69 Amazing Haircuts For School Boy You May Want To Try

Many men have a larger than average forehead because of either the natural shape of the face or a receding hairline but that definitely does not mean that the haircut has to be unfashionable in any way.

There are many haircuts and hairstyles for men with a large forehead! You can either flaunt the forehead or camouflage it. Here are 35 cool hairstyles for stylish men with big forehead.

Great Hairstyles for Men with Large Foreheads

There is a great variety of big forehead hairstyles for you to choose from. Whether you want to hide it or to flaunt it, we are offering enough options here to suit even the pickiest customer.

Don’t forget to reflect on how much time you will need to spend in order to keep the chosen style intact. If you don’t have much time to spend on your look in the morning, search for the low-maintenance cuts.

If you can allow yourself some time to deal with your style, we are offering some of the more complicated but at the same time fabulous hairstyles as well.

Keep it long and layered


Those men who have a large forehead and love to keep long locks, a great way to complement the two features is to arrange the haircut with layers.

This can be done for both straight and curly hair. Hair with layers can be parted in the middle or sideways with bangs over the forehead.

Hair with medium length and textures


Men who prefer a little bit of length to the hair as well as avoid the hair to fall over the shoulders can choose a haircut that has short sides but towards the center of the head, the hair keeps increasing in length little by little.

This type of haircut can be given a lot of textures with the use of serums and hair gels for a rugged look and also a side-swept corporate look.

Keep it simple with short hair


Men who have a large forehead can keep it stylish by flaunting the forehead. Men may make the forehead more proportionate by getting the hair volume heavier on the side that needs some balancing.

Short hair can also be styled to add spikes. Crew cuts and fades are some popular short haircuts that suit men with large foreheads.

Pump up the volume


Having a fleecy or a bushy hairstyle is a very clever way to conceal a high forehead. This hairstyle is popular because it suits all kinds of hair in terms of thickness.

Get some bangs!


Men with a large forehead can do with some bangs if they want to conceal a large forehead. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it covers up the hair outline. It is one of the most popular and contemporary hairstyles popular among men around the world.

Get the Mad Men style


This is a modern version of the classic side-swept hairstyle to give a sleek finish. This has been popularized by the great cine star, Don Draper and suits really well for people with a large forehead.

Combing the hair neatly completes the look perfectly!

Caesar cut


This hairstyle has risen to popularity just a while back and it is excellent for men who want to tame the large forehead. This hairstyle gives the impression of a shorter forehead.

Keep it minimal


This hairstyle is the one which has no hassles at all in terms of maintenance and it is perfect for those men who do not care if they have a large forehead.

With the new patterns that can be given to side-burns, super-short crew cuts are trendy this season.

Spike it up


Spiking up the top part is a great way to keep the attention away from the large forehead. The spike decreases the volume while keeping up with the fashionable look. Almost no maintenance required. The haircut looks neat.

Lateral bangs


The lateral bangs are one of the best haircuts for guys with big foreheads. Covering up the forehead makes for a great image. The longer the bangs the more stylish the image can be. However, such style requires lots of up-keeping.

Disheveled bangs


This is one of the easiest to make hairstyles for guys with big foreheads. All that needs to be done is to grow short bangs, which will usually stick up on their own. If hair is a little unruly, some light hair gel will help do the job.

The mohawk


The mohawk is always in style. Big forehead – small forehead, it doesn’t matter. A mohawk looks amazing with a big forehead and provides a very fashionable look. Mohawk will look great on a man of any age and occupation.

The mohawk with a pompadour


A pompadour is a great way to make the big forehead look very tasteful. Such style doesn’t fit all the face types, but most of the men will look great with it. Maintaining a pompadour might be a hassle, but it is worth the effort.

Upswept fohawk


This style is a great idea for covering up a large forehead. Swept up bangs on top and hair cut short on the sides make up for a great and fashionable fohawk. This is another high-maintenance style, which can make any man look stylish.

Straight fringe bangs


Straight fringe bangs are always in style. The stylist can choose which type of bangs fit a certain face the most.

But whatever their choice is, the bangs are always a great way out. Straight fringe bangs don’t require any hair cosmetics.

Straight out fohawk


Keeping just a little bit of hair on top, while having the sides cut short makes for a great fohawk.

The classical straight out fohawk is a great idea for any man with a large forehead. This easy to achieve style has a fresh and fun feel to it, which will make a man of any age look younger.

Varied length haircut


The varied length haircut is a creative way to arrange long and thick hair. Such hairstyle always looks fashionable and does wonders to create a sexy look.

Keeping the hair together is a little complicated, but gel and patience will do the job.

Spiky fohawk


More on top and less on the bottom. This is the motto of a man with a large forehead. Bangs are his best friends as well. So such spiky mohawk with bangs might be the best hairstyle for a man with a big forehead available out there.

The clean and short


Keeping the hair as short as possible is another great way to deal with the big forehead. Such haircuts are always popular. Keeping them neat doesn’t require any effort, while the clean look adds the owner some simple style.

Lateral fohawk


The fohawk is always a great choice for a man with a large forehead. A lateral fohawk is even a better idea. But no matter how the fohawk is styled, keeping it neat and clean is the first priority. A disheveled fohawk might look disastrous.

Short and messed up 


The messed up cuts are usually in style. However, some of them require a lot of maintenance. This cut will need some time to be kept neat, however, the results are amazing. This cut with straight hairline is a great idea for men with bigger foreheads.

Keep up the volume


Lucky owners of thick hair don’t have to do almost anything to cover up the forehead. Keeping the volume in front is an easy way to uphold the style. However, such haircut might not be considered fashionable by some.

Graduated bob


Thinking that graduated bobs look great on women only is a big mistake. Bobs are wonderful for men as well. Such bob is a great way to cover up the forehead while keeping a very neat hairstyle. There is really nothing to add.

The smart style


The smart cut means looking as stylish as possible without as little maintenance as allowed. This is the best smart cut for men with large foreheads.

They can enjoy an amazing looking cut, which requires no time to keep it neat and makes the forehead look wonderful at the same time.

The V-shaped pompadour


For those who have a widow’s peak along with a large forehead, a V-shaped pompadour is a great way out. The more hair is grown to make a pompadour, the better. The volume does the trick.

Blown back look


The look of the hair blown back is very suave. If your hair is manageable enough, such look is easily achieved. This cut does wonder for adding some height to the owner while keeping the forehead in check.

The side part


There are some similarities to an undercut here, but in this cut one of the sides is cut short, while the other one is kept as long as possible. Such haircut creates a cool image and accentuates other facial features.

Crew cut


A crew cut might seem like an easy way out, and it really is. A big forehead shouldn’t keep anyone from getting one of the most popular haircuts out there. Getting a crew cut is always a great solution for almost any face type.

The longer the better


Long hair does a lot for elongating facial features, so a large forehead will not be as noticeable. Long locks create a sort of a balance between the upper and the lower part of the face. However, overdoing the length is not recommended.

The longer -shorter combination


Keeping it short on the sides and long on top provides a great and stylish look. The finger-run-trough image of the upper part of the hair is a great choice for those who want to accentuate the hairstyle rather than the forehead size.

An Ivy League Haircut


An ivy league haircut doesn’t always mean combing the hair over to one side. Keeping it up is another way to do it. While a classical ivy league cut might not look good with a large forehead, this one is what the doctor ordered.

Messy shag


A messy shag does wonders for diverting attention from different facial features. A large forehead is not an exception. The messy shag doesn’t require much maintaining, except regular barber visits. Remember, the messier the better!

Taper cut


Taper cut is a certain type of a fohawk. Such cut looks great with curly hair as well as straight one. Keeping the temples closely cut, while leaving some more hair up top is a great and easy way to make a stylish haircut.

A geometrical mohawk


A geometrical mohawk is probably the best haircut for men with large foreheads. If there is enough hair on the forehead to create geometrical shapes, the cut will look absolutely terrific. The size of the mohawk itself doesn’t matter.
School boys haircuts and hairstyles: Are you tired of the boring rules and regulations of your school? It’s time to spice up your life with some eye-popping haircuts that might drive you away from the restricting atmosphere of the school. Those who want an ideal haircut for themselves should absolutely try out these 50 simple haircuts and hairstyles for cool school boys.


The Most Popular School Boys Haircuts

If you would like to keep your cool while sporting the best hairstyle out there, it makes sense to browse some options. We prepared 50 most popular and cool school boy’s haircuts for you to choose from. If you don’t mind spending some time making your hair look terrific, check out some more complicated hairstyles. If you don’t want to bother with the hair, take a look at some of the low-maintenance options.


1. The Effortless Fade

It is a kind of brush cut where the side and back hairs are cut too short to give an even fade look. For a more natural touch the hair is usually forward brushed. The hairstyle is so amazing that it doesn’t required are styling product.


2. Layered and a waspy fade


Boys who have tried fade haircut can now wear a more advanced variant of such haircut. The basic idea is same but the fade is being highlighted deliberately to give a tough yet sober look.

3. The punk metal


This haircut gives a tint of rock culture. The hair is of a fair length that lets the guy look carefree and casual. It can be styled with hair gels and mousses but can also be left dry and messy.

4. Preppy Modish look

A decent haircut with a formal touch is undeniable for a school going boy. This haircut leaves the hair neither too short nor too long. When the hair is side swept it provides a neat and super cool appearance look to the guy.

5. Popular Spikes


Any haircut with cool short spikes can add various flavors to the look. The edgy finish on the top can be enhanced by good quality hair styling products which can make the tiny spikes more specific.

The spikes can also be highlighted with hair colors that goes well with the skin tone.

6. Hot Pompadour

It is one of the most stylish and popular hairstyles of the era. It goes well with almost all the face cuts.

The hair needs no specific partition but if anybody wants his hair to be side parted then he needs to keep the hair on the top a bit longer than the usual.

7. Jagged square top


For a strong masculine look guys with round face should prefer this haircut. The hair on the top is cut in such a manner that gives a sheer oblong shape to the face.

8. Crew cut


When you don’t have time to maintain your hair or even comb it, you must do a crew cut to your hair. Unlike most of the other haircuts it is utterly short and stylish. It gives a macho touch to your look.

9. Medium-sized hair


If your hair is straight, the texture is shiny and you don’t like short hair, then the coolest thing that you can do is to grow your hair a little longer. Bangs on such hair type can be kept loose and sometimes messy.

10. Peachy Fauxhawk

This haircut is popular among a lot of guys. It pours attitude and confidence into the look which also gives a hippy touch into the character.

11. Funky shaved sides

filename If you have curly hair and yet you want to put volume onto the top, this is the best haircut that you should try. Here the sides are shaved off so as to focus the beloved crown of curls.

12. The Undercut

filenameThis haircut guarantees a semi-formal look. The prudent layered cut on the top is fused with shortly cut hair on the sides. To make the hair look neat hair styling products can be of great use. The longer hairs can also be clustered into a ponytail or a male-bun.

13. Disheveled bangs


The bangs might be called cute but they are a style all on their own. Such haircut doesn’t require much maintenance and won’t look bad if the comb is left at home.

Messy hair looks great on boys as long as they make sure the bangs don’t get into their eyes.

14. Brush it up


Brushing the hair up top to make it look like a voluminous spike is a great idea for those who are not afraid of some hair gel.

The stylish cut on the sides is a great way to accentuate the volume on top. The combination is priceless.

15. The side part


Making the hair longer on one side of the head is a very stylish schoolboy haircut.

While looking very fashionable, the cut doesn’t require a lot of cosmetics and care. This hairstyle seems very trendy and attracts attention.

16. The comb over


The comb over is one of the easiest haircuts for school boys out there. It doesn’t require any scissors work. Combing the bangs up top and keeping them there with some gel takes seconds to do. The comb over is easily undone and turns into a regular cut with bangs.

17. Wavy bob


Bobs are always a great choice for men, women and children. They come in all shapes and sizes and look very stylish. The wavy bob requires thick hair and allows the boys to forget about brushing.

Keeping the length appropriate is of utmost importance, otherwise, the stylish bob will turn into a mess.

18. Long bangs


This haircut might look extremely fashionable and cool, but it takes a lot of effort to keep it in place. Such hairstyle is a great idea for a party but will become pretty annoying in everyday life. A comb over can save the day.

19. The abrupt fade


The abrupt fade looks very unusual, which scores it a lot of points. Keeping the lower part of the temples shaved, while leaving neatly cut hair on top does wonders for creating a special style. This school boy haircut is bound to become popular.

20. Stylish pompadour


A stylish pompadour will become an older school boy’s best friend if he is ready to keep it neat. Fashionable bordering on sexy, this style always looks great. However, maintenance is a must here, otherwise, it will look unkempt.

21. Funky geometrical mohawk


A funky mohawk is a great way to make even the most ordinary boy a real star. Getting creative with shaving is a must. No need to use any hair gel or take the brushes out. The funky mohawk looks great all on its own. Give it a try!

22. Let the curls outfilename

Curls are always tough to keep neat. This is one of the simplest hairstyles for school boys with curls. Cutting them just long enough to look cared-for is an art. But once it is done, the boy will feel the difference.

23. The curly spike


Another way to deal with the curls is cutting them very short. However, those who would like to show them off can leave some of them on top to make a creative curly spike. This hairstyle is the best choice for any type of curls out there.

24. Spike it up!


For those who are not big fans of complicated haircuts, but still want to have some style, the hair cosmetics will do the job. Some hair gel mixed together with imagination will turn any boring cut into a stylish spike. The best part about it is once the fervor is gone, the spike can easily disappear too.

25. Uneven bangs


They might look like a stylist’s mistake but those who are savvy will right away notice a fashionable haircut. If neatly arranged, the uneven bangs add a touch of mystery to any face and create a hairstyle all on their own.

26. Asymmetrical straight cut


Asymmetrical cut is a bold way to show character. Such hairstyle is pretty hard to make and even more complicated to keep it intact. However, the impression it makes helps make all the effort seems like its worth it.

27. Asymmetrical wavy cut


As opposed to the asymmetrical straight cut, its asymmetrical wavy partner is easier to keep in place. For those who have wavy hair this style will become a great choice. Adding some color will add a little cherry on top.

28. Medium cut with long bangs


A medium cut is a safe way to keep your hair neat and boring. However, some longer bangs swept to one side will add it a lot of style. The main thing to do is to keep the cut neat. The disheveled bangs do not do the trick here.

29. The mohawk


A real straight out mohawk might be too much for a school boy, but this lighter version is a way to avoid the drastic change. Keeping the hair just a little shorter on the sides and longer on top will make a mohawk impression while leaving most of the hair in place.

30. The preppy haircut


Looking preppy and clean cut is a great idea for any school boy. This haircut with short and neat bangs will leave any boy happy since the maintenance is kept to a minimum. However, such cut requires pretty thick hair to look good.

31. The wet look 


Using a lot of gel might not appeal to a school boy, but a fashionable style usually requires it. So those who care about their looks will take the gel out and get to work. The wet look is always in style regardless of the haircut or the hair type.

32. Reversed layered cut 


Long layers on top and short hair on the temples is the ingredients the latest fashionable styles are made of. The rest is left up to the imagination. The hair can be left straight and brushed to the side, or a stylish spike can be made using some hair gel.

33. Creative crew cut


Crew cuts might seem boring, so a little imagination is allowed. Leaving a little hair on top to create a mohawk look is a great idea for a change. Schoolboy hairstyles are bound to be interesting and creative, so this one is a great find.

34. Ceaser cut


Caesar cut is one of the most popular hairstyles for school boys. The hairstyle looks very neat and will keep most of the educational institution standards satisfied. Maintenance is minimal here, while the fashion is at its all time high.

35. Side comb over


For those who like long hair, want to keep it out of their eyes and look stylish at the same time, the side comb over is a great choice. However, this hairstyle requires some serious use of hair cosmetics, which most boys don’t appreciate.

36. The shag


Keeping the hair shaggy is another style of choice for many school boys. No maintenance and no worry. However, such shag requires regular visits to the barber, otherwise, it will turn into a complete mess.

37. Add some color


Crazy colorful changes might be too much for a school boy. However, a little highlighting is always in style. Adding a little color to the hair will give it a completely new and fashionable look and will make it stand out of the crowd.

38. Fohawk


Fohawks are an easy way to keep the boy and the school officials satisfied. While the style is obvious, there are no drastic elements. The fohawks come in all shapes and sizes and leave a lot of room for imagination.

39. Add some volume


A voluminous fohawk is a great choice for those who have thick unruly hair. Keeping a lot of volume on top adds some style to the fohawk while leaving most of the hair in place. A little hair gel can subdue the volume.

40. Messy bob


A messy bob can look great on a schoolboy if he manages to keep the balance between messy and messed up. Bobs are always in style and are great for elongated face form. They are also great for adding volume to thick hair.

41.  The rock star


A healthy amount of messiness mixed together with a wet look and some volume makes for a great rock star look. Boys will appreciate the low maintenance of this style. Hair gel will make it even more apparent.

42.  The crest


Making a fashionable crest is not easy, but the result is unbelievable. The crest will look outstanding if the rest of the hair is straight and neatly arranged. This medium-long hairstyle will fit older school boys bets while attracting a lot of attention from the girls.

43.  Straight shag


The straight shag is a popular but a very high maintenance cut. It will fit those boys who are ready to keep their hair neat. This cut will be possible for those who have straight hair. Owners of wavy hair will need to spend sometimes flattening it out.

44.  Straight fringe


The straight fringe is always in style and fits school boys of any ages. It looks great with straight hair but doesn’t lose any style with the wavy ones. It is easy to make, easy to maintain and easy to style. A great choice for anyone.

45.  The curly surfer style


This style was initially designed to be messy, but soft curls can make it very neat and cute. Lucky owners of manageable curls can make the surfer style any day of the week. All it takes is to do some brushing.

46.  The long fade


Keeping the hair on the sides a little longer than the shaving would allow and leaving the top hair longer than usual will create an interestingly-looking long fade. Such school boy hairstyle doesn’t require any maintenance and can be enjoyed for a long time without visiting the stylist.

47.  Ivy league


The ivy league haircuts never go out of style. They look just as great on the school boys as they do on older men. An ivy league cut is easily achieved and takes some effort to keep neat. The coolness this haircut emits is worth all the effort.

48. Tousled waves


This playful style is created to look great on younger school boys. It is easy to make and keep in place, but brushing it can take some effort. Once the boy gets a little older, the style should go out the door and be replaced with something more serious.

49. Mess it up


Young boys are often associated with messy haircuts. This one is another way to mess them up while keeping the cool. Some hair gel and fun is required to keep it in place.

50. Long bangs


Long bangs is a great idea to emphasize the eyes, while the longer hair on the sides does a good job covering ears for those boys who don’t like to flaunt them. This haircut is great for straight and thick hair.

If you want to be the ‘girl’s favorite guy’ of your school then any of these cool hairstyles for boys can help to turn the girls crazy for just a single glance of yours. So guys try it out.

51. Easy spikes


This easy to make style is great for those men who are tired of simple haircuts, want something different but don’t want to spend much time on their look. The spikes are easily created by using a little hair gel.

If you are someone who is constantly getting confused about how to style your hair, I hope this list of hairstyle will help you how to flaunt your large forehead with confidence or camouflage it in style.

52. Taper


This ultra-low maintenance look has tons of vintage style and is timeless in the real sense of the word. The sides and the back are short, often shaved and paired with short hair on the top. This look is a no fuss do and can be easily modified into spikes or slicked down, depending on the mood.

53. Fauxhawk


Don’t get scared by the name, this cut is nowhere as aggressive as the Mohawk it shares its name with. Keep the middle long and cut the sides short, giving a very playful and yet very low maintenance look. It is absolutely perfect for a great hairstyle for young boys, displaying just the right mix of naughtiness and innocence.

54. Beach


As with all fashion fads, the classic flipped out beach look from the 1980s is making a comeback as a great look for young boys. Cover the ears and have thick bangs hanging over the forehead to complete the look. It does require some product to keep and maintain but is very classic and ideal for angular faces with thick hair.

55. Undercut


This look is slightly aggressive, so is well suited for teens. The undercut has buzzed sides done with a close clipper and bangs that hang around the eyebrows so that it can be flipped back onto the head. This modern look is very versatile, working with both straight as well as wavy hair. Keeping the front long allows you to slick it back for formal affairs but spike it up for casual ones.

56. Side part


Another popular style from the first half of the 20th century, brought back for a very classic and stylish look, the side part is very manly but not in an overly aggressive manner. Think gentleman-like and it is easy to understand why this is the perfect hairstyle for young boys, a model to emulate both in though as well as looks. The sides and back are short but not so short that they contrast with the top. Overall, the look should be very smooth and devoid of contrasts. It stands out by virtue of class and not shock.

57. Spiky fringe


A popular hairstyle for teens, this spiky look emulates a windblown look rather than the porcupine spikes of some punk rock styles. This style is done with some hair mousse and takes a little maintenance, but it is little enough to not become a chore. The hair is cut with medium length bangs and short all over the rest. The bangs are then spiked with mousse.

58. Classic fringe


Another look that is an instant classic, this hairstyle is best suited for teens with a little height. The fringe works with both straight as well as wavy hair. The hair is kept tousled on top for a casual look while the clean bangs that hang over the forehead add a hint of the modern. This style can be modified for both short and long hair and is very versatile.

59. Caesar


The Caesar is really the king of short hair looks for young boys because it plays short hair to its strengths. While mature men use it to balance out their balding hair, the younger ones will find it to be just extremely convenient and requires no upkeep whatsoever. The cut is simple: short hair of the same length all over the head.

60. Spiky undercut


This easy to make hairstyle will be appreciated by guys with any hair type. All you will need to do is get a simple undercut and use a little hair gel to create a spiky look on top of your head. If you are not ready to deal with hair cosmetics, just brush your hair and go.

61. Side part


Guys with fine hair will like this short undercut with a side part. When the side part is created and the hair is brushed to one side, your hairstyle gets volume it’s lacking due to the texture of your hair. Just don’t forget to brush your mane to keep it neat.

62. Short and wet


If you don’t want to bother with touch ups during the day and want to forget about the hairbrush until evening, the wet look is for you. Any haircut will look neat if you apply a lot of hair gel and style it backwards or to the side.

63. Spiky bangs


If you are ready for some work, then get a longish undercut which will leave some bangs to play around with. Use some hair gel to keep the front part as high as you can. Side sweep it to one side for a more spunky appearance.

64. Neat comb over


Taper fades look amazing on men with any hair type. If your mane is fine and straight, you will like the neat comb over. Brush the hair backwards and keep it there with a little hairspray. This simple hairstyle will surely score you some points.

65. Spiky experiment


If you learned how to deal with spikes, then this short haircut for simple boys will become one of your favorites. Use hair gel and your fingers to style the top part of your hair upward and move it to one side. Asymmetry is always in style, so a spike on one side is a wonderful idea.

66. Let your hair do the job


If your hair is thick, it can do just fine holding shape on its own. You can go for an undercut or a taper fade and leave some hair to stand up on top. Guys with fine hair will need some hair gel to do the trick. You will just need to work the hairbrush.

67. Simple taper fade


This is the simplest haircut idea that will allow you to forget about styling. An easy to make taper fade will not cause you any hassle. Just brush your hair and go!

68. Short bob


Bobs create a nice and romantic look for guys with fine hair. The level of maintenance will depend on how good your stylist will do his or her job. Get layers in order to create some volume and shape. This way you’ll avoid tedious styling.

69. Keep it simple


As we already told you, undercuts and taper fades are the best way to go. Make your hair care even simpler by keeping most of your head shaved. Leave some hair on top to create a fashionable mohawk or a stylish fohawk.

We hope you liked at least one of the choice we are offering here. They are all quite simple to make and most of them are absolutely hassle free. Choose a couple and go to your hairstylist for more advice. Don’t be afraid of being too simple. Easy haircuts can be stylish too.

So there you have it, folks. Some are timeless looks our grandfathers wore, some are a little souped up with a dash of modernity. Whatever your poison, these amazing hairstyles for young boys will certainly cover all your fancies and then some.

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