How to Remove Hair Dye (Methods You Can Use)

Hair coloring is fast taking over the hair industry. So many people are taking on different colors as a form of change.

We all have this moment when we first try something in the beauty industry and feel like wow that’s the best decision ever made.

Remove Hair Dye before and after

But then a few days later, you don’t want it anymore. This happens with hair coloring.

Hair coloring in itself is a harsh process to the hair strains and once you have it on you have to go through a lengthy process of constantly moisturizing and nourishing your strands.

Now imagine that you suddenly don’t like the color you chose.

Disaster, right?

So, what happens? You have to get rid of it. The last thing you should do is to employ some haphazard methods. This will damage your already weak hair further.

Ways to Remove the Hair Dye from Skin

Hair coloring is a trendy yet easy way to change your style.

It’s fun yet a great way to change your style but when you are thinking of removing the hair dye that is attached to your skin, below are the methods to use.

  • Seek professional advice

If you are going to color your hair, you should at least seek professional advice as opposed to getting the colors and color removers over the counter.

The good thing is that the professionals will advise you on what methods to use to remove the color from the hair.

The best thing is also that while they are coloring your hair, they will protect you from staining your scalp.

  • How about professional dye removal?

This is ideal for those who aren’t able to apply the dye in the salon. You can apply that dye at home then go to a salon for the professional removal of the dye.

  • Use Vaseline it works to protect your skin from dye stain

If you only want to remove the stains. You should try and avoid the stains in the first place. Before you begin the dyeing process, coat your hairline and parts of the scalp with petroleum jelly. It will keep the dye from reaching your skin and even act as a stain remover.

You could also just rub the petroleum on the skin where you have the dye. This will then slowly remove the dye.

  • How about some patience?

You can decide to do nothing and then you will have the dye becoming lighter and lighter over time. It might even just take a week before you have the dye completely removed.

  • Dish soap and baking soda

Other times some people use the dish soap together with baking soda in equal parts. This one will work by lifting the stain from your scalp. The baking soda, on the other hand, will add some abrasive effect.

Apply that baking soda and the detergent mixture to the skin and use the makeup pad to remove the dye out of the skin completely.

  • You can use the toothpaste and toothbrush

In this case, you need a new toothbrush with soft bristles. I know most people are surprised to hear that one can use the toothpaste but you can. Remember, it contains a little bit of baking soda in it. This will give you a mild abrasion.

How Can You Remove the Hair Color Safely at Home?

If you didn’t know there are so many methods you can use to remove the hair color. You can use the professional methods which often include some detergents to remove it but you may also achieve the same results by using home remedy products.

Removing hair dye at home

  • Mix the baking soda with a shampoo

If you are targeting the hair removal process, the anti-dandruff shampoo will work the magic. Other people though like to use the clarifying shampoo. Ensure you use the 2 ingredients (shampoo and baking soda) in equal parts.

Lather that mixture onto your hair and let it stay on for a few more minutes. Rinse your hair using warm to hot water. You can do this for a number of days following and the hair color will slowly fade off.

Notice that baking soda is a vital ingredient in the laundry. It’s used to clean off the stains. The reason why it works with the antidandruff shampoo is that the shampoo has selenium sulphide ingredient which naturally strips the hair of its color.

So, the selenium is going to lighten the hair as the baking soda acts as a scrubbing agent. You will need to repeat this process for a number of times before you can see the ultimate results though.

  • Vitamin c tablets and hot water

You could also form a paste of the two. Vitamin c and warm-hot water then apply it onto the hair. Let the paste rest on your hair as you cover it with a shower cap and then rinse with another warm to hot water.

It’s effective if you have just changed your mind after coloring the hair. It will work even better if you wait a few more days after the dye application.

It appears to be the safest option and non-abrasive method to those who have had their hair colored darker. The acid that is found in vitamin c will oxidize the color and thus loosen its molecules.

  • Vinegar

This is another one of the many methods you may use. Consider the use of plain white vinegar. Similar to the way the vitamin c will work, the acidity of that vinegar will strip that dye from the hair. It doesn’t damage your hair or scalp

It’s effective but mostly because most hair colors can’t stand the acid in the vinegar.

  • Baby oil

This is one of the gentlest methods to use in the removal of the dye stain on the skin. You can apply that baby oil on parts of the head and skin that are already stained. Let it rest there overnight or give it at least 8 hours on the skin.

Next, wash the oil off with some warm water and mild soap. You should see the result in a number of washes.

  • Make-up remover

One of the most important items in a woman’s house is a makeup remover which you use every night before you go to sleep. They remove the make-up from the skin and eyes. You can use it to remove the dye too.

Apply it then give it time before you can rinse the skin with soap and warm water.

  • Clothing detergent and dish soap

For most people, the thought of clothing detergent seems so harsh on hair since it’s meant to work on your regular fabric. The good thing about it is that it breaks down the oils and pigments on the hair strands.

Whenever you are looking for a way to fade the hair color, you should use this combination even though it’s so drying. Notice that it won’t work on the same day so you need to use it a number of times before it can completely get rid of the hair color.

Some people use it in preparation for the real color remover.

Heres how it works: mix a dish detergent/ laundry detergent of choice, mix it with shampoo, add on the baking soda and hot water. All the items here have different functions. While you are still in the shower, you can apply the ingredient to your hair.

Leave that mix on the hair for about 10 minutes before you can rinse it off. Once you are through with it, you can deep condition the hair to prevent the dryness.

  • Bleach bath

This comes in as one of the less damaging products in the market.

Here you simply take a powder bleach and a soap cap method and then with some shampoo. Mix this ingredient at the ration of 2:1:1 following the powder bleach, water, and shampoo respectively.

Next, apply the mixture to your hair the same way you would with regular shampoo. Through the process, you want to make sure it doesn’t get into your eyes.

Leave it on for about 45 minutes. You can use it with all kinds of hair color whether permanent, demi-permanent or semi-permanent.

Continue to check the hair every after 5 -10 minutes to confirm how much has faded. Next, wash it thoroughly.

  • A high lift blonde dye

We all know that color will never lift color although a high lift blonde dye will work to add and improve the minor correction. You can easily use the blond dye to remove the left-over tint that you have left on the hair.

So, this one you will only use after you have the hair color being completely faded and you only have a few tints left. Don’t think of using this method to lighten dark hair because it doesn’t work.

It works to even out the tones as well as the removal of light staining on the hair. It will work more for your almost blonde hair color. Notice that this method is not advisable if you have the darkest hair.

  • Bleaching

Whenever you realize that you completely do not like hair color, it’s quite easy for you to go for the bleach. If you didn’t know, bleach is one of the most effective methods of hair color removal. However, it’s accused of being overly harsh on the strands.

So then why should you use bleach if it will harm you? The reason is that sometimes you try to get rid of the color and it just doesn’t come out. If you are in a situation where you have tried all other color removal methods to no success then maybe you should use bleach.

You should know that bleaching often damages the hair so try as much to not use this method whatsoever. It will work to remove color tones quicker. They are used to remove the permanent color.

  • How about a swim

By now you know that when you want to remove the colors you won’t do everything just in a day, you have to be patient. So how about deciding to swim more often? After all, you will be exercising every part of the body.

This will work to fade the semi-permanent color rapidly fast but with the permanent one, you have to repeatedly swim for it to be effective.

  • The sun

Sometimes you don’t need all that, just wait for summer days and expose your hair under the sun. It’s not so advisable to expose yourself to the sun although, during the summer days, you won’t avoid the sun.

During this time especially if you used the hair color method that does not photosensitive, you can rest assured that you will have the hair color fading over time.

As you do this, you should work towards making sure you avoid sunburns. The sun method is not so effective though if you have permanent color.

  • The bath salts

These are the salts that were used to relieve pain in the olden days. They are a mix of soluble minerals and added to soluble water. They include Epsom salts and sodium bicarbonate.

When you have decided on this method, simply run some water in a bathtub, run in some salt and then soak in the hair. Give it enough time and the color is going to be drawn from your hair.

Though it takes some time, this might yet be another one of the safe methods to use. It will only take a few minutes to notice a pool of color.

Color Remover

This falls into two parts you can have

  • The color reducer
  • Color strippers

The color stripers: they are quite similar to the bleach. They make the artificial hair color extractors. It’s quite effective and it makes one of the least harmful ways to remove the hair color.

It works to remove the oxidative dye or permanent color from the hair.

The color reducer: this is the second kind of color remover that doesn’t tamper with natural hair color while removing the hair color. They work to remove the permanent color from your hair but with minimal to no damage on your natural hair.

Major difference

  • The color stripers will come to you in powder form while the color reducers are liquid in nature.
  • The color reducer stinks whereas color striper doesn’ They smell like the rotten egg or sulphurous smell.
  • The color stripers although less damaging, they will still damage your hair more than the color reducer.
  • For effectivity, you should use the color reducer for 2-3 times before it has completely washed away the unwanted color. It will shrink the color molecules in the hair and then allow it to be washed away.
  • Nevertheless, remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions as they are informed on how the color remover works.

How to use it generally

Before you begin the process, you should have clean hair.

Apply it then to your dry and conditioned hair. Gently rub the hair color remover to all the parts of the hair ensuring you apply it to all the parts. This will help you ensure you have full coverage of the hair.

Cover the hair then with a shower cap or a plastic wrap. Stay in a warm part of the house letting the color rest on the hair for the stipulated time by the manufacturer.

If possible do not use any form of heat.

You can then rinse the hair and notice the difference in color. Wash that hair thoroughly with a shampoo. Use shampoo on the hair for 5-7 times as you thoroughly rinse the hair.

1. Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo

This is a great shampoo for you if you are having the hair build ups from the massive use of hair products. It’s quite gentle on the scalp and hair but gives you a powerful wash. In removing the buildup, you instantly increase the volume of your hair.

So, you don’t have to use this on a daily basis but only when you feel like your hair has build-ups. You should most definitely use it for your color-treated hair. Especially after you have applied the color or when you have decided to remove the color.

There are even stronger chemicals that we tend to use once we have the color removed. The only way to be sure you got rid of all the chemicals during the removal process is in using the right shampoo.

2. Color Oops Developlus Color Oops Color Remover

This is by far one of the most popular color removers available in the market. One of the major problems we have is where you have the color removers damaging your hair but not the color oops especially when you know how to work it.

This developus color remover has the extra strength to get rid of even the stubborn stains in the easiest way. With the product, you are sure of your hair safety especially because it has no bleach and ammonia.

Remember to deep condition your hair once you use the color removal product to get rid of the color. Give it 20 minutes or more for it to process.

3. Milliard 5lbs Baking Soda/Sodium Bicarbonate USP

There are many other forms of baking soda you can use but this is just that single one. Milliard baking soda is used for various forms of cleaning. From personal hygiene to home hygiene we have you covered with this product.

This baking soda is pure and without preservatives or additives. The item comes in odorless, opaque and easy to use. Mix this one with other ingredients of effectivity of the process.

Hot Oil Treatment to Remove Hair Color

This is another method you may use to remove your permanent dark color. Unlike all the other methods the oil will condition and then moisturize your hair. In this process, you can use olive oil, extra virgin oil, coconut oil almond oil among others.

  • Begin by washing your hair with the clarifying shampoo
  • Heat a bit of your favorite oil in the microwave.
  • Apply the warm oil on your damp colored hair. Apply this oil from the roots to the tips.
  • Use a shower cap or plastic bags to cover your hair. Give the hair about 45 minutes to let it penetrate the hair.
  • Wash that hair with the clarifying shampoo then you can rinse it thoroughly.
  • Now use the conditioner for the added moisturizing.

4. Color X-Change Phase-Out Gentle Dye Decolorizer + Intensive Hair Mask

The one thing that happens when you remove the color is normally the products stripping your hair of their moisture and nutrients. The color mask is effective to lock in the moisture once you finish the whole process.

This is a safe product to use since its ammonia peroxide and paraben free. It’s further vegan-friendly, gluten-free and cruelty-free. This product is gentle and it will mostly work to lift the semi-permanent color.

The product is designed in such a way that it won’t over process your hair. If you like you can also follow the hair with color or bleach. Unlike most other products this one has no bad odor.

How to Remove the Demi-Permanent Hair Color

The demi-permanent color is used to darken the hair or add low lights. It deposits new color without lightening which then makes it ideal than using bleach.

It further contains no ammonia and thus less damaging. You expect the demi-permanent color to fade within 6 weeks but it depends on the environment and hair porosity.

When you want to quickly remove it though, you can use the following process:

  • Just wash it out immediately

If you just realized that the color got darker than you want, you can use a clarifying shampoo. For the first few days, just shampoo the hair twice a day and you will notice the difference in a short while.

Remember to condition your hair though as it loses its moisture.

  • Use color removers

Of course, if the first method isn’t successful you can use color removal.

Place the towel over your shoulder and divide the hair into four parts. Twist the parts and secure them with a clip.

Wear your gloves then apply the protective cream around the hairline and ears. In a clean bowl, mix the color remover with water or peroxide.

Apply the mixture to all the parts of your hair making sure all parts are saturated with the remover. Cover and let it rest for the set time.

Confirm that the remover is working every five minutes. Remember you shouldn’t have the remover on for more time than the stipulated one.

Rinse out the remover and even use the shampoo that is designed for color treated hair. You can then condition your hair to hydrate it or get rid of tangles.

How to wash out the hair dye

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