different colors. They are also sold in fancy patterns like all the others above.

These clips can hold a lot of hair at ago just the same way as they do with a few strands of hair. Mostly, you will find it being used to pull the hair out of your face. This is often made of a single piece of metal. The end is pushed open to snap the middle part open.

This will then hold the hair in place.

11. Anezus 80 Pcs 2 Inch Snap Hair Clips

This one features 80 pieces of colored clips at a reasonable price. It features the simple barrette clips. They come in 18 different colors which means you can choose a different color every day to match your outfit.

The metal bow clips are made of high-quality metal. They always snap your hair tight and you can rest assured that the color won’t fade.

12. DED 10 Pieces Resin Hair Clips for Women

If you are anything like me then you will know the meaning of having different colors of the clips. You can use one color today, another one tomorrow and so on. It will easily match your hairstyle while easily holding your hair as you are cutting it.

It features an alloy material with a high-quality acetate plastic which therefore means that the clips are durable for use. They are easy to put on and take down. Each of the acetate pins is effective for the different hairstyles.

For all of our friends with straight hair, here are the pins that won’t slip even when you have overused them.

13. 13 Pcs Hair Clips

This set features all the durable materials which include alloy, acrylic, and artificial pearls. These snap clips will serve you, especially for those important events. In the set, you have the more shaped bobby pins to take care of your needs.

The clips come with a smooth surface which means they won’t hurt your scalp or cause tangles and breakage to your hair. They have no sharp ends and they are comfy to wear.


This is another set of clips that used to be so popular. It features the single piece of plastic that then has a metal spring on the middle. This normally allows them to fold in half if you like. They usually come in so many styles and colors making them tricky to use at times.

14. 2 Sets of 8-Pack Barrettes

This features 2 sets of different colors of barrettes and in total, you, therefore, receive 16 barrettes. This is a flower barrette that comes in with the French clip clasp. They are particularly suited for thin and fine hair especially for girls.

15. Blulu Rhinestones Hair Barrettes Flower Butterfly

This comes in 5 different style making it easy to use for different occasions. Each piece takes on different shapes. You can use them with your different outfits. The vintage barrette pins are made with rhinestone, faux crystal, and metal alloy.

This material makes it not only shiny but also durable. They take on butterfly shape and flower design as well. It will, therefore, add charm to your hairstyle. These are the elegant ornaments to have in your collections.

16. Clear Rhinestone Studded Hair Barette Bobby Pin Clip

The bobby pin hair clips are going to take your style to another level. It comes with the gorgeous rhinestone studs which will work well to complement your attire. These items are versatile for use and you can use them for the wedding events prom among other party events.

The pins are easy to put on and off such that you can even have them for the personal hairdos. You will have a row of clear rhinestone and it will give you the perfect hold for a whole day look. They measure 2.5inches which means they can even hold your long hair.

17. Sparkly metal hair clips

They are crystal bobby pins and they have a width and length of 2.5 inches by 0.2 inches. They will hold your hair perfectly well even if you have the very thick hair. You have the rhinestone hair clips that are made of durable metal and sparkly rhinestone.

They also contain rows of crystals. The clips are simple and yet elegant. The clips will suit any hairstyle whether it’s the complex or simple hairstyle.

You have 20 pieces of the pin whereby you have up to 10 colors since each color comes in pairs. The colors are both bright and elegant to suit anyone going for a wedding a party or another fun event.

You will notice that the details are perfectly handled to make you enjoy the clips.

18. Numblartd 5Pcs Vintage Artificial Pearl Gold Alloy Barrettes Hair Clip

This is another great set that comes in 5 pieces. Made of alloy and imitation pearls, this item is going to serve you over a long duration if well taken care of. You will enjoy the pieces as they are easy to put on and take down.

It will hold your hair nicely throughout the day. The clips act as a good decoration that makes you become the center of attraction. The styling clips will fit on every important occasion you may think of.

Whether you are going on a birthday, wedding or another daily event these clips are going to serve you.

Alligator clips

This is basically a pinch clip that has a spring that allows the clip to grip your hair the same way as the alligator’s mouth. It’s used by hair stylist to hold the hair into section during the styling time. The clips come in different unique patterns and styles.

19. Hair Clips Ribbon with Alligator Clip

This is the perfect design you have to fit all the different events. They are all handmade ribbons with the silver alligator clips. It will safely hold your hair through the long day event. They are best used by little girls.

It comes with 20 different and vibrant colors. These clips will make your daughter be the center of attraction at different kid’s events.

20. Xtava Styling Hair Clips for Women

These pieces are designed with the unique and double hinged claws which will keep your hair in place. It won’t leave your hair being tangled yet the hair will dry with ease. These clips feature the use of high-quality plastic that will last long.

They have extra wide teeth which makes them non slip. It further has a jaw like grip which keeps the hair in place and slip-resistant.

Condor clip

This is just the elongated version of the regular alligator clip. It has a pointed end that looks like a beak. It further has a rounded bottom. It will help you hold a bun or an updo. It works to hold your long hair.

21. Austrian Crystal Condor Hair Clip

This condor clip has very soft edges that will then give you the perfect hold. It features the crystal-like flower-shaped clips. As you can see, it comes in the form of a long curve which makes it easy to hold even your long hair.

Double prong curl

They look closely similar to the alligator clips. Of course, most of the clips you buy are used to hold the hair in place once you are ready to go but not this one. This one works to help you style the hair.

For this reason, they don’t have teeth and you, therefore, don’t wear them when you are out of the house. They help you keep your hair in place whenever you are using the curlers.

22. Double prong curl clips

These are metal clips that are made using the nickel-plated metal. The material design is great since they are rust-resistant, durable and will even last long. It features the 50 pieces of clips that you may use for your business in the salon.

They will provide you with a great grip for your hair. It’s going to allow the clip to glide through the hair. This tool will even work for the semi-damp hair. You can use this alligator design clip to put the hair in place as you are styling it.

Metal clips

23. Sumaju metal hair clips

These ones are specifically made using metal and rhinestone which makes them durable. You will have 12 hair clips which you may use over a long duration. With its 2.2-inch length, the pins will help to hold all kinds of hair.

The pin is shiny and elegant in design. It’s a simple design that makes you stand out in a crowd.  You can use them when you are attending weddings or other party events. They are further easy to match with the other present unique styles.

24. Minimalist Hair Clip Clamps

Last on the list are these uniquely shaped clips. Made of metal alloy these clips will serve you over a prolonged duration yet they look classy. Use the clips whenever you have weddings parties and banquet events. You can even use these charming pieces to gift your friend.


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