Raw Hair Vs Virgin Hair – Understanding the Two Hair Types

Innovation has had a massive impact on the hair industry. Today, you don’t have to worry if your hair is short or thin as you can use synthetic weaves and human wigs to cover your hair inadequacy.

While this is good news for the consumer, there are thousands of hair industries producing hair and this is so confusing because not all the hair is of high/good quality. For this reason, you have no choice but understand the basics of the hair industry.

Raw Hair Vs Virgin HairOur article focuses on raw hair and virgin hair. Understand that the two human hair types aren’t the same. The hair industry has gotten people confused about the same, there’s not a clear-cut difference between the two. This article is meant to help you highlight the difference.

What Is Raw Hair?

Raw hair literary refers to raw hair. This means the hair that isn’t altered by heat, steam or chemical processing. It’s basically unaltered and therefore 100% pure hair. Understand that raw hair is all virgin hair but not all the virgin hair makes for raw hair.

Raw HairThe entire bundle of raw hair is collected from a single donor. You don’t mix different hair from different donors. The raw hair is the highest level of quality hair that you may purchase.

Features of The Raw Hair

  • It lasts longer

Since the raw hair is sourced directly from the donors, it lasts longer than most other hair types. The good thing is that it further goes through an intense sanitizing process.

  • The donors are from one area

Understand that the donors are mostly from Vietnam, India, Burma, and Cambodia. Their hair texture is almost the same with most hair types being straight. This means that you will rarely find raw hair being tightly curled.

  • The style

There are two styles of raw hair: the straight one and the wavy one. The hair is less silky and it’s also coarser than virgin hair type. On rare occasions, you will find the curly hair.

  • It comes from a single donor

Although the description of raw hair is that it is an unprocessed hair, we should add onto that that the hair is sourced from a single donor.  Nevertheless, the market of people looking for raw hair is larger than the number of donors.

For this reason, hair manufacturers are finding it hard to produce raw hair from a single donor as they should. They are therefore opting to use at least donors for a bundle. This leaves us with the original definition that states: raw hair is unprocessed.

  • The raw hair kinds

As earlier stated, there are about 3 types of raw hair:

Raw Indian hair: This is popular among buyers and it’s also deeply loved. They are light brown in color which makes it easy to blend with other hair types and colors.

Raw Vietnamese: This one gives you the perfect straight hair. It appears so smooth in texture no wonder most celebrities love it. You can easily blend it with your natural hair if it’s smooth and straight.

Raw Cambodian: This, on the other hand, is thicker and fits well with those who have curly hair.

1. Indian Raw Hair Body Wave

This hair is sourced from the donors in India. The raw hair is shedding free and it remains neat. The hair is collected from donors with healthy hair.

Like all other raw hair types, this hair remains tangle-free with aligned cuticles. The hair is thick and full giving you the vibrant youthful look. You can dye it if you wish since it comes in its natural color black. If you wish you can straighten it too.

Always confirm your hair texture before subjecting it to the heating process. This hair is the best type that looks natural and will rarely tangle. If you will take good care of the hair, it will last longer than you expect.

2. Raw Cuticle Aligned Hair Bundle

Typical of any type of raw hair, this one is sourced from a single donor. The hair remains healthy and bouncy. It further assumes a silky, smooth texture even after you have washed it several times. Here, all the cuticles are kept in an aligned manner.

There’s no silicone nor hair chemical treatment of the hair. What’s more, it remains moist from within the hair shaft. You can dye this hair type, perm it or bleach it. Your hair will last up to 3 years if you will take care of it.

Although it’s a high-priced type, it’s the best choice of hair when it comes to raw hair. It looks natural and is bouncy and it fits well to your regular hair.

3. Genuine Raw Cambodian Wavy BUNDLES Authentic Unprocessed

This is a real deal and worth your every penny. Coming in from Cambodia which is another hub for raw hair, the hair doesn’t lose its value. It can work as a wig or perfect sew in. There are no chemicals used for the processing of the hair.

It’s directly from the donor to the manufacture and to the shop. The hair is wavy in form which is the typical hair structure of Cambodians. It contains no chemicals and it doesn’t tangle. The hair has a great scent and its washed before shipping it.

It remains vibrant over a long time especially if you learn how to take care of it. Additionally, it will last longer than you expect.

4. Raw Hair extensions / Vietnamese Human Hair

Another high quality and wavy type of hair is here. The hair is machine wefted and double wefted. This assures you that shedding is unheard of. The hair is sourced from a single or two donors from Vietnam. The hair is grouped to a ponytail and then cut together.

There are no additional chemicals for the hair and it’s carefully washed to get rid of unwanted features. You can bleach this hair or dye it as you please. It further has a lace closure to help it attain the natural look. These bundles are dried in sunlight to avoid spoiling the piece.

How Much Is Raw and Virgin Hair?

We must agree that the raw hair pieces are pricy. The price of this hair is at the hundreds of dollars which is mostly over $200. Theirs’s is a high price but you will agree with me that the quality is equally uncompromised.

The virgin hair, on the other hand, is also expensive except you might find cheaper options. You might find a virgin hair for as little as$40 or even $500. It’s all a matter of your set budget.

When you buy this product, you have every reason to take good care of it because it’s an investment of course.

Virgin Hair

This one, unlike the raw hair, is quite popular. You will hear every salonist or person in the hair industry talking of the virgin hair. In simple terms, the virgin hair is the type which hasn’t been chemically processed.

Virgin HairSince there have been industry alterations over the years, it’s okay to refer to hair that is steamed as virgin hair. The steaming method is the one that gives your virgin hair those exotic styles. They include the waves, silky straight, kinky curl, kinky straight, Spanish wave and more.

Since the industry is changing rapidly, you should know that what we knew as the virgin hair in 2015 (hair that is from a single donor and unprocessed) is not what we refer to as virgin hair in 2019.

Features of Virgin Hair

the use of Virgin HairReal virgin hair has never been colored or chemically treated. You can tell if your hair is colored or not by looking at it keenly. Although it’s mostly sourced directly from the donor, it shouldn’t be colored.

  • The kinds of virgin hair

There are 3 kinds of hair which we refer to as the virgin hair and they are:

Peruvian hair is coarse, thick and durable which makes it suit those with coarse and thick hair.

Brazilian hair is light, shiny and silky. It’s the hair that is mostly used in West Africa.

Malaysian hair is fuller, soft and silky. Its mostly used by those who have softer hair.

These hair types aren’t necessarily from the countries they are named after. There are companies that name the hair based on the hair structure and type. If it assumes the characteristics of any of the 3 above then the hair is given its name.

  • You can color it

If you have the correct virgin hair, you should be able to color it to any of your desired color. If that’s not the case then that’s not the virgin hair. The hair type usually has strong vitality.

  • It’s durable

Virgin hair is relatively expensive and you should, therefore, take good care of it. The good part is that you can use the hair for a long period of time. If you will use the right products, the hair will last long.

How to Tell If the Hair is a Legit Virgin and Raw Hair

If you have checked the high-quality virgin prices you will know why you don’t want to give chances to buying a fake hair type. But how do you know whether it’s legit?

  • What’s the smell?

Both hairs are mostly hair from a human donor and they never undergo excessive processing. This means that they shouldn’t have a strong scent or even the strong factory scent or odour.  If you notice a strong smell, chances are that the hair was processed at some point.

  • What about the shedding?

Like our natural hair, when you comb it, a little bit of shedding is inevitable. However, if you notice a lot of loose strands and shedding then that’s not the real raw hair or virgin hair.

  • Samples

If you are using a sales person don’t be afraid to ask for a sample if you know you wish to invest hundreds of dollars on the hair. Take the hair home for some tests.

  • Burn a strand or two of the hair

I mean it, just burn the strands this will tell you whether the hair is human hair or synthetic. The virgin and raw hair burns quick and completely when set on fire. It also smells like natural hair. The synthetic hair burns slower and it smells like plastic.

  • Does the hair curl nicely and straighten out naturally?

A good hair should straighten out naturally as it also curls out easily.

  • Wet the hair

A good form of human hair tends to curl up or form waves when wet or after washing. If you don’t see this then your hair is fake.

  • Bleach the hair

Even if you apply the bleach, your hair will remain silky and soft. You can balayage or ombre your hair with ease. On the other hand, synthetic hair will tangle and become dry.

  • Check the reviews

While there are naturally negative people, the reviews are your best guides as to the hair type you have. Other customers will guide you into knowing the experience you expect with the hair. Check the company page or search for it on your tube and google.

  • The brand

I prefer buying hair from popular brands. That way you are sure to reach them in case you have a problem with it. Having been in business longer means they understand what they are doing in regards to the hair.

5. Amella hair Brazilian body wave virgin hair

Featuring the premium quality hair, this is one of the virgin hair types available here in the US. The hair is 100% unprocessed which means it contains no synthetic pieces nor animal fur. It further has no chemical fur.

It’s sourced from your human donor. The hair is further machine wefted to avoid the tendency to shed. Amella has its cuticles aligned in one direction. The hair is natural and healthy with no tangles.

You can restyle the hair and make some amazing curls with the correct tools and temperature. Always use a hair spray to maintain the hair curls and texture. Being a virgin hair type, you can dye it to your color of choice.

The hair remains soft and bouncy with a great level of thickness which gives you the youthful look. The hair is healthy with no split ends but it’s upon you to take care of it.

6. ALI JULIA Hair 10A Grade Malaysian Virgin Body Wave

Another pure virgin hairpiece that comes in black color with wavy texture. The hair is unprocessed and not chemically treated. Since its machine wefted and double wefted there’s reduced shedding. It’s nicely thick and has a lasting silky texture.

It is soft even after several washes. If you will use the correct shampoo and conditioner then your hair must last longer. The hair may sometime contain split ends because it lost the right nutrients after donation, therefore, always use olive oil for it.

To avoid tangles consider cleaning your hair but then conditioning it as often as you need to. It assumes the heaviness of all the Malaysian hair types. However, it looks so good on people of all ages. You can dye it as desired.

7. 8A Brazilian Virgin Hair Straight Human Hair

Another one of the virgin hairs that’s 100% unprocessed. This one features the straight hair that is also beautiful. The hair has a lace frontal closure to assume the natural look. If further remains soft and healthy over a long time.

The hair is double wefted to ensure that it sheds less. It has no split ends; no chemical is used in the hair and it doesn’t tangle. Additionally, the hair is thick and neat with healthy ends. It comes in the natural black color which allows you to dye it to your desired color.

You should treat this hair as your natural hair. You can straighten it, curl it, bleach it or style it. The hair is quite easy to take care of and it will last longer if well taken care of. Sourced from the Brazilians hair donor the hair is easy to maintain.

8. Brazilian Virgin Curly Hair Weave

The curly hair is loved across the globe. This hair type features the 100% virgin human hair. It has a frontal lace closure which means you can wear it as a wig or sew it in. This hair features the high-quality type of hair that won’t tangle or shed easily.

For effectivity and longevity, always wash your hair with a good conditioner and treatment. The hair is double wefted and you are asked to seal the wefts if you by any chance need to cut them when sewing it in.

This hair won’t stand the high heat levels; therefore, you are called upon to use the protective hair spray for your hair. Use all the hair products in moderation because if used in excess you may damage the hair. The hair comes in its natural color although you can dye it if you wish.

Processed Vs Unprocessed Hair

Processed hair is the hair that is chemically treated. This happens during the producing stage. The processed hair isn’t bad contrary to most beliefs. Before you style the hair, you should wash it in an acidic bath to get rid of the cuticles.

This hair is often coated in silicone after the treatments. This will rejuvenate the hair and thereby enhance its shine.

Unprocessed hair

The major difference here is that the hair has its cuticles intact when you are buying it. In most cases, the unprocessed hair is from one donor. You can easily style it because it is just like your regular human hair.

The other difference is that it has a longer lifespan than the processed hair. The hair is soft shiny and manageable.

Unprocessed hair comes from a single donor, therefore, it’s hard to source than the processed one. Additionally, the processed hair is easy to match with your hair than the unprocessed one.

There’s no one that we may say is better than the other because it all depends on what you are looking for at any time. You also want to know the budget you have for the same as that will determine what you choose.

The Differences Between Raw Hair and Virgin Hair

The article was based on the differences. However, below is the summary as you have seen.

  • While both hairs are from human donors, raw hair is 100% unprocessed hair while virgin hair is at times processed. The raw hair is mostly from one or two people maximum.
  • Virgin hair is steamed and it creates a more uniformed curl or wave pattern. On the other hand, raw hair doesn’t have uniform curls and waves.
  • Raw hair is just the highest quality of human extension and it’s, therefore, more expensive. Virgin hair is the second highest quality and it’s equally expensive but not as much as the raw hair types.

What You Should Know About Raw Hair and Virgin Hair Before Choosing Either One

  • As you have seen the two hair types have significant differences. Virgin hair is steamed to give it texture while raw hair isn’t altered in any way.
  • Raw hair will only come in 3 textures curly, wavy and straight. You will find the kinky curly and body wave with the virgin hair but not raw hair
  • For maintenance, you will need different products for your raw hair and different ones for the virgin hair. For the raw hair, there are products you should never use and there are those you must use. Virgin hair isn’t affected much by the products you use for raw hair.
  • Raw hair is quite expensive even though it’s the best human hair. With the legit types, the prices start from $200. Although there are virgin bundles that are expensive, you can get the cheaper ones as well.
  • Since raw hair is from donors directly, its often limited and there are times when the sellers must wait for another batch after a month or two. You will always find the virgin hair, however.
  • The virgin hair comes from different regions like Brazil, India, Peruvian, Malaysian among others. However raw hair comes from only three places.

Conclusion – Which One Is Best?

You see this is about your personal preference but understand that good hair is good regardless.  If you understand the feature of both then choosing the hair is a non-issue. Understand also that the maintenance of your hair might equally cost you.

Of course, if you have the budget, you have every reason to enjoy the raw hair but if not, go for the trendy and different patterns that the virgin hair gives you.

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