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10 Coolest Spiky Hair For Guys In 2021

Undercuts can easily be called the most popular hairstyles for men nowadays. There is a great variety of them out there. Men all over the globe are thankful to the creator of this simple and easy to maintain haircut, which looks very stylish and offers many different options.

One of the more popular and very cool hairstyles is an undercut with spikes. Spikes never seem to go out of style, so they can easily be created anytime you like.

An undercut with spikes looks especially creative and really makes a fashion statement. Just like undercuts, spikes vary greatly.

They go from complicated ones, that need a lot of effort, to very simple ones, which can be created in under a minute. Basically, are spikes out there that can suit even the pickiest customer.

Impressive Undercut Hairstyles with Spikes for Men

Men who like to wear undercuts probably don’t know about how many varieties  of them there are. Making the same haircut for several years in a row is not a very terrific idea.

Fashion changes and the haircuts change with it. There are so many simple, yet incredible options to choose from.

If you are tired of your classical hairstyle and are looking for something a little more creative, take a look at this short list of cool undercut hairstyles with spikes for men. You will surely find something to suit your individual tastes.

1. Spikes with long bangs


This hairstyle is truly original, since it offers and asymmetrical mix which is considered very fashionable. Some spike are created in the back, while long asymmetrical bangs are added in front. A great way to make a statement with your hair.

2. Low spikes


If you are not after something too outrageous, you can go for low spikes which look a lot like a comb over. Apply some hair gel on your fingers and swipe them slowely into the direction you want your hair to be styled. Make it as high or as low as you wish.

3. Side part taper fade


This side part taper fade is a great for men with fine and long hair. The bottom part is almost fully shaved. The top part is left long for styling. Remember, that such hairstyles need a lot of hair care. Don’t forget to give them shape daily.

4. Wild spikes


If you are not into hair care or are just tired of daily maintenance, you can go for this undercut hairstyle with spikes. The spikes here are left on their own and they take whatever shape wind gives them. You can just arrange some of them in order to avoid a messy look.

5. Long spikes with a bushy beard


If you are into volume and have spent months growing a real bushy beard, long spikes will not be a problem for you. All you need to do is get a taper fade and leave the top hair about 5-7 inches long. Style it like you would short spikes and arrange them as neat as you wish.

6. High and thick


Men with thick hair can go for high spikes, which are made out of long hair. This hairstyle will need some special attention, since it is very easy to make it look too messy. Spend some time in front of the mirror arranging the spikes to take shape.

7.  Stray spikes

Young men will appreciate this hairstyle, since it will really make them stand out of the crowd. The hair is cut to form a mohawk. About 7 inches of hair is left on top. Long spikes are arranged to seem out of place with the use of some hair gel. The asymmetry they create looks amazing.

8.  Lazy spikes


If you are really not into arranging neat spikes, get a short undercut and forget about them. All you will need to do is style a couple of strands in front to look like spikes. If your hair is thick enough, this look will be achieved naturally.

9.  Messy crest


Men with fine hair will appreciate this messy crest for its volume. All you will need to do is get a long undercut and arrange the hair on top into one large spike. You can make it straight or move it to either side, if you wish.

10.  Textured spikes


These textured spikes will look great with an undercut, if you are not afraid of a little hassle. You will need to shape them up in the morning with the help of some hair gel and imagination. Make them neat or messy according to your mood.

We hope these wonderful undercut hairstyles with spikes for men of all ages and professions gave you an idea about what to do with your hair in the future. Choosing a hairstyle is not an easy task. So, give it some careful thought.

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