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Silk Base Wigs VS Regular Lace Wigs – Which One Is Better?

Silk Base Wigs VS Regular Lace Wigs

Every woman knows that when they decide to wear a weave or wig, there’s always a single goal and that is usually to look as best as they can yet more natural.

It’s no wonder the hair industry is today versatile and trying to make the hair to mimic the woman’s natural hair.

Many of the women today will use wigs and other forms of extensions as protective measures to their natural hair.

Silk Base Wigs VS Regular Lace WigsI’m sure you have somewhere somehow come across the silk or lace wigs because they are so popular today not like they were back in the 80s.

I know you might know the two types of wigs but do you know the differences? This article is going to guide you to know the differences.

What Is A Silk Base Wig?

Silk Base WigThe silk base wigs are also called silk top wigs and they are the most natural and realistic wig caps you have today. It refers to a cap that has the knots of the hair strands hidden under the first layer which is usually made of silk.

The knots are tied on the lace layer so that the hair cap looks so much closer to your natural scalp. In simple terms, you will have the knots being below the silk material that is concealed between those layers.

You will then have the hair injected between the silk material to make the knots completely invisible and therefore looking so natural. In this case, you won’t have to bleach the knots in order to make them invisible.

What are the knots?

A knot is a path where you attach every strand of the hair on the lace or silk wig. The knot it quite essential since it keeps the hair in place. It’s the one that determines whether your hair will stick in place or fall off.

Bleached Knots wigsThey are usually small but when clumped together on a wig they are clearly visible. This is something that puts off many women while others really don’t care. It does look like you have placed tiny seeds on the lace.

It’s more noticeable when you have the hair being dark-colored. So, for those who mind the knots, they will always bleach them and if you like silk base wig you can rest assured that the knots won’t show.

What Is A Lace Wig?

Lace WigThe lace wig is basically a kind of wig that has each strand tied to the fine lace mesh material. This ends up giving you a light fit weight. It further makes it appear as though the hair is growing from your own natural scalp.

You will notice from the YouTube videos and even your friends who love lace wigs that once you attach the wig to your hair it takes on the color of your scalp making it look so natural. They are versatile and in fact, if you are using the full lace wig you will part your hair anywhere.

Bleaching Your Lace Wigs Knots

Unlike the silk base wigs, you have to bleach the knots of the lace one for it to look more natural. In bleaching it, you will make the knots invisible and therefore they will think that you are growing the hair strands from your scalp.

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The bleaching method is also referred to as the lightening method. The process will chemically alter the hair remember. You will have the chemical used opening the hair cuticle then removing the color. This process is a more permanent one.


  • Bleaching the knots makes it look more natural.
  • It’s easy to bleach the dark brown hair as it will change to a lighter shade of brown. However, if yours is a darker scalp this may not work for you.
  • Cons
  • Some wigs come in having the bleached knots already. If it doesn’t, then the bleaching process is never easy.
  • It weakens the wig and leads to shedding earlier than you should expect. Always follow instructions when you need to bleach the hair. This makes the whole process safer and easier.

How to Bleach the Knots

Unless you are familiar with the coloring process you should always seek professional advice.

You need the items below

  • Developer
  • Hair bleach
  • Aluminum foil
  • Gloves
  • Mixing brush and bowl
  • Neutralizing shampoo
  • Conditioner


Begin by pining the human hair and even the baby hairs down. You don’t want the hairs being bleached during the process.

Next, turn that lace part of the wig on the inside out. Pin it down to the foam head you have. Confirm that the hair strands are out of the way for you.

  • Prep the bleach

In a clean mixing bowl, mix both your hair bleach powder and developer in equal parts. Use the brush to stir it thoroughly making sure you don’t have lumps and that it attains the right consistency.

  • Apply the mixture to the lace

Take the mixture and begin to apply it on the lace gently. Remember you don’t want to have the mixture leaking through so don’t use force.

  • Cover

Confirm that you have bleached all the knots. Next, cover the lace front wig with an aluminum foil. Give it time to rest.

  • Rinse and rinse again

Keep checking the lace wig and once you notice that the knots of the lace wig aren’t noticeable, you can now rinse it. But first, just wait for the hair to turn to honey blonde color before you can rinse it again.

Rinse it upside down quickly which is going to keep the mixture away from the human hair.

  • Now wash and condition the lace wig

Once it’s all rinsed, now you can wash it with the neutralizing shampoo so that it stops the coloring process. Leave the shampoo on the lace wig for about 10 minutes then rinse it. Condition the lace wig after that so that it stays hydrated.

  • Drying

While you may be tempted to use a blow drier you shouldn’t use it. The reason is that it will end up drying the hair and consequently damaging it.

You should just towel dry the hair but don’t twist it. Go ahead and let the human hair wig dry out slowly on the wig stand.

Realistic scalp wigs

Full lace wig allows you to style it however you wish. This is what mostly makes it appealing. Made of 100% human hair, this is a quality piece. It further comes in its natural color. This means that with the baby hairs it mimics your natural hair.

At 150% density the hair is voluminous, with slight waves and since its authentic human hair, tangling and shedding is unheard of. It has a closure for a complete look. It’s made of pure and unprocessed human hair. For this reason, you can restyle it however you wish.

1. ASHION PLUS Full Lace Wig Human Hair

Full lace wig allows you to style it however you wish. This is what mostly makes it appealing. Made of 100% human hair, this is a quality piece. It further comes in its natural color. This means that with the baby hairs it mimics your natural hair.

At 150% density, the hair is voluminous, with slight waves and since its authentic human hair, tangling and shedding is unheard of. It has a closure for a complete look. It’s made of pure and unprocessed human hair. For this reason, you can restyle it however you wish.

2. Italian Yaki Short Bob Lace Front Wigs

For any black woman, Yaki hair is the closest we have to our natural hair. coming in a full lace means that it mimics your realistic scalp. Its knots can be bleached for a more authentic look. Moreover, since this is an unprocessed human hair, you can restyle it or color is.

At 130% density, the hair is thick enough and looks more natural. It has a medium-size cap so if you want a larger cap, make sure you order for one. You will rarely hear of shedding and the hair is easy to manage.

3. Silk Top Full Lace Wig Remy Human Body Wave Hair

It features a 4 by 4 silk base wig that has baby hairs all around it. The hairline, in this case, is more natural and real than any other lace wig. It features a 100% human hair that makes it a grade 7A hair.

It’s as land as 22 inches and you can even have it in 10 inches if you wish. It comes in the natural black color. You can also have it in all the different textures available from straight to deep wave and body wave.

It has a density of 130% which makes it more voluminous. It further has a pre plucked hairline which keeps it as natural as possible. You don’t need glue with this as it comes with 4 combs and a strap to secure it.

The hair further has a pre-plucked hairline. You have it being made of top-quality human hair that means that you can straight perm it, color it, braid it style it into a pony among other unique features. It has a free part which allows you to style it from anywhere.

4. Sexy Baby Silky Base Full Lace Wig

This full lace wig is natural looking especially since it uses the silk base material. It even has baby hairs around which makes it look even more natural. It then has a 4 by 4 silk base at the front of the wig.

It’s meant to imitate your scalp and this makes it look even more natural. You would think that the hair is growing from your natural scalp. The good thing is further that you can part the hair anywhere you would like to and even hold a ponytail.

This is a Brazilian Remy natural hair that won’t shed and tangle easily. The hair comes in a medium brown color but you can change its color if you wish.

5. Glueless Silk Top Full Lace Wigs Human Hair

There’s a reason why people love silk-based wigs. It makes the clear hairline with a natural parting. Since the knots are hidden under the silk base, they aren’t visible.

You will most probably think that the hair is growing from your scalp. This wig gives you a free part system where you can style it and part it as you would like to.

This hair features a grade 8A unprocessed Remy hair that is also thick and bouncy. You can bleach the hair, curl it or straighten it. You can further highlight the hair.

It comes with adjustable straps together with the 4 combs to keep the wig in place. With proper care, the weave is durable and will last up to a year. It features a body wave texture and to retain its elasticity we often use the conditioner.

6. Brazilian Human Hair Full Lace Wigs Silk Top

This features a full lace human hair wig that has up to 4 by 4 silk top. It comes in having already been pre-plucked. Since it’s a virgin hair, it suits those who love to change the color of the wig or even the style.

The weaving technique used makes it more natural. It looks so much like your own hair. You can even make your favorite up do or ponytail without anyone finding out. The lace color is just light brown in color which makes it closer to most women scalp color.

The knots of the wig aren’t bleached and this will make sure you don’t spoil the roots. With proper care, this hair is going to serve you over a prolonged period.

7. FASHION PLUS Hair Full Lace Wigs

This features another one of the 100% unprocessed human hair. It comes in as a full lace wig which then allows you to part it from anywhere. You will develop the natural hairline that makes it look even more natural.

It has lightly bleached knots to make the knots invisible. Since it’s a glueless wig, it comes in with an elastic band and it also has the three combs to further ensure its safety. It has an average cap which then means that you can ask for customization if you want a larger one.

This hair being a virgin one, you can restyle it and color it. Imagine it will even take on your favorite curls. Since it comes in a higher density the wig is voluminous and retains its size over a prolonged period of time.

8. Halo Lady Kinky Curly Bob Wigs 

This hair comes in as the most natural-looking hair especially since it has the realistic length of the hair that belongs to the afro descent people. If you are looking for a durable piece then this is that hair that will serve you over a prolonged time.

The hair is easy to take care of. You know how youthful you look when you wear the wavy hair and that is exactly what this hair gives you. This is a human hair which means you can style it differently if you want, straight perm it or even color it.

It has a lace frontal which makes it easy to part it at any part of the front side. The knots are not bleached which means that you have to bleach them if you want to part it wherever.

This is one of the cheapest wigs that is further shedding and tangle resistant.

Taking Care of Your Silk and Lace Wigs

There’s nothing that will drastically destroy your wig than when you are negligent. Below are the method to take care of the wig

  • Keep it away from extreme heat

Like all hair extension and even your natural hair, if you expose the hair to extreme heat you are bound to damage its ends. It will further dry out the cuticles. You should never place it close to a fire or in an extremely hot room.

Also, for styling, use moderate heat as opposed to the extreme one.

  • Comb it

You want to make sure you keep it safe from tangles and eventually shedding. However, when you are combing the hair, make sure you are cautious not to pull off the hair strands. In essence, be as gentle as possible.

Comb out the hair before you leave the house for your other businesses and when you come back home at night you should comb it again.

  • Wash it

When you realize that the wig has a buildup of maintenance products you should wash it with the right shampoo. This will keep it looking shiny and clean.

Once you wash it you can also condition it to hydrate the hair.

  • Storing

When it comes to your wig storage, use a wig stand as that will keep it in shape and you won’t have to buy more wigs every time.

  • Products

Use the right products designed to maintain the structure of your hair strands. If you like curly hair though use the silicone free products.

Remember to moisturize it and enrich it as much as you should. That will determine whether it maintains its shine or not.

The Differences

The ultimate difference between the silk base and regular lace wig is mostly on the construction. You won’t see the knots when you are using silk base because it has the knots hidden under the silk material.

On the other hand, if you want the lace wig you will see the knots and the only solution is to bleach them if you don’t like it.

Conclusion – Which is Better?

I like silk base wig because it makes my work easy as I don’t have to bleach the knots yet it looks so natural.

But whether that means it’s the best in comparison to the lace wig is upon you. This is because the lace wig will also serve you in different occasion. Additionally, there are people who can swear to the service of a lace wig.

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