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Synthetic Hair Vs Human Hair – Which One You Should Choose

Synthetic Hair Vs Human Hair

Women love hair extensions. They tend to alter our looks completely. One problem that we all experience though is that choosing the right kind of wig or hair is never easy.

This is because there are so many types of hair and all of which are mostly great.

There are different styles of wigs, colors, brands and even wig type. With all this feature, the process is overwhelming.

Synthetic Hair Vs Human Hair

However, if you will learn the differences between human hair and synthetic hair, this will work as your great starting points.

In fact, that is the major decision you will make about the different hairs.

When you are going to a hair store for the first time, you may not tell the difference between the two because they look the same.

With the help of a hair professional, you can tell the difference or when you take a closer look you will have a clear difference.

What Is Synthetic Hair?

As technology advances and makes life easy, so does every other thing advance including the hair extensions.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hairs have particularly experienced massive growth. Today it’s at times hard to tell the difference between synthetic and human hair.

In fact, when you have the high-quality synthetic hair, you will find it hard to know the difference especially if you don’t have a piece of natural human hair.

Synthetic hair is, therefore, a hair type that has its fibers built in to preserve the hair curls, volume and waves. This hair is manmade which makes it difficult to color and the worst part is that you won’t restyle it. You have to use it as it is.

To take care of the wig, you should follow the set instructions. This will care for your wig and let it stay in place. The big advantage of this hairstyle is that it is normally inexpensive.

What Is Synthetic Hair Made Of?

From the easiest definition, you can say that synthetic hair is a polymer just like human hair is. It’s often made using the plastic fiber that is also fine.

Below are the materials that are used to make the hair.

  • Toyokalon

This is a synthetic fiber from China that is highly heat resistant. It can be easily styled which makes it a better choice, especially for those summer days.

  • Kanekalon

This is another one of the Asian fiber materials that make the synthetic hair. The composition is flexible yet it will hold the style set well. Its advantage is that it will hold your curls well. It’s, in fact, lighter than most other fibers in the synthetic world.

This is the highest quality of hair that exists. It will hold your colors and styles as well.

  • Monofilament

This is a high quality woven linen material that you use to make the synthetic hair. I know it’s often used in the permanent weaves which makes it quite durable.

  • Polyester

This one features the single filament polyesters. They are petroleum based and they are commonly used in the less expensive hair pieces.

  • Silk

In other times, the hair uses silk to make its fibers. The hair piece is often very soft which makes you expect it to hold up the style well.

  • Silicone

Lastly is this kind of fiber that is often made using the rubber-based material. It will hold your color dyes well and most people like to place it on your skin directly with the aim of making it look natural.

Types of Synthetic Hair

What causes the difference in the synthetic hair types is the fact that they are made of the different fibers.

Synthetic hair is either made using acrylic, polyester, PVC and kanekalon. It’s not all of those fibers that have the same quality.

The difference is in its shine. The kanekolon is the best and made of high-quality hair that allows you to wash it frequently without losing its luster and color. You can use the low-temperature heating style to heat it.

The hair further tangles and mats easily. Another common hair type is the tokoyolan which tangles less. It also lacks hair’s natural look that you would expect with other hair types.

Monofilament type is another type that behaves and feels like your natural hair. It’s another one of the high-quality types of hair.

How Long Does the Synthetic Hair Last?

The synthetic hair lasts between 1-3 months. It doesn’t last long compared to other hair types that are made using animal fur or human hair. The fibers lose their luster quicker than most other hair.

How to Keep Your Synthetic Hair Soft

The care of your hair will determine whether it can stay soft or remain tangled.

  • Shampoo the hair

Although this is not a human hair type that you can wash frequently, it’s a synthetic hair but you have to wash it to get rid of the grease.

Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle the hair. Before you begin the washing, you should detangle the hair. This makes it easy to clean. If you can’t comb it as swiftly, use the wig detangling spray to comb it.

For the washing, you should mix lukewarm water with the shampoo in a basin. Next, place the hair in the basin and let it stick there for not less than 10 minutes. Swish the hair up and down thereby moving it from the left to the right.

Be gentle in the process and then lastly rinse your hair in cool water.

  • Condition it

Take your basin and put in some clean lukewarm water then add the conditioner to the water. Make sure your conditioner is synthetic hair safe. Place the hair in the basin and let it rest there for about 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, ensure you have completely stretched the hair out. If your hair’s damaged, consider soaking it for about 30 minutes.

More Reading: Deep Conditioning

Swish the hair in the water the same ways you do with the shampooed hair. Remove the hair from the basin and don’t rinse it to allow the hair to continue absorbing the conditioner.

  • Dry the hair

Press out the excess water first to ensure the hair isn’t dripping anymore.

Pat dry your hair using a towel and don’t damage your hair with the towel just let it be. Rubbing it may cause tangles.

Use air to dry the hair as you don’t need heat. And if you have to use the heat make sure is the lowest amount of heat.

  • The hair maintenance

Go for hair products designed for synthetic hair.

Apart from the conditioner that helps it to retain its softness, you need to use the different products which keep the hair clean and soft and clean. Choose only a product designed for synthetic hair or wigs.

Don’t use hair spray as it will lead to your hair tangles.

  • Brush the hair with a wide toothed comb

The wide-toothed comb helps to comb your hair without shedding it. You can also use the brushes or other styling tools that are meant for use with your wigs.

  • Don’t over wash the hair

Although we like to wash our hair, you don’t have to frequently wash synthetic hair. This is mostly because the body oils don’t affect the hair. If you like to wear the hair every day, wash it once a week and if not then wash it once a month.

  • Don’t use a lot of products on the hair

Avoid changing the products you use on the hair every so often as it makes it weaker. Just use the shampoo and conditioner designed for your type of hair.

  • They can stand extreme hot temperatures

Never use the blow driers and hot water for the hair. This will quickly destroy the hair shafts. Avoid all kinds of styling tools that produce excessive heat.

  • Before you sleep

Take off the hair before you sleep. I know this works for wigs but it will make sure your hair doesn’t tangle. Alternatively, if you have the sew in hair, sleep on a satin pillow and tie your hair in a braid before you begin to sleep.

Synthetic hair pros

  • Availability

The synthetic hair is widely available around you from hair shop to online stores you can have the synthetic wigs quickly.

  • Many colors to choose from

Since this is man-made, the hairs feature a number of hairstyles that you may use. When it comes to colors, the sky’s the limit. You will have all the colors you ever want to have.

  • The cost

Compared to human hair or taking care of your natural hair, synthetic wigs are generally cheap.

  • It’s easy to care for

They are very easy to take care of. They are the style retention types that you don’t have to style. You will use them with their original style. Just wash it conditions it then dry it and your wig assumes its original style.

  • Low maintenance

This hair type requires low maintenance and they will still assume their texture and make.

  • It’s versatile

Its versatility allows you to try the different types of hairstyles. You just ought to buy all the different kinds of wigs.

  • Go for the natural looking ones

If you want to buy high-quality hair then it will be hard to tell the difference between it and the human hair.


  • Lifespan

Unlike the human hair which will last up to a year, the synthetic type lasts for 5 months only.

  • Not as flexible

With your natural hair or human hair, you will change the styles and even color the hair if you wish. The synthetic wigs, on the other hand, don’t allow you to change the style. You can’t even color it.

  • The shine

If you go for the very cheap ones, you will have them shining in excess which makes it easy to tell that it’s not a natural hair piece.

The Pros and Cons of Wearing A Wig

The pros of wearing a wig

  • Your natural hair protection

After you have exposed your natural hair to the sun for a number of years, it might begin to discolor and even lose its luster. For this reason, you can use the hair wigs to protect it.

Another protection mechanism is wearing the wig at any time you feel like coloring your hair, you can use the wigs instead of coloring your natural hair. Isn’t it just trendy to wear the wigs today?

  • Makes it easy to change your hairstyle

If you have the medium hair and you would like to enjoy the long hair, you should use long wigs to achieve the desired look. This is to say that today you don’t have to develop long hair, all you need is the wigs of different colors.

  • They often give you the natural feel

One advantage in using most hair wigs is that you tend to feel as though the hair is naturally yours. This is especially so if you use human wigs. Always go for high-quality wigs and you will leave people not knowing whether that is your natural hair or not.

  • Are you suffering from hair loss?

Sometimes we can’t avoid hair loss, say you develop cancer and you keep losing your hair or the alopecia disease, wigs will solve your problem by making sure you feel as though you have the beautiful hair.

  • Easy to wear

At first, it might seem hard but over time you realize that human wigs are easy to wear. Often times you find people just wearing the wig by themselves instead of using professionals. If you don’t know how to wear it, seek help from youtube and other tutorials that are readily available.

You may wear them even by seeing it on or gluing them. Both methods achieve a favorable look but it now depends on what and how long you intend to wear it.

  • Easy maintenance

A good and high-quality wig is normally expensive. The good thing, however, is that it won’t require much for its maintenance. In fact, you may maintain it just the same way you do with your natural strands.

It further allows you to style it whichever way you want with the different styling tools. Nevertheless, reduce your use of hot tools to keep your hair strands.

  • It’s comfy

Since the hair wigs are often made using high-quality hair, they are easy to wear and light on your head. This makes it easy to wear a wig. Choose your correct wig size. Ensure it’s not so tight because that will mean it’s not fitting.

  • It helps your hair to grow

Naturally, if you are looking for ways to let your hair grow out, you should leave it alone. By covering it with wigs. Feeding it with the right oils, the hair will grow out nicely.

  • You get to be whoever you want to be

With wigs, you have the options to be whoever you wish to be. This is mostly because you can achieve any look you desire in a minute. This even happens without you having to manipulate your own hair.

Who do you want to look like? Are you going for the long hair that the Kardashian love or the short bob cut that Meagan good enjoys? It’s all up to you. You see you could buy different kinds of wigs and wear them over different occasions.

Some you may use for work while others you use for your hype activities.

  • Best when you are transitioning

There comes a time when you are looking to change your hair from the relaxed hair to natural hair. During such times, you can use the wigs to cover up. You see, since you are choosing to acquire a new texture, chances are that you will lose your hair.

You can, therefore, cover it with your wigs and still maintain your confidence about the hair. It will even make your hair regain its strength quicker.


  • Expensive

For you to achieve your desired look every so often, you will have to part with some good money. High-quality wigs are great but the expense is equally great.

If you are the kind of person who likes to change the look frequently then this will most definitely prove to be expensive. Think about restyling the wig other than changing them every so often. This will help to save you some money.

  • Hair loss anyway

It might be hard to achieve the desired look every day without you experiencing some hair loss. The hair loss is especially on your hairline. If you, for example, wear the wig wrong you will strain your hair and thus lead to shedding.

Sometimes your wig is too tight and will make you lose some hair. Also, don’t use the wrong caps as that will not protect your hair.

  • Does it look natural

When buying a wig, you ought to be careful. Make sure it fits your face and your hair type as well so that it looks just as though your hair has grown. If it looks unnatural it’s not good for you.

  • Is it secured?

Did you wear it right? No one wants the embarrassment of wearing a wig then when you taking a walk and it slips off your hair. if you can use professional help with all the installation and advice you will be safe.

  • For beginners

If this is your first time wearing a wig, chances are that it won’t be an easy experience. It takes more time to understand how to wear it.

What Is Human Hair?

 Human Hair

This kind of hair is often more expensive and the hairs are often collected from human donors of different parts of the world. It’s the closest you have to your natural hair. It makes it look soft, shiny and natural.

It’s versatile and will give you the choice to style it, color it or cut it. Often times in this sector, they use the Chinese and Indian hair to make the wigs. Apparently, the Russian hairstyle is one of the best styles you can buy.

The human hair comes in two forms, one is raw hair while the other is processed hair. With raw hair, the cuticles are made to face the same direction just the same way it does with our natural hair. This will give you a more natural look.

Where Do Human Hair Wigs Come From

Notice that these hairs are generally from human donors. You have 4 main sources of hair as you will see.

  • Most donors come from China and Mongolia.
  • You also have hair from India.
  • The other parts that donate the hair include the eastern part of Europe which is Russia and Ukraine.
  • The last part is the South American region which is basically Brazil, Peru among other parts.

Types of Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are often the most expensive yet they are your quality types. For most people, it’s even hard to say that the hair is natural or not. You may classify them based on the places of origin.

  • Chinese or Malaysian hair wigs are from China and Malaysia.
  • Indian human hair from Indian donors
  • European and Caucasian hair wigs are from eastern Europe and Caucasia. Notice that this hair type is often a little finer than your regular hair.
  • Indonesian and Brazilian hair features the hair from Brazil and Indonesia.

Brazilian hair is often readily available and that’s what makes it popular. Today though the most popular human hair is Indian hair. Other hairs here are richly colored and often voluminous in body.

The Cost of Buying the Human Hair

As earlier mentioned, human hair wigs cost anything between $50-$2000. These are often made using real hair and this is the reason why the prices are higher. Notice that the saying you get what you pay for here.

To be precise, human hair that is real without additives cost even more compared to other hair types. Depending on the features and the benefits you are looking to achieve, the different hair types you choose will differ in price.

How Long Do Human Hair Last

Human hair is generally the kind of extension that will last longer if you put it under supervision. The human hair will last up to 3 years maximum if you take good care of them.

Here’s What to Do to Make It Last Longer

  • Wash the human hair

The same way you often wash your hair is the same way you ought to wash your human hair extensions. This helps it to look healthy and maintain the texture and feel. Nonetheless, ensure you don’t over-wash it as that will make it lose its feel.

If you over-wash the hair you begin to shorten its lifespan. The other rule of thumb is that you should be gentle when washing the hair.

Next, only use the products designed for those with human hair. Go for all the wig shampoos and conditioners since they are designed to avoid shedding possibility as well as enriching it with the right nutrients. Use dry shampoo for wigs. This revitalizes it while not damaging it.

  • When styling it

Human hair is generally heat-friendly but you shouldn’t use heat every so often on the hair as that will cause more damage. Notice that although the construction of the human hair is such that it emulates your natural hair, it’s not nourished by your scalp oils.

Therefore, you should know which product to use in enriching the hair. If you have to straighten or curl the hair, ensure you don’t use the drying or styling methods at the roots as this will most definitely lead to shedding.

Nevertheless, like all other hair extensions, if you want your wigs to last even longer, you should opt for heat freestyling of the hair.

  • The storage

You would think that if you just took your wig off and tossed it, then you will have the wigs long lasting but that’s never the case. If you can get a wig stand this will work for you as that retain the shape and style of the human hair.

Don’t leave your wig in the bathroom as that will shorten its lifespan. The damp condition is not the best place to store it but neither is the heated place. Your human hair is your investment. So, you ought to be gentle with it at all times even when you aren’t wearing it.

Before you sleep, ensure you comb it out first. And if you don’t have a wig stand, tie the ends and then roll it and store it back to the box.

What Does Human Hair Blend Mean?

From the name you should know it’s a blend of hair. A human hair blend is a mix of 50% human hair and 50% generation kanelalon synthetic wigs. You can cut it or trim it as you wish. You can also style it as you want by using both the styling products and tools.

In the end, you develop a vibrant texture. The major reason you would go for this item is that it features the best of both worlds.

  • It will withstand the heat of your normal blow driers and curling irons.
  • It’s further cheaper than other human hair wigs.
  • Furthermore, its texture is closer to human hair than synthetic wigs.
  • It doesn’t have tangles that make it hard to comb.

Pros and Cons of Human Hair Wig

The pros

  • Human hair is made using real human hair from willing donors across the globe. This makes it look more natural and feel good.
  • You can go ahead and treat it like your own hair in terms of the styling it. Use the same tools you use on your natural hair. However, for the products, go for those designed for human hair.
  • You can quickly wash the hair and gently brush it as you do with your natural hair.
  • You have hundreds of hairstyles to choose from. This is because you have different textures colors and styles.
  • You can customize your human hair to achieve the desired look. You can cut it to achieve a particular desired look. Sometimes people even tweeze the hairlines before placing the lace.


  • These kinds of hair are expensive because you get them from human donors and they are hard to find.
  • This hair doesn’t hold your colors well and its quality is affected if you repeatedly dye it.
  • The hair must be styled frequently and they like other extensions have a limited lifespan.
  • You aren’t immune to it coming off. It can come off even when you put everything in place rightfully.

Where to Buy the Wigs

As we have mentioned this severally, wigs are a major investment. This means that you ought to be careful when making the investment. If you can reach the manufacturers that will be good. This is because you can customize how the hair looks like in the end.

This is done by choosing a style that fits your face shape. When the wig is customized for you it will have no other options than looking like your hair.

Visit some online sites like:

I Wig- they are going to make all kinds of wigs you know of. You can have many styles in virgin hair and caps. Also, you will have it custom fitted if you want at a small fee. You can also have a fully customized wig here.

Human hair wigs-this is another place to buy your wigs because here you have a variety. You won’t customize it, therefore, its best used by those who already know the wigs that suit their faces.

Paula young-you can also visit this site if you want the different styles and designs of wigs.

Human hair Synthetic hair
The cost Unfortunately, while most of us love human hair, they cost a lot. However, it’s worthy of every penny. Of the two, synthetic hair is less costly. We may attribute that to the fact that you don’t get the fibers from real donors.


It will last way over a year with proper care It will take last for not more than 5months.
Which one looks natural The human hair is naturally taken from other human donors and this makes it look more natural. If you choose the right hair then you will only have it mimicking your own hair At first, the hair is deceptively natural. However, over time you realize that it doesn’t move like the natural hair. It’s even shinier than your natural hair.
Styling You can use almost all the styling tools you use with your natural hair. heat works with this hair. just ensure you don’t overuse the heat. Doesn’t use heat. In fact, even sunlight affects the hair over time.
Maintenance It’s easy to maintain the hair. However, it requires more work than your synthetic hair. You aren’t going to change its styling which then means that styling it is easy.
Which is the best If I was going for an important event, I would choose human hair. It looks like my natural hair. Today there are various high-quality synthetic wigs. Go for this look if you have the conducive weather.

Which One Is Best?

Both of these hair types have their advantages and disadvantages. You are the one who knows what you are looking for. Note, they are all great hairs, therefore, choose whichever suits you.

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