5 Popular Randy Orton Haircuts

If you are into sports, you must know who Randy Orton is. This professional wrestler has many fans all over the world. However, because of an injury he is currently on a short break. This doesn’t stop this popular heavyweight wrestler and actor for caring about his hairstyle.

His popularity makes him responsible for his appearance, since there are many fans ready to follow him. Famous people often become an example for men all over the planet. Especially this goes for fans, who are practicing sports instead of just watching them.

Wrestlers like to sport short haircuts, which don’t give them any problems on the ring. So, men, who don’t like to bother with long manes, will surely appreciate the best Rand Orton short haircuts 2016.

The Best of Randy Orton Short Haircuts 2016

Men who like to watch wrestling matches surely know all about Randy Orton. This WWE champion is not just a great sportsman, he is also an actor.

Orton cares about his hair and makes sure to always look his best. That’s why many fans like to follow his hairstyle. If you are not ready to get into sports just yet, there is no reason not to get a stylish and comfortable hairdo.

Take a look at the latest Rand Orton short haircuts and take your pick.

1. Grown out military


This grown out military hairstyle is an amazing choice for men who don’t like to make hair salon appointments. By getting a buzz, but not shaving it as soon as it grows out, you can get a fashionable Randy Orton hairstyle, you’ll surely like.

2. Undercut


Undercuts are always in style. If you have a widow’s peak like Orton, your short undercut will look even more amazing. Shave the sides and leave the top about a third of an inch long. Forget about hair brushes!

3. Add a chin strap


If you are tired of a simple undercut, but still hate hair salon appointments, think about getting nice facial hair. Don’t grow anything too long. Start with a chin strap and see how it looks. Your image will be getting better and better.

4. Shag


If you are ready for some hair care and want to look fashionable, try a shag. Even such manly sportsman as Randy Orton is not afraid of wearing longish hair. Think about it and give a shag a chance.

5. Taper fade


If you like short hair, it is hard to diversify your look. However, if your hair stylist is a real professional, then you can get a very short taper fade just like Orton’s. Think about how great you will look with one of the most popular hairstyles for sportsmen out there.

Randy Orton is taking good care of his appearance, so why shouldn’t you? Take some tips from a professional wrestler and call your hair stylist. You will surely like the way these short haircuts will make you look and feel.

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