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20 Amazing Short Hair Wedding Styles In 2021

There is no doubt that your wedding photo album wouldn’t look as half as amazing without stunning short wedding hairstyles to commemorate your exquisite style and taste during the most important day in your life.

Picking out the right hairstyle to go with your majestic bridal dress is probably a task of utmost importance.

And since it is so hard to go through the endless hairstyling catalogs for god knows how many hours, here are a plethora of the top 20 short bridal haircuts you can ever come across. You’re welcome!

Elegant and Beautiful Short Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

If you think that having a wedding is a blast, then you should pay attention to all the pressure and tension that comes with planning for the so – called ” Best day of your life”.

It’s not easy to please everybody’s taste in food, music, decorations, and above all the dress code. Here is a list of short wedding hairstyles that will leave everybody in awe and excitement.

Afterall, you are the star of the wedding and it’s your turn to shine in the spotlight. Here are 20 most beautiful short length wedding hairstyle ideas for any women to look gorgeous.

#1. Young And Innocent Short Wedding Hairstyle


In this special short wedding haircut, you will need the help of a moisturizer product or a hair pomade that will help you maintain the light wet appeal.

Moreover, these products would also help in creating a neat hairline. Also, hairspray is an essential part to fix the curls and twirls.

#2. Neat Bridal Hairdo With A Floral Headband


Who said that flowers only go in your bouquet at your wedding. If you’re a girl who deeply adores flowers, then it’s probably a really good idea to use it in your short hair arrangement to flare it up. For this design you will need to:

  1. Use a curling iron to smoothen your hair and straighten it.
  2. Comb it neatly.
  3. Use hairspray to make sure it looks this amazing for the entire ceremony.
  4. Add the finishing floral headband adorned with rhinestones that will glimmer and glare at the eyes of anyone who would stare.

#3. Go Simple Or Go Home


A delicate hair accessory can add to your look the charm that you have been searching for. Of course, you don’t need to go extravagant and buy the most expensive pearl headband.

Cute and natural is the new trend. And it can be as cheap as taking out a few flowers from your floral arrangments and pinning it to your hair.

#4. Short Wedding Hair With Crown


Flat and fine is the new trend rather than voluminous shape. Go with an amazing contemporary look that involves not just one headband, but two!

Don’t forget to get ones with strass all over them. After all, this is a special occasion and you are required to shine more than ever in it.

#5. The Begining Of Your Royal Days


The idea of a wedding hairstyle characterized by being voluminous, lacquered, and adorned with a wedding veil is just another stereotype that is longer done.

However, you can still adorn your short haircut with bright pearly decals that will act like your royal tiara. Don’t forget that you are the queen of this day and the least you can do is look like it.

#6. Just Blow Outs


The special thing about this short bridal hairstyle is that it adopted a simple theme for both hair and dress.

The hairstyle looks so effortless yet so perfect with the dress she is wearing. All she did was blow it out with a slight round hairbrush twist at the tips.

#7. Net Veil


A net veil is the modern version of a veil. It’s for brides who can’t let go of the cliché wedding traditions and insist on having it the old fashion way.

In addition to that, it kinda makes out the whole look for you and saves you a lot of trouble. Because all you need to do is brush your hair neatly and add the veil on top. Voilà!

#8. Messy And Modern


Brush back your hair and let it be free to sway against the delicate wind breeze. So, with the help of tiny flower pattern, tie back the dainty face-framing locks into a messy twist.

#9. The Curling Iron Effect


Use the curling iron to neatly curl your hair strands and spray them so that they would stay in place.

However, your dreamy short wedding hairstyles are not complete without a colorful hair tiara that flashes your majestic beauty. Especially, if it compliments your lacy floral sleeves.

#10. Short Twisted Hair knots


Now, this is a short wedding hairstyle that guarantees you to look so eerie and unique. Here’s how this swish wedding updo is done:

  1. Make sure you don’t leave any face-framing locks sagging around your face.
  2. This is a hair updo so you need to accessorize your neck with something sexy yet elegant.
  3. Tie your hair in the form of twisted knots for a more visually attractive look.

#11. Extremely Short Wedding Hairstyles


Here’s to girls with extremely short hair.

This short wedding hairstyle requires a very attractive headband that goes all around your head, probably themed like your bouquet, in order to distract people from the lack of hair you couldn’t manage to grow on such short notice. ( That is if you mind going for artificial hair extensions)

#12. A Short Sensational Updo


This is one of the whimsical cinderella short wedding hairstyles. Here’s how it is done:

  1. Tease and twist the hair roots and then use bobby pins to pin the hair playfully in random positions until you get a spontaneous web made out of hair.
  2. A thin strass headband can raise the elegance of your look by a factor of 10.
  3. A lacy transparent veil will complete your perfect updo.

13. Vintage Short Wedding Hairstyles


Girls with vintage hairdos get extra femininity points for free! The smooth twisted curls at the tips wrapped in alternate directions are what make this 1900s short wedding hairstyle so eligible and sweet.

And let’s not forget the eye-catching hair piece applied to the side of your hair and inspired by the same era that ties the whole look together.

#14.  Short Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women


When it comes to wedding hair, many brides exhaust themselves to find the perfect look. However, with a simple blowout can give the illusion of length for women with short hair.

Especially, for black women who find it practically impossible to find the right short wedding hairstyle. So, you can simply blow dry your hair, tie it into a poofy ponytail and accessorize it with a floral pin to save the day!

#15. Short Wedding Hairstyles That Can Make You Look Younger


Whoever said hair length has nothing to affect on how old you look is a total inexperienced idiot. A lot of studies have proved that short hair makes anybody look younger rather than long hair especially girl – wise.

It takes years off your age and gives you a super glamorous look. Therefore, you should definitely go for a short wedding hairstyle like the one shown above.

#16. Low Messy Chignon Applied To Short Hair


If you are really keen on getting yourself a chignon hairstyle on your wedding but you are stuck with the short hair, then this is how it will turn out. The messy updo will reflect your tireless attempts in trying to make everything turn out so perfectly.

Tip: Without the artificial flowers, this short wedding hairstyle will not look as nearly picturesque as it does in the photo. So, be sure to buy the perfect flower arrangement that goes with the rest of your dress.

#17. Pearly Whites


Here’s one of the short wedding hairstyles that enforce unity and coherence between the dress and how you choose to impress your guests with your hair.

In the example above, the bride chooses to keep the frizzy curls and add a simple pearl hair clip to complement her earrings and decals on the dress.

#18. Come As You Are


The one and only Coco Chanel once said: “Simplicity is the keynote to true elegance.” And if true elegance is what you seek, then this is one of the right short wedding hairstyles for you.

How To Style It?

  1. No bobby pins needed.
  2. No fixative hair spray required.
  3. Brush your hair inward when you reach the tips with a round hairbrush to create the slight curls.
  4. Separate a thick hair strand from your hair and braid it.
  5. Tuck the braid behind your ear to ensure it doesn’t smack your face all the time. And voilà!

#19. Loose Hair Locks


Leaving the hair locks to caress your face whenever the wind blows is a choice that only brave brides make. Everybody aims for something that just stays in place because they don’t want to risk it going the other way.

But for an adventure loving bride, these short wedding hairstyles are the ones she craves.

Tip: A nature inspired headband is always a great idea that adds life and nourishment to your bridal look.

#20. When Two Braids Meet


Bob length hair, partially tied back with the help of two cute braids and floral hair accessory makes up for pretty elegant and modern short wedding hairstyles.

So, all you have to do is let loose of all your hair volume and turn these two back braids into the major focal point of the whole design.

Whether you are looking for pretty simple modern short wedding hairstyles or you are aiming for something more classic and chic, this list has covered it all.

Ranging from blow drying techniques to decals that add the final finishing touches for a masterpiece like this. Consequently, don’t hesitate to steal and copy one of these designs and tell us all about your successful dreamy night to remember!

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