15 Cool Side Swept Undercut Hairstyles In 2021

The side swept undercuts are probably one of the trendiest hairstyles nowadays for men.

This hairstyle has evidently shown great success as long as it came out into the fashion world and until now it remains in its VIP position as the celebrity of all men haircuts out there.

Recipe for a Successful Side Swept Undercut


Here’s a walkthrough to guide you through all the most essential ingredients to get yourself or your customer a sassy flair! First, you need to get acquainted with the parts that make up that legendary haircut:

  1. A Side Sweep: This can be done by a tooth comb to part your hair and divide it into two parts.
  2. Medium Fade: For the hair being on the opposite side of the side sweep, we are disappointed to give you an evacuation notice because that area should be cut into a medium fade until you can barely see a few countable hairs.
  3. Low fade: Don’t forget the ombre touch which makes your haircut practically picturesque and worth staring at.
  4. Line Up: It’s the sacred borderline that separates between the two parts of your head whether fully covered with hair or practically hairless.
  5. Rolled Forward: And at last but definitely not least! The roll forward finishing touch is the one responsible for turning the whole thing into a whole new level of sophistication and gives the wearer a classy and refined look!

Why Are The Side Swept Undercuts A Big Hit?

It’s easy to understand why these haircuts have become so popular overnight.

  1. The undercut’s contrast is highly unique and memorable.
  2. Unlike most hairstyles, it can be easily recognized from afar.
  3. It doubles as both casual and formal looks to suit every taste.

Best Side Swept Undercut Hairstyle Ideas

Whether you love the side swept undercuts or you have never heard of them, here are the best of the best designs to dive in until you decide which one of them will be your upcoming new look!

#1. Classic Undercut


For newbies, the best way to get a successful undercut is by going traditional and picking the classic side swept undercuts. Later on, they are free to do a few alteration however they please.

#2. Charming Contrast


Creating a vibrant distinction between the top of your hair and the sides is what makes this haircut so popular. The basic idea of it is summarized by 4 words: long top, short sides.

It emphasized the hair on the top making it the focal point of attention and therefore letting you channel this attention and get a catchy and charming look.

#3. Spiky


For an edgy appearance, don’t hesitate in using hair gel to form spike silhouettes on the top of your head.

This is a way to send a statement just by judging the way you look. Or in this case, by the way, you decide to wear your side swept undercut.

#4. Does It Require Long Or Short Hair?


Another advantage of the side swept undercuts is that is it completely flexible. It has no requirements whatsoever because it works for both long and short hair.

However, a guideline has been set up to make barber’s lives easier. Hair ranges should be as following:  top ranges between a minimum of 5 cm and a maximum of 15 cm.

On the other hand, the length of the sides is free of standards. It can be as short as #1 or as long as #4 or #5 but not more than that and of course not #0.

#5. Combing is Sacred


Another thing to keep in find while flaunting a side swept undercut, is that you can’t just get up from the bed and go “as you are”.

This is a bit demanding hairstyle which requires combing regularly or else it will just magnify as a gigantic flaw.

#6. What Face Shape Works Best For A Side Swept Undercut?


Square or diamond shaped faces are the perfect pairs up to this kind of haircut. Since it makes the face look more smooth and less boxy.

In conclusion, a side swept undercut is a seamless style that creates general smoothness to the face making it less angular.

#7. Neat Slick Undercut


For those who don’t have the required time to take care of their hair each and every day in order to get it right, this side swept undercut is for you!

Even if you don’t have enough time, you can still get this cool hairstyle. But like with every other obligation, comes a sacrifice. You can cut your hair to a short minimum because shorter means fewer efforts. And Voilà! Neat and slick it is!

#8. Slicked Back Undercut


Usually, this haircut is parted sideways. Flicking it backward is another artistic choice that guarantees to keep girls on their toes.

In addition to that, it gives you a more serious and formal look. Consequently, it looks well for a suit or any other classy outfit you’ll be wearing for a classy event.

What Is The Key To Styling It?

The key to it is using high-quality hair products that maintain a good volume of your hair.

So, you can either use gel, wax, or pomade. Whatever suits your hair type. And don’t forget to rinse off after you get back home to avoid dandruff.

#9. Randomly Arranged


Messy and random sometimes look good on side swept undercuts. It screams out loud: “I do not care about what others think.”

#10. Partner Up!


For the perfect gentleman look, pair up your sleek side swept undercut with a light beard.

You can be surprised with the impact a beard has on your overall look.

#11. Beginner’s Undercut


This is what your undercut would look like if you want to gradually change your look instead of causing a dramatic effect.

#12. The Disconnected Undercut


This is the kind of side swept undercuts that are highly noticeable of epic proportions. The hair on the top is separated from the sides very clearly with a defined border line.

For a pompadour look, you would want to cut your hair at a medium length so that you can achieve something more subtle rather than dramatic.

#13. Glossy Shine



For a glossy shine in your hair, it is recommended to use pomade. That’s because it is known for supplying hair with a trademark glossy shine, especially for a slicked back undercut as well as keeping hold of it for a longer period of time.

Tip: Make sure that you using water – based pomades. Why?

  1. They wash out easier than other kinds.
  2. It makes your hair look fresh and nourished instead of greasy and moist.

#14. Relativity Is Important


Even though we mentioned earlier that hair length is not a problem to side swept haircuts, you need to keep in mind the relative length between the top and sides.

If your top is as long as 15 cm then #4 or #5 for sides would be the right pair up for it. And vice versa.

Note: You can have a little fun by experimenting on these proportions. Especially if you feel like going a little extreme or over the top. In that case, 15 cm long tops with a #1 side are something bold and definitely eye grabbing!

#15. In Need Of Extra Volume


If you need extra volume for your side swept undercuts to look bolder, then you have got two options:

  1. Blowdrying on a regular basis before adding any product.
  2. Continuous use of mousse to make it more noticeable.

Or can simply use both! It’s completely up to you.

Short or long, straight or curly, the side swept undercuts are exceptional hairstyles. It’s exactly like a universal remote for your fashion sense.

It would work its way throughout any obstacle you present to it and that’s what makes us fall in love with it again and again!

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