More Than 100 Short Hairstyles for Black Women

The society has, for a long time, branded short-haired woman ‘rebellious’ I mean the woman of her mind. Often my silent question is, and why wouldn’t I want to play by my rules. Why follow a crowd?

Anyway, while short-haired women aren’t thought of as feminine enough, short hair can make one of the best styles you could ever have.

For us black women, it’s the easiest way to style the hair.

It frees you from the hassle of struggling with constant breakage. Let’s say we love the short hairstyle.

So, for anyone who is just starting, you can use our style ideas to help you in the process.

Haircut Styles

1. Short pixie style

Short pixie styleThis is one of the most common styles among women of any color, black and white. There are many ways you may use to achieve this pixie cut style. But here the side part shapes it. In making the crown part curly you also keep it looking voluminous and healthy.

Remember to spray it to maintain its shine and color.

2. Dirty blonde curly

Dirty blonde curlyBlack women are known to have a range of curly hair. It may be as defined as the one above or as tight as the 4C hair. So, if you have this kind of curly hair, you can cut your hair short and simple then play around with color.

So, you should add a bit of dirty blonde color highlights for more style. Therefore, for more spice blend in the two tons of color.

3. Funky curls with a perfect undercut

Funky curls with a perfect undercutAnother style you can wear today is where you have the side making a patterned design as you let your curly hair be on the temple. If you want, you can add on the blonde color on the ends of the hair for more style.

4. Short afro

Short afroWe can’t go far into the black women’s hairstyle without talking of the afro style. In this case, you trim the afro way down and let the curls puff up as much as they wish. While you probably agree with the fact that afro is cute on almost any black woman, the short one is still as good.

Very Low Haircuts

5. Model low cut

Model low cutFor a black woman, as long as you have the right head shape, you can cut your hair as low as this one. It’s called the near bald design, and you should know how to accessorize the style.

When they say black don’t crack, we say bald don’t crack. Who wouldn’t want to try this style?

6. Partitioned short afro

Partitioned short afroHere you have another one of the mini style afros. You can use it on your natural hair, and it does look good with those who have a round hairline. The hair is low maintenance, and it boosts the facial appearance.

Short Haircuts for Black Women 2017

7. Blonde pixie style

Blonde pixie styleIn recent years, women have been going for more classic styles. One such style is the blonde pixie style. Now, whether you are using your natural hair or a weave is quite okay. But when you are using the natural hair then you should plan to color it blonde.

8. Full tapered style

Full tapered styleFor most of the tapered style, you must have the sides trimmed more than the crown area. But in this style, you don’t have to make the shaving very short. Make the curls moderately full. The secret, though, is to play around with the ginger color.

9. Simple natural hair

Simple natural hairSometimes all you need is simplicity, and that will make look you’re very best. If yours is the type 4C hair it will be easy to make this style because naturally the hair puffs up.

10. Tapered twist out

Tapered twist outAnother one of the most common styles that black women love is the twist out style. So here you make the tapered cut, then twist them and let them flow. If you like, you can add some color.

Black Short Haircuts 2018

11. Unique undercuts

Unique undercutsOver the past few years, this has been a style that most women love. For those humid days and the summer days when you need to protect your hair, use this style. Simple Senegalese twist and an undercut on the side.

12. Beautiful natural cut

Beautiful natural cutIf you have the right head shape, you can shave your hair. In cutting your hair, you become youthful, and its one of the easiest styles to maintain.

13. Bald and blonde haircut

Bald and blonde haircutBald is another popular style in the year 2013. You will need to cut your hair into a bald level and then color it blonde. Just make sure the hair color you choose suits your skin tone. You don’t have to use the blonde color; you can also use other shades like red.

14. Cute Bantu knots

Cute Bantu knotsThis is one of the African cultural styles that you use on either your natural or relaxed hair. Bantu knots style comes from South Africa. It was a style worn culturally by the beautiful black girls. To date it’s still trendy, and you will notice celebrities wearing it.

Popular Haircuts for Black Women

15. Asymmetrical cuts

Asymmetrical cutsHere you have the pixie hair with the sides cut. You can only wear the style if you are as bold as the lady. Most celebrities love it as it commands attention and respect. If you like, you can color the fringe to spice up the style.

This is one of the common haircut styles that Rihanna loves.

16. Short dreadlocks

Short dreadlocksToday the dreadlocks are common among most black women, but a few women are choosing to keep the hair short and maintain it at that level. If you can keep the locks neat, this traditional Jamaican style will serve you best.

17. Pompadour with an undercut

Pompadour with an undercutThe only way to create a perfect style is in being relaxed. If you are bold enough, you can use the twist to make the pompadour style after you cut the sides.

Ladies Cut

18. Messy bob cut

Messy bob cutFor all the ladies, this messy asymmetrical style will fit you. It’s more popular today, and it’s therefore a normal-looking style among the young ladies. Here you can cut the one side of your hair shorter than the other.

So, the long side is short and messy while the other short side is organized. Also, your blend to natural colors to create the perfect combination.

19. Ravishing red twist out

Ravishing red twist outThe only way to appear confident is in using the sassy colored hair. Once you get a big chop, you can twist it out or better yet color it red then twist it out. Also, you can fade the backside to give it a complete finish.

20. Short bob style

Short bob styleBob hairstyle by beauty standards is one of the highly-rated styles, but for a good reason, it’s easy to manage yet beautiful. Often what you need to do is spice the style up. Here, we have the side-parted blonde bang.

We then have an undercut on the sides to make the style even better. Additionally, it comes with two tons of color.

Short Haircuts for African Americans

21. TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) haircut

TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) haircutOnce you have had your big chop, it’s upon you to spice up the style. I know that some of us with this style are thinking that it’s just that stage to grow your natural hair. This style makes you look well put and at the same time glamorous.

22. Blonde mohawk

blonde mohawkRihanna loves haircut styles; in fact, she icon of haircut styles for black women. Here the sides come to a lowcut and create a Mohawk with blonde hair. You will also have the hair forming a fringe that flows to her forehead.

The big question is more like the therefore is who said the mohawk is only about the edges?

Combining the long fringe band and the edges make it look even better.

23. Curly pixie cut

Curly pixie cutAnyone with the short hair must have one day, or another made the trendy pixie cut. This style is ideal for anyone who wants to get a big chop, but they aren’t quite ready yet. Your pixie will look amazing when you have the big and voluminous soft cults on the crown.

24. Trendy twist out

Trendy twist outWho knew our rap queen Cardi B would look this glamorous in short hair?

Sometimes you have to play around with your hair. This is one of the simple styles where you twist out the hair and add both the burgundy and blonde colors to look beautiful.

Short Black Haircuts with Bangs

25. Temple shave pixie

Temple shave pixieFor the women who enjoy the shaved edgy hairstyle, this is one of the best styles to try. You can then make the pixie flow over to your face and create a fringe, but you don’t have to make the hair smooth.

26. Long top pixie with bangs

Long top pixie with bangsThe pixie cut is one of the African American icon styles. Therefore, for anyone who wants to own a short cut, then a pixie style is one of the ideal styles. You require no maintenance for the style, and it suits those with the round face.

27. Tapered hairstyle with bangs

Tapered hairstyle with bangsWhen you are interested in framing the face, the use of a bang is a plus. From side bangs to romantic fringe and modern short bangs you can have them all. For this, you even have the tapered cut to spice up the look even more.

Natural Haircuts for Women

28. Short natural hair with shaved sides

Short natural hair with shaved sidesToday, unlike the past, more black women are embracing their hair. Whether long or short, more black women are more comfortable with their natural hair. This short hairstyle is unique but also cute and simple. It wouldn’t require much from you in terms of maintenance.

When you have the shaved sides, you can make a cut to spice up the styles. Thankfully, anyone at whichever age can rock the style.

29. Full blonde short and cute style

Full blonde short and cute styleFor the short and natural haircuts, we have a range of styles you can try. If you are bold and you enjoy the blonde color then this is one hairstyle to use. You can use the blonde color to spice the short and curly hair up.

30. Black girl magic

Black girl magicGone are the days when women feared getting old and developing white hair. In the 21st century, more women are using the color to spice up their look. From blonde to ash, you are free to try any style of your choice. Just make sure it fits your skin tone.

31. Best short hair cut

Best short hair cutDo you have the natural type 3B or 3C hair? Well you don’t have to bother styling it; chop your hair but not very low. This is going to be the easiest style to maintain. Go on to slay the baby hairs and thus make it even more appealing.

Trendy Cuts

Some styles will never go out of market, and those are the ones we are interested in for this short hairstyle.

Pixie cuts

32. Messy pixie cut

Messy pixie cutAnyone living in the 21st century knows that we are always in a hurry, and many of us don’t have time to take care of the hair. Even when you are busy, you have the right to look simple and nice. In this case, you can either use the hair extension or your natural hair.

The messy look is perfect when you are looking for professionalism.

33. Pixie hair with highlights

Pixie hair with highlightsColorists today are raking in loads of money. Women know that today, you ought to have the colorist on to make colors on the hair. Sometimes it’s just about a simple color like this. You can have the pixie cuts even when the hair is too short, and this is one such style.

So, it doesn’t matter the style you are interested in; you can use blonde, red, or even the neon highlight color.

34. Natural curly pixie cut

Natural curly pixie cutAnyone with such large curls can let the curls naturally flow. This will mean that the hair assumes the natural texture. It doesn’t matter whether you have loose waves or curly hair; the style will suit you perfectly.

South African Haircuts

35. Nandi Ngoma style

Nandi Ngoma styleCelebrities have a significant impact on our society. They influence our fashion greatly. The Nandi Ngoma box cut with low shaved sides is one such style that you would use to make a hair change.

36. Afro

AfroThe afro style cuts across the black community. Whether you are in the West or Africa you will find that the style suits you.

37. Bald and beautiful

Undercut Black Hair

38. Long curly and half-shaved hair

Long curly and half-shaved hairAre you one of those with thick and long hair? If you have wanted to cut your hair, but you are afraid to shave it all, try this style. So, we have the long curly hair side, and the other half of the hair is baldly cut.

You further have a line that separates the shaven side and the long side, and that makes the style even more appealing.

39. Short curls with an undercut

Short curls with an undercutEven when you have short hair, you can make great undercut designs. Here we have the curly hair and an undercut shaven side. The curls have blonde highlights, and you can also make the patterned undercut design.

You can, therefore, show the undercut if you want or hide it if you have long hair.

Tapered Haircut

40. Blonde tapered cut for black women

Blonde tapered cut for black womenMost tapered styles include the shearing of the sides of the head. If you have tiny and tight curls, consider making it blonde with the dark black natural roots. When you have two tones, then you make it liven your hair.

41. Very short tapered haircut

Very short tapered haircutThe good thing is that if you love the tapered hairstyle, you can make it even when you have short hair. This style features the super edgy style, where you have the daring cut as well. The faded hair on the sides makes it amazing as it blends with the longer crown part.

Modern Haircuts

Bold cuts

42. Blonde and bold cut

Blonde and bold cutWhen you have embraced your natural curls, you will find it easy to style it however way you wish to. Here you have the naturally curly hair, but you can add the bright blonde color if it blends with your skin tone.

Ensure you make the sides faded too.

43. Tri-colored tapered style

Tri-colored tapered styleAnother one of the bold styles is this one. Here you make the sides a little shorter, but the crown part has a mountain of curls. It’s especially nice if you have tight curls and you can play around with the three colors which include brown, blonde and black.

44. Rihanna ebony cuts

Rihanna ebony cutsShe loves vibrancy and elegance. So, you can create the style by having the short sides and long crown area. This is a form of mohawk style.

Black Short Hair Cuts with Color

45. Red hot natural hair

Red hot natural hairAnother one of the best hair colors to take is the red-hot hair color. In this case, it’s not only about color but also, the undercut sides. It further blends colors magically between the red and black color. The red color is magical since it brightens anyone’s face.

46. Vibrant blue color

Vibrant blue colorIt can be hard for anyone to decide to go natural, let alone get a hair chop. However, when you have a variety of styles to try you won’t feel left out. This is one of the best Mohawk styles where you have the sides bald, and the crown is curly.

In adding the vibrant colors on the ends to blend with the black color, you make it a fantastic style.

47. Blend of colors with a mohawk

Blend of colors with a mohawkThis blends the different colors and thus makes it a bold style to use. It’s also ideal if you have tight and curly hair.

48. Burgundy short cut

Burgundy short cutOne of the most common hair color styles is this style. This color is perfect for any woman who doesn’t like being dramatic. But with the cut, you can rest assured you become bold.

Best Hairstyles for Black Women

49. Tapered shape up

Tapered shape upBlack women with round faces have the best features of the short hairstyles. If you like wearing the hair in an afro though this will be the best style to use. Here you have the edges shaved up, and thus it shapes the hairline.

If you mainly have the curvy cheeks, you can rest assured the style fits you.

50. Short and slicked pixie style

Short and slicked pixie styleWhenever you are talking of the short hair, then you must have the pixie cut come to mind. It’s a short style that suits any race around the globe. Often it fits and makes the right facial features show. With the bangs, you bring in a level of femininity to the women.

51. 4C mohawk

4C mohawkOften when people are talking of the black curly mohawk style, they refer to the loose curls, but we do have the kinky curls too. It can create the perfect mohawk for anyone with the 4C hair. This style is here to stay because of the versatility it offers.

Whether you want it to look wild, professional or casual, you can have it serve you whenever you want.

52. Side faded comb over

Side faded comb overAnother one of the easy black hairstyles for black women is this one. It takes you minimal time to make the style. So, you will have cut your hair shorter, then comb it over and go out stylish.

Short Black Hairstyles 2017

53. Side parted pixie bob

Side parted pixie bobBob has been a trendy style for ages, and yet it’s not about to leave the market. So, if you are using your natural hair, you can make the side part to make a simple style. In the end, this style gives you the perfect texture as well as the color.

54. Spikes and curls

Spikes and curlsDifferent hair types show different personalities, and they can come to you with either of their characters. If you have a wild kind of hair then you can use this finger-combed spiked style. You will also have the hair stick strong for days.

55. Honey blond drop fade

Honey blond drop fadeSometimes the easiest way to style your short hair is in making it short, but if you find that the short hair is too plain, you can color the hair to blonde and fade the sides. This is an excellent way to feel feminine.

African American Short Hairstyles

56. Natural curly hair

Natural curly hairAfrican American hair type ranges from different curl types but mostly because they feature most of the interracial couples. Sometimes you need to let your natural hair be as that in itself is a style. Also, let the hair strands flow to the face thereby creating a bang.

57. Crown braid style

Crown braid styleHere we have the regular crown braid that I’m sure you have seen a few people wearing. This style is trendy, yet it’s also a dynamic style. This is one of the styles to achieve when wearing braid although there are also hundreds of other styles.

58. Headwrap

HeadwrapOne of the styles that the African Americans brought along to America is the headwrap. I like that you can use this style to enhance your beauty. Thus, you have no reason to have shaggy hair as you can even use a head wrap.

Always know the headwrap to use and the accessories to use along, thus making it stand out.

59. Feathered style

bob feathered styleThis is the style that will showcase the perfect and impressive texture of the hair. The bob style is also voluminous ad thick. This style you can use for both the professional and the casual functions.

Short Afro Hairstyle

60. Side parted afro

Side parted afroTalk of a wild afro, this style makes it easy to flaunt the natural curls. You then have the deep side parting with the laid edges for more structure. She further blends the burgundy color and the black one for more spice to the hairstyle.

61. Side-swept afro style

Side-swept afro styleIt doesn’t matter whether the curls are natural or a hair extension; you can style the hair to a side-swept design. You should braid the temple of your head then let the other part of the afro flow with ease.

If you further like, you can hold add accessories to the afro for more spice.

62. Side braid style

Side braid styleCornrow braid style is one common style among black women. Not only is it protective but also stylish as this one. There’s one reason that makes me enjoy braids, and it’s because it allows you for creativity.

Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

63. Natural curly

tapered natural curly hairSince we black women naturally have curly hair, it’s easy to take care of the hair. You need to keep it clean and moisturized. You can also let it puff up to afro.

64. Blonde sleek and curly bun

Blonde sleek and curly bunEven though we love our curly hair, it’s the nature of the women to want to change their styles every once in a while. So, pull your hair to a bun and then let the curls rough up into afro style.

Short Hairstyles for Black Women 2018

65. Straight bob

The straight hairstyle never goes out of fashion. If you want a short hairstyle you may use this straight bob. Also, in holding the hair to a high low style, you make it look better. This bob style is ideal for those looking for professional style.

66. Finger wave styles

Finger wave stylesHere, the difference is that you don’t let your hair lie flat on the scalp; instead it forms the finger waves. This style will, therefore, create a shape that will suit only a few women’s faces. This style was popular in the 20th century, but its back here now.

Whenever you plan for special occasions, you can use the style.

67. Short Locs

Short LocsAnother one of the most common styles today is the locks styles. The hairstyle is easy to maintain if you know how to. Styling the locs is further easy as you can let them flow if you want.

68. Short jumbo braids

Short jumbo braidsThis is another common style among black women but especially during summer. Not only is it easy to style, but it also protects your natural hair. Who said the jumbo braids have to be long? Even the short ones are stylish.

69. Micro braids updo and an undercut

Micro braid is one common style, and it has been in existence for ages, but you can make it modern by making an undercut on the edges. In holding your hair to braided updo, you make the hair even more stylish.

Short Natural African American Hairstyles

70. Flat twist and twist out

Flat twist and twist outThis is another one of the most popular and easy to make style. In fact, most people use it to protect their hair though you can also make it stylish. For this case, you have both the twist out and the flat twist for a more professional casual style.

71. Curly mohawk with side Bantu knots

Curly mohawk with side Bantu knotsIf you wish, you can create the curly bangs and Mohawk. Bantu knots aren’t new; they are popular among black women, so adding them to the mohawk style makes it even more beautiful.

You can either use the curls or the ringlets to make the hair.

72. Pixie with curls

Pixie with curlsWhen you have short hair curls, the shaping of the hair is all you need to make it a stylish look. Pixie is one of the styles that is so common among women with short hair, but when you can fade the sides it’s even better.

African Natural Hair Style

73. Headwrap knot

Headwrap knotFor anyone who knows how to make the headwrap fit on their hair, this is the best style to try too. Not only is it beautiful but it’s also a quick fix. Besides, you can create the bang with your curls.

74. Chic cornrow braids with bun

Chic cornrow braids with bunThe easiest way to go about this style is to create the twisted cornrow; then, you can roll the hair into two low buns. Although cornrows became vibrant back in the 90s, in Africa, the style was common among different women.

75. French braid with curls

French braid with curlsThis is one of the quickest styles to achieve, whereby you can use cornrow braids then let the curls loose at the end. You could also add color to your curls when you intend to spice up your look.

76. Bubble braided styles

Another one of the famous black women styles is the braided bubble style. For those days when you have special events, and you want to deliver an eye-catching style, use this style. For the protective style too, you can use the style.

77. Bridal style

Bridal styleAre you a bride in the upcoming days? Why wouldn’t you break the norm of using hair extensions and use your natural hair like this? Make sure though that you roll the hair and tuck it correctly at the base.

78. Natural fro-hawk

Natural fro-hawkAnyone who loves the mohawk style ought to know that there are several options you can try. This is not only trendy but also classy. You can have the cornrows on the sides and the curly hair on the crown.

Hairstyle for Black Girls with Short Hair

79. braided girls style

braided girls styleFor the African black girls, you can be as creative as you wish. So, you blend the big and small cornrows. Also, make the small cornrows on the reverse side, then you can make the buns as you use the accessories.

80. High bun style

High bun styleEven when the kids have the type 4C hair, you can create a high bun and achieve a cute yet amazing style. Just make sure you hold the hair in a way that keeps them sleek and beautiful.

Natural Hair Bob

81. Half cornrows half straight hair

One of the newest trends in the braiding of the hair, and leaving the other ends straight. Here you make the small and big braids then hold the hair into a bun. Let the ends of the hair flow freely, though.

82. Side parted natural hairstyle

Side parted natural hairstyleIf you are one of those with thin hair, you can use this style to make your hair appear voluminous. Use a flat iron to straighten the hair and let one side be extended and the other side shorter.

83. Curly bob style

Curly bob styleNaturally, black hair has different levels of curls. So, you don’t have to alter its texture, but you can side part it then let the sides flow if you like. With the side part, you, therefore, create a form of bang.

84. Bun with bangs

Bun with bangsWhen you are tired of making an afro, you can hold the hair to a bun. With this, you achieve a professional look. Anyone with the 4A hair can achieve this style with ease.

85. Short wavy hairstyles for black women

Short wavy hairstyles for black womenWhen you are short of hairstyles, you may use this style. Here, we have the hair extension that is further side-parted to create a fringe. Waves are perfect as they will always enhance the volume of your hair.

86. Chic and wavy bob

Chic and wavy bobHere you have the short hair creating a fringe as it maintains the wavy texture. We also have side parting.

Black Women with Short Blonde Hair

87. Curly blonde pixie

Curly blonde pixieA pixie cut will always bring out your best features. This is one such style where you have the curls flowing to the face. The blonde color brightens her face making the curls and the short sides even more visible.

88. Natural curly and blonde

Natural curly and blondeNatural hair is fun to care for and maintain, but most especially when your hair is naturally curly. If you think that a simple chop to the hair won’t be enough, you can add on the blonde color to spice up the look. Make sure though that it blends your skin tone.

Hairstyles for older black women

89. Short straight hair with bangs

Short straight hair with bangsOne of the best styles to try when you are older is the straight hairstyle. Albeit when you add the bang you make it even better. The style doesn’t make you feel older, but it gives you a higher level of confidence. ‘

90. Short hair twists and twist outs

Short hair twists and twist outsWhen it comes to twisting styles, you can never go wrong. If you are an older woman, you can get a big chop then twist the hair. This style gives you a youthful look, but you also don’t have to spend a lot of time in the maintenance.

Short Hairstyle for Over 50 Women

91. Very short haircut

very short haircutI’m glad that today, women are embracing their white hair, and it no longer causes them anxiety. You can cut your hair short and then comb it, and you are free to go. It doesn’t matter whether you have curly or kinky hair you will still look good.

92. Pixie haircut

Pixie haircutThe pixie cut is another one of the simple styles you can make if you are over 50. Here you don’t have to struggle in covering your hair color instead make it look like a weave or better yet embrace the color.

93. Simple curly hair

Simple curly hairCurls go beyond age. Whether you are ten or a hundred years, curls will make you feel and look vibrant. Here give yourself a perfect shave and then let you lose curls flow.

Short Black Hairstyles with Bangs

94. long bangs with an undercut

long bangs with an undercutA simple bang makes all the difference to any style but especially when it’s this type of bang. Coming in a shade of blue, you will be noticed wherever you go. Besides, the shaved side make it spicier.

95. Short TWA curl with bangs

Short TWA curl with bangsHere you have the curly hairstyle, but when you do add the bangs, you make it even better.

Short Black Hairstyles with Color

96. Short pink hair

Short pink hairSometimes the addition of color is all you need to make the color look perfect. In this case, you add the pink color to the pixie and create a bang.

97. Blue color

Blue color hair styleAre you one of those women bold enough to try any color? Here is the best choice to try a blue color.

98. Green curly mohawk

Green curly mohawkHere you have curly hair, but you can color it to green and fade the sides. Ensure you make the big curls.

99. Short maroon and black

Short maroon and blackWhen it comes to the bob style, then you can always play around with the hair, but another one of the best methods to use is to play with colors. In side parting, you give the bob some structure.

100. Short red hair

Short red hairTrendy Hairstyles

Pretty hairstyles for black women

101. Kinky twisted low bun style

Kinky twisted low bun styleAre you thinking of a simple style for your kinky hair? Try this low bun style. It not only looks sleek but it can let you go for all the different functions. If you know how to twist the hair, it should be an easy process.

102. Braided updo

Braided updoThis isn’t a hard hairstyle to make, yet it looks so pretty and voluminous. Naturally, black women have voluminous hair, so you can understand why it’s easy to achieve this style.

103. Updo mohawk

Updo mohawkThis makes one of the few creative mohawk styles to make. Not only is it elegant, but it protects your hair from damage during bad weather conditions. Even though it looks sophisticated, this is an easy style to achieve.

Short Feathered Black Hairstyle

104. Backswept feathers

Backswept feathersWhenever you are looking for a way to be impressive, this is one of the styles you should try. It not only gives you the texture but the color and style too. Whether you decide to use the hair extension or your natural hair is all up to you to make sure you look your best.

105. Feathered bob

Feathered bobYou can play around with the bob hairstyle, and when you make it the feathered hairstyle, then you enhance the look.

Short Relaxed Hairstyle

106. Side Bob hair

Side Bob hairWhen your hair is relaxed, it’s easier to achieve the straight bob hair. Therefore, make a side parting to create a good-looking fringe. Also, let the hair flow with ease to the back

107. Roller set bob style

Roller set bob styleRelaxed hair is quite easy to style if you know how to. Here we have the roller set style that makes it easy to achieve a bob style with a side parting.

Short Layered Black Women Style

108. Balayage short layered style

Balayage short layered styleWith the bob style, you can be as creative as you would love to and create one of the best and easy hairstyles in the market. Create a side parting to make the fringe over your face.

109. Layered straight bob

Layered straight bobThis smooth layered straight hair weave makes it easy for you to protect your natural hair as you enhance your look.

Very Short Hairstyles for Black Women

110. Pixie cut

Pixie cutThe shorter the hair, the easier it is to manage. This is one of the hairstyles you can choose if you like simplicity. Simply cut your hair short and make a side parting. It’s even better when you have relaxed hair and thick ones.

111. Red bald hair

red bald hairIf you look around, you will notice that the bald hairstyle is in fashion. But when you add color onto it then you make it even better. Add the red color and enjoy the easiest to maintain of all hairstyles.

112. Lavender pixie

Lavender pixieOver the past few years, more women have embraced lavender as one of the best hair colors. When you work with a short pixie, you can never go wrong. This color will make you stand out but so will the style.

Other Styles

113. Chunky twist outs

Chunky twist outsThis could also be the Bantu knot twist out because, with the Bantu knot twist, you make the style. I love that it mainly gives the hair more volume. Often the Bantu knots will take longer to dry; therefore, you may need 24-48 hours.

You can also use the dryer to dry the hair. Remember, for the perfect results; you ought to remove them once the hair is fully dry.

114. Aline bob

A-line bobFor the bold, this is the style to take as it speaks boldness and confidence. The sleek, straight and dull color makes it ideal for the professional calls.

115. Short crotchet braids

Short crotchet braidsOne good thing about crochet braids is that they will let you enjoy any length and look. Consider creating the curly hair with the crotchet braids. The style is great because not only does it look natural it will enhance the volume as well.

116. Afro puff hairstyle

Afro puff hairstyleDouble buns are amazing, but especially when you have the right curls at the ends. Since it blends both the brown and black hair you are left with the best style for different occasions.

117. Short ringlet styles

Short ringlet stylesIf you can create the short ringlets that end just above the shoulder you will have a perfect style. So, you should make sure you maintain the smoothness and softness of the hair. But you will only do it with the help of a lightweight conditioner.

118. Fancy frohawk

Fancy frohawkHere you have one other chic like frohawk, and you don’t have to use extension instead create it with your natural hair. The ash blonde color is the perfect addition to the black hair. The side cornrows make it seem as though it fades on the sides.

Common among black women is the blend of braids and fro hawk.

Why Do Black Girls Love Short Hair?

It’s easier to maintain the hair but particularly the shaved hair because you don’t have to use a lot of maintenance products.

Also, there are very many short hair options. Thus, you can change the style as many times as you want.

Black women’s natural hair doesn’t grow as long as those with straight and wavy hair. Curly hair type has the highest level of shrinkage. Therefore, short styles will suit their way betel.

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