64 Quick Weave Hairstyles You Won’t Forget

Every woman is beautiful in their way, but occasionally, we question our beauty. Therefore, we often seek to find beauty outside of ourselves. The business in the hair and beauty industry will always thrive because of this.

The hair industry, for example, is raking in billions of dollars a year. There are thousands of hairstyles to try every day. Some are easier to achieve, while others will need professional assistance. In a nutshell, the right style will boost a woman’s self-esteem and confidence.

Today we focus on the quick weave hairstyle.

What Is A Quick Weave?

The quick weave is today one of the most common styles, especially since you can achieve it in a matter of minutes. It features the use of glue to attach the hair tracks on the weave cap. This cap is the type you can remove and attach easily, which makes it look like the regular wig.

Notice that with this style, you will need to plait the hair down the same way you do with the sew in style.

Cute Quick Weave Styles

1. Short quick weave

Short quick weaveSometimes a very short weave is unique enough to give you the perfect and attractive styles. In this case, we have the hair also being thick. This style provides the hair with the perfect body and shape to suit the person with the right head.

It further comes with a thick bang, which makes the style perfect.


2. Quick weave with highlights of pink

Quick weave with highlights of pinkAll you need when making the hair is always the creativity. Here we have the thick bang that flows on the face. An additional pink color over the black one is a fantastic spice to the style. I particularly love the layers as they spice the style.

You will need to use a little bit of long hair, not necessarily concise. Remember, the blend between the color black and pink is all to make the style even better.


3. Curly bob quick weave

Curly bob quick weaveI love curly hair because it offers you a range of styles to try. From large to small curls, you are spoilt for choice. Here, we have a long one side bob quick weave. It also goes to form the side bang.

The bang further flows to your face. Also, since one side of the hair is short, someone may think the hair is yours. She has further used thick hair to make your hair look healthy and perfect. Make sure you lay your baby hairs to make it look even more natural.


Long Quick Weave

4. Wavy quick weave with the side parting

Wavy quick weave with the side partingAnother one of the favorite weave styles is the wavy hairstyles. This features the black hair with a side parting. The side parting gives your weave more structure, and consequently, it shapes your face better.

So, the front part is straight, while the ends are wavy. You can use any other color for the weave, though, as long as it blends well with the skin tone.


5. Long and straight quick weave

Long and straight quick weaveSometimes the simplicity goes a long way. Here we have very long hair with a low ponytail. If you want, you can have some leave outs to make it blend well with your natural hair. However, this is one of the basic styles that will give you a natural feeling as well as look.

Additionally, we have this style as one of the newest and latest styles to try. If you want, you can lay your baby hairs to make the weave a chic style.

In using the black colored well, it blends perfectly with your natural hair making it one of the most amazing styles to take.


Quick Weave Straight Hairstyles

6. Bond in a blunt cut

Bond in a blunt cutAnytime you are making the hair straight, you know that the maintenance should be a non-issue. But straight hair doesn’t have to be boring. Here we have the side parting that flows to the front in the form of a bang.

Remember to make the other side sleek and straight. A blunt cut is enriching the style. You further have a blend of two colors, the black color and the brown one, to make the style even better.


7. Middle parting quick weave

Middle parting quick weaveOften straight hair is a go-to style for many women, but what makes it even better is the middle-parting style. So, in this case, make the most natural paring to choose, which is middle parting. Remember, you can use any length of hair, but here we use the shoulder length.

You can choose even long hair or a short one. Also, remember to play around with colors for more style. Here you may use the sexy blunt cut for more style.


8. Sleek straight hair with two buns

Sleek straight hair with two bunsAnother one of the most common styles is the silky straight hair, which also works with the shoulder-length straight hair. Additionally, you have the two knots that you hold at the crown for more style and if you wish to go on to braid part of the hair.

Finish off by laying your baby hairs to give it a more natural feel. All we look for in a weave is to make it look as natural as it can get.


Easy Quick Weave Hairstyles

9. Half up half down style

Half up half down styleAnother one of the most popular styles today is the half up half down style. So, in addition to the half-up ponytail, you also have large curls for more style. Featuring one of the most comfortable styles you can achieve in minutes.

Remember that you only need to hold the crown part of your head and then let the sides be sleek and straight as it then flows to the curly ends. Additionally, laying the baby hair will make it look even more natural.


10. Mohawk quick weave

Mohawk quick weaveEven when you are looking for an effortless style, you will need to make it stylish, just like that one. The style will always make you noticeable in the crowd. In most cases, people associate the mohawk style with the punk style.

Make sure you keep the sides sleek and straight. Keep the hair curly at the top and let them then flow to your face, thereby creating a bang.


Black Quick Weave Hairstyles

11. Short straight weave with thick bang

Short straight weave with thick bangI’m not often a person who will wear a bang, but when it’s this thick, it makes it appear as though it’s your natural hair and that I love. Some people use their natural hair to make this kind of style.

But you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the style. The quick weave style makes it easy to achieve. You could also blend both the quick weave style and the sew-in for more security. The style has a length that goes below the jaw; therefore, it’s ideal for those who don’t like long hair.


12. Fantastic quick weave bob

Fantastic quick weave bobThis style will suit women of all ages. But if you are elderly, it gives you a youthful feeling. The cut you make to create the side bang gives you even more confidence. Often the bang gives your bob a complete look.

Therefore, the red-colored hair will give you a complete look. If you have the perfect face for the style, then it will suit you.


13. Red quick weave bob

Red quick weave bobSometimes your skin tone will matter, especially when you want to play around with the colored hair. Use the wavy hair for even more styling. You can create the side parting for an even more complete look. Making a side bang will further enhance your style, making you look elegant.

Any woman who enjoys very short hair may use this style to achieve the confidence they need.


14. Layered quick weave bob

Layered quick weave bobLayered have a way to make the style elegant. The layers will shape the simple bob into one of the simplest yet amazing styles you can have. With this style, you can create an asymmetrical style. It further makes your hair appear healthy since its all a thick choice of hair.

Medium Length Quick Weave Hairstyles

15. Side parting quick weave

Side parting quick weaveSome of us love quick weaves, but we prefer not such long hair and also not so short. If that’s you, use this hair to achieve the style you are after.

This style appears natural, which makes it one of the best ones to go for. The hair is thick, yet you can’t see its tracks as they are hidden between your natural hair.

Its further ideal for anyone who is not a fan of the thick bang flowing onto your face. Create the waves and lay the edges to make it a perfect style. With the medium length hair, you can change the style if you wish to. I like to hold mine to a ponytail.


16. Green wavy hairstyle

Green wavy hairstyleColors will always make it easy to change the style, especially when you are short of ideas. In this case, the green hair is all you need to spice up the hairstyle. It gets lighter at the ends, and if you can make one that blends with the skin tone, the better.

It also features loosely wavy hair, which adds structure to the hairstyle. You further have a clear side parting to enhance the style and make it flow smoothly to the other side of the face.


17. A line quick weave bob

A line quick weave bobAnother one of the medium length hairs to use in achieving the hairstyle is the A-line bob. It features a middle parting and straight weave, which flows to the jawline. The fact that the back is shorter not only makes it stylish but also manageable for me.

Featuring a sleek straight hair, you can go with this hairstyle to some of your favorite professional function than in the evening still use it for the party events. It features the thick hair which you may use to make the hair appear natural.


18. Largely curly hair

Largely curly hairEvery time we make our hair, the aim is to make sure we look our best but also younger. For a youthful look, you may use the large curls to achieve excellence. If you have medium length hair, you may use it to create this style.

I love the curly bang as it spices up your bang. These curls spice up the look, and since it has defined curls, you can rest assured you will get heads turning with your perfect style. The easiest way to let it flow to the side is to create a side parting.


Pretty Quick Weave Hairstyle

19. Straight hair half up half down

Straight hair half up half downEven with straight hair, you can make the hairstyle quite pretty. Make sure the hair is sleek straight and shiny. Hold part of the hair strands to the crown and then let the other parts flow. Remember, the hair is short, and it goes to the neck length.

In this case, you can use the 360 frontals to make it easy to hold the hair even at the back. To finish off the style, remember to lay the edges.


20. Curly and blonde mohawks style

Curly and blonde mohawks styleMohawk style is one of the other pretty styles to use. It fits almost every head shape but especially those with a round face. Here you make it curly hair but also keeping the color of the hair blonde. You can also let the roots remain dark for the perfect blend.

So, you will need to hold the sides of the hair or better yet braid them to tiny cornrows then fix the weave at the temple. Let the curls flow to the face creating a bang as you allow the thick hair to go all the way to the nape.


21. Invisible part quick weave

Invisible part quick weaveThis style looks simple yet professionally complex. It features the use of hair to make the feathered style. Not only does the hair appear healthy, but it’s also a pretty elegant style. Its invisible parting gives the hair an illusion of your natural hair parting.

The style is ideal for anyone who loves short and natural-looking style. It will further create a simple side bang for those who love bangs. Remember to go to a professional when you wish to attach it.


22. Inverted braid with vivacious curls

Inverted braid with vivacious curlsThe one style so prevalent today is braiding. It doesn’t matter the size of braid or cornrow you make; the style is often epic. Braids are further so common, especially over summer sessions. Here though, you will have a large braid coming from the side of the hair.

You can then add on the vivacious curls on the crown and temple part. Make the curly side longer for even betters styling. For most people, this will look more natural to achieve. Let the curls further flow to your face creating a bang like structure.


23. Blonde hair with dark roots

Blonde hair with dark rootsYou don’t have to wait for weddings or other different party events to achieve the style. You can use it when you are looking for a little creativity. The blend between the dark roots and blonde hair is further a bomb for the style.


Natural Quick Weave Hairstyles

24. Black hairstyle

Black hairstyleThe fact that the hair is short makes it look even more natural. Moreover, it features thick black hair with side and straightforward parting for more simplicity and elegance. Remember, the hair you use for the style will determine how natural it looks.

So, you can make the sides sleek, laid, and straight then the crown part could be a little wavy for enhanced cuteness. You also have the side parting to make the style even better.


25. Purple highlights curls

Purple highlights curlsHere you have the regularly defined curls at the crown with the sides being made straight and sleek. Use the side parting, however, to achieve an even better style of elegance. For this style, we use the purple color for enhanced style.

Go ahead to use the curls in creating the bangs that freely flow to your face. This will give you hair and head the structure it needs.


26. Curly weave with an invisible parting

Curly weave with an invisible partingNaturally, when you use the curly hair, you have a simple style. Here the deep curls make it look natural. Since they use the invisible parting, not many will tell that you have a weave on. Naturally, many women have curly hair; thus, this style mimics their natural hair.

Make a side parting to help in creating a side bang. The other good thing about the style is that it’s voluminous, which gives the assumption that you have healthy hair.

The hair also looks natural because of its length as its just a neck length hair, and that’s the length most women have.


27. Honey blonde bob weave

Honey blonde bob weaveSometimes you will need a simple color alteration to your basic bob, and that will give you the difference. Add the side parting to add the elegance to your style. Remember, the contrasting colors also add spice to your favorite style.

So, for this style, even though it goes to create the A-line style, the colors are essential. It further has the side bang that flows through your face. For even better results, lay the baby hair at the front of the face.


28. Straight and wavy hair

Straight and wavy hairThe burgundy hair creates an additional style to your hair. Not only is the hair long, but it also features two contrasting styles that aren’t like the everyday style. The hair is naturally straight, but you can add the wavy design that you see in the middle of the hair.

Thus, you don’t have to make the style even more complicated by holding it; instead, let it naturally flow, and everywhere you pass, you will get heads turning.


Short Quick Weave

29. 27-piece quick weave

27 piece quick weaveOften you can make the style with short hair, but it works best when you have the quick weave. This is one of the famous and newest models of the 27-piece quick weave style. This hairstyle features the sleek and straight sides that are further short.

The honey blonde bang will work to enhance the style. It features a thick side bang with layers. This style keeps you looking young. The hair is further long enough to cover one side of the eyes. Ensure the hair color blends well with the skin tone before you can use it.


30. 28-piece quick weave

28 piece quick weaveThis style features the use of curly weave, which will then enhance your feminine appeal. It also features the use of messy and thick curls that is too voluminous. Go ahead and create the side bangs with style. For this style, the secret is to make it full.

You can further create the side parting to make the hair flow perfectly. I love large curls, mostly because they make you look even younger.


31. Pixie cut quick weave

Pixie cut quick weaveIf you are anyone who loves last minutes like me, you will know the importance of knowing a few quick weave styles that would serve you. When all you are after is simplicity, go for this cut as it will take you the shortest time to achieve.

The other best part is that it will serve you regardless of the kind of outfit you choose to use. It’s the best protective style that is also your go-to style when you are looking for simplicity and class.


Nice Quick Weave Hairstyles

32. Blonde quick weave with simple bans

Blonde quick weave with simple bansThe use of blonde on your hair is in itself stylish, but when you add a simple blonde to the style, you will make it even more elegant. The blonde hair is first of all curly for more definition of your style. But it’s one of the easiest styles to achieve.

The hair is blonde with the dark root, which makes it essential to make sure it blends well with your skin tone before you apply it. If you have medium length hair you can use the rollers to create this style but also try using it with together different and unique colors.


33. Big bang quick weave

Big bang quick weaveAnother one of the best styles to achieve is to use the big bang as it makes you look and feel younger. You further use the layers and a blend of colors for even more, since to the style.

With the style, you can add a soft makeup style to make it look the best. It further gives you a contrast between dark roots and blonde ends. One side is mainly black. The bang is also thick to cover even one of your eyes.


34. Grey locks quick weave

Grey locks quick weaveSince 2015, we have had the grey color is so popular among most women. Most women have embraced getting old, and today they are using the grey color to achieve one of the best color ideas. And luckily, we have different opinions and styles you may use to wear a grey color.

You then have the roots being dark and ombre in color. It further comes with the large wavy style to spice up the look. The good thing about the style is that you can rock it at any time. It will suit all the different women of different ages.

You can further use the weave to create a side fringe style to give your face the shape thus, making you look so beautiful.


35. Ombre quick weave hairstyle

Ombre quick weave hairstyleOmbre style is one of the most modern styles we have today; you will spot it on red carpets runways and even your neighborhood. The good thing about the ombre style is that it gives you the chance to dare all the different colors you wish to.

However, consider making the roots darker because then it will easily blend with the skin tone regardless of your color. If you are bold, though, you can use the light roots as in this case and the ends coming in the darkest shade.

I love the blue color, and I can go for it anytime — especially such a perfect blend of blue.


Cute Quick Weaves with Bangs

36. Frontal quick weave with bangs

Frontal quick weave with bangsEven when you are making the quick weave, you can use the frontal bang to give it a perfect finish. In this case, it creates the simple but thick bang, which is also longer on the sides.

You would think she is using a wig. Whether you want to make the hair a sew-in or a quick weave is all a personal choice.

Besides, you could hold the hair to a top knot as you let the other side of the hair flow back. Therefore, if you want, you can use the different colors or lay the baby hairs for more styling of the hair.


37. Banging bob quick weave

Banging bob quick weaveFor years the bob cuts have been in the market, and the styles are rapidly evolving. Thanks to the fact that today, women use even short hair as opposed to depending on only the long ones.

There are different ways to style the bob hair, but one with a big and stylish bang is one of the favorite styles for many people.

Here the blend of the two-color tones makes the style even better. Furthermore, let the hair flow in the form of layers to create even better styles. Here we have one side of the style being longer than the other sides.


38. Unique quick weave style

Unique quick weave styleWhether you want to make this the bang style or call it a fringe, I only know that it’s such a refreshing style to try. If you have a heart-shaped face you can quickly wear this style. I like that it brings out the perfect cheekbones as it shows off the jawlines.

It features the use of the jet-black color, and I’m sure it will blend with almost any woman of any color. If you enjoy the Cleopatra bob you will most likely enjoy this style as well. Always go to a professional for even better styling.


Cute Quick Weave Bobs

39. Curly and frontal quick weave

Curly and frontal quick weaveBob hair is common in the different textures of hair. Here we have the curly bob with quick frontal weave, and all the style does is create the sassy look. It has the side parting for more structuring of the style. You can create asymmetry with the style.

If you wish to use your natural hair to create the style, though, you can use the curling rod. Otherwise, go on to use the quick weave style as you lay the edges. It looks like a simple wet and wavy style, but you may use it even for the regular deep curls.


40. Quick weave short bob

Quick weave short bobBob comes in different styles, but the short one is more common these days. It blends the brown and black tones to make one of the best styles. It further has the side parting to make the bang flow to place. It features a sleek and straight hair.


Curly Quick Weave

41. Ginger afro style

ginger afro styleIf you love to change your hairstyle every so often, you may consider using the quick weave style. Ginger afro is one of the styles you may need. I do love curls, but an afro curly hair is everything when you are after a perfect style.

The hairstyle appears voluminous with defined curls; thus it will create the bang that flows to your face. If you attach it right, not most people will tell that you have a weave on.


42. Simple curly quick weave with a middle parting

simple curly quick weave with middle partingYou can have the quick weave in different textures, and curls is just one of them. Here you make the middle parting to enhance the style. The curls are further reasonably large to suit those who fear to maintain the curls.

I love curls as they enhance the volume of the hair. They also give you a youthful look. Remember to create the middle parting to make the hair even more stylish. It further looks more natural.


43. Honey blonde curls

Honey blonde curlsSometimes the only thing you need with the style is the shine effects and curls blended. Here you have large curls on the short hair, and the best thing is that it will perfect the light skin tones of your hair. The style further has the black tones to complete the look.

It will also create a bang on the face giving it a completer finish and natural look.


Shoulder Length Quick Weave

44. Honey blonde straight hair with bangs

Honey blonde straight hair with bangsI like to advise people to play around with the colors of the hair. Therefore, you may side part this hair and let it flow to your face. The straight hair, even though it’s not sleek straight, looks like human hair. With the style, you will look as though you naturally have such length.


45. Silky straight hair with China bangs

silky straight hair with china bangsSilky straight hair is today quite common among black women. For me, it’s because the style is easy to manage, yet it looks elegant on almost any woman. In this case, you may use the jet-black hair as you also ensure the length of the hair is about shoulder length.

For those who don’t mind the bangs, you may use the thick bang that usually gives you the Chinese bang style. This is easy to achieve style by anyone who is looking for a quick fix.


Quick Weave Ponytail

46. Easy, quick weave ponytail

easy quick weave ponytailOne of the easiest styles to achieve with the quick weave is usually the quick weave ponytail. From celebrities to the girl next door, we have at one point or another worn the ponytail style. Often it features the use of natural hair with an additional extension.

This will usually increase the length of the hair. It features one of the most natural styles to achieve that’s a high ponytail. Always make sure you hold the hair well if you want it to serve you the whole day. It mainly shows your face and is ideal for both official and casual functions.


47. African American ponytail with a braid

African American ponytail with a braidIsn’t ponytail one of the easiest styles to achieve once you understand how to do it?

Here you will need to create the braid at the crown part then hold your hair to a simple ponytail. It blends the blonde and brown color. But in creating the braid, you enhance the style making it create a pompadour.

Next, we have the sleek and straight ends. If you intend to attend any party event shortly, consider this style.


48. Low ponytail with curls

Low ponytail with curlsAnother one of the many common styles is the low ponytail. Here we have the ponytails style where you hold all of the hair strands tightly then attach the curly ponytail at the low end. The curls appear voluminous, and it looks as though it’s flowing from your strands.

You can also use the style when you have straight hair or wavy ones. Always make sure you have the roots of the hair held to place to avoid having to style it again in a few minutes.


Two-Toned Bob Quick Weave

49. Feathered bang

A two-toned hairstyle is ideal when you are looking to make a difference in your style, and this is one such style. This style features a blonde hair bang with one side being long. The style goes on to create an A-line style.

It has a brown undercut ombre to create perfection, and since it has dark roots you will have it blending with any of your skin tones.


50. Blonde and black feathered hair

Blonde and black feathered hairAnyone who loves to go for party events knows the essence of this style. The way it’s designed makes it ideal for party events. With the style you further create the bangs that flow right to your face. The sides are then left to flow freely and close to the skin.

This is the best style for those who don’t like to make very long hair. It appears as though you have created a pixie cut.


Simple Quick Weave Hairstyles

51. Body wave

Body waveSince most people prefer long hair, it would be easy to achieve body wave hair. Here we have the long black hair type with the large body waves. Whether you decide to use the sew-in style or the quick weave is all personal choice.

Moreover, you can create the middle parting for the hair to give the style an even more style and structure. If you maintain the hair, then you will look your best every day.


52. Braided ponytail

Braided ponytailFor you to create the braided ponytail style, you will need super long hair. And like most other ponytails, you blend your natural hair with the ponytail extension at the end. Once you have the ponytail extension on, then you can braid the ends, and that’s it.

It happens to be one of the easiest styles to achieve. If you have the funky hairstyle then you can try the style as it looks incredible with your ponytail. For anyone looking to meet the old school vibe go for this style.


53. Blonde quick weave

Blonde quick weave with simple bansThere’s nothing so amazing than the simple blonde hair shown here. It’s elegant yet stylish, and I love that it has dark roots to compliment your skin tone. I also love that even with the very different skin tones you could make the style work for you.

Remember, if you have a dark skin tone, you should add the dark roots to keep the hairstyle amazing. The good thing with it is that it does make your blonde even better.


Quick Weaves Synthetic Hair

54. Brown curly hair

Brown curly hairIt doesn’t matter whether you have synthetic hair or human hair; the style will be fantastic to you. The style features the use of medium length curly hair. The curls are super defined which then makes it elegant. It further creates a bang with the curls.

This style features the use of a full cap before you begin to attach the hair. It’s easy to attach, but it’s also a fantastic style to use.


55. Synthetic blunt bob

Synthetic blunt bobYou can make a blunt bob with this hair if you choose to use the very short hair. It features the use of ash blonde colored hair. In making the hair blunt, you make it amazing. It’s ideal for anyone who feels confident to use the blonde style.

For those who love synthetic hair, this hair has you covered, and I like that it looks just like the human hair.


Braided Quick Weave

56. Two braids with quick weave ponytail

Two braids with quick weave ponytailOften the ponytail style will give you varying options to try. Here, you make a single braid on one side, and another one on the other side then hold the hair to a ponytail. It features the use of the brown color, and if it blends well with your skin tone then you will make your style epic.

Use straight hair although, you can also decide to use the curly one. Remember to spice up the style by adding a braided wrap. It will keep the hair in place. This style features the use of honey blonde hair.


57. Two braids crown with the quick weave hair

Two braids crown with the quick weave hairAnother one of the easiest braids to make is the large cornrow braids on the crown of the head. So, you will need to make the large cornrows in front as you let the other parts of the hair flow. It features the use of the quick weave with the hair that is long and straight.

Often the braids just make the hair a little easier to manage as it spices up the style too.


Braided Quick Weave Hairstyles

58. Side braided quick weave with curls

side braided quick weave with curlsHere we have the medium level curls. They feature the blend of the shade of brown and black color. With this style, you can then create a bang. On the side, you create three beautiful cornrows but not to the end. These braids will add some definition to the style.

The curls are tight and deep, which means you will need to take more care of them if you intend to have them over a prolonged time. The style features the shoulder-length curls.


59. Micro braid quick weave

micro braid quick weaveFor those who love the micro braids, lucky for you that today, you don’t need to make the braids. You can buy the quick weave and attach it to the stocking cap. So instead of having to sit for almost six hours making the braids, it takes about an hour and achieve the same style.

Once you have the quick weave on, you can hold it as you wish because the stocking cap mimics the color of your scalp. Therefore, you will have the hair protected underneath the braids. For a more natural look, lay the edges.


Red Quick Weave

60. Simple red bob hair

Simple red bob hairYou should try and make the style achievable and straightforward. Make a side parting and let the hair flow longer on one side. You could also lay your baby hairs to give it a more natural look. The hair comes in its wavy form.

Always check to confirm that it blends well with the skin tone. Because only then can it brighten the skin color.


61. Straight, sleek red hair

straight sleek red hairHere we have the straight hair that is further sleek. You can also use the dark roots to make it blend with the natural hair. It features the long red hair that’s also voluminous enough to make your hair appear healthy.


How to Do A Quick Weave

62. Short cut quick weave with curly top

Short cut quick weave with curly topWhile it’s every woman’s dream to achieve the perfect style, very few can make it as stylish. If you know the right trend to go for then you will achieve the perfect and gorgeous look. Featuring very short sides, we have the weave coming in black, brown and shades of red.

You will also have the deeply curly top to spice up your style.  The curly hair at the top flows to the face, thus defining the style even better.


63. Mohawk quick weave

Mohawk quick weaveThere are many styles to wear, and the quick weave and mohawk are one of the simple styles you may use. Therefore, make the sides straight and sleek as you let the curly mohawk blend in well with the style. This is one of the best styles for those with round faces.


Quick Weave with Shaved Sides

64. Light blue mohawk

Light blue mohawkFor those who love to try different colors, you could use this style. You can have the one side of the hair shaved, and the blue colored strands remain wavy. For anyone who loves to achieve the chic style and funky look, this might be your best style to get.


Are Quick Weaves Bad for Your Hair?

Often these styles aren’t bad for you; it all depends on the care you give the hair while you have it on and how well you attach it. I’ve seen so many people praise the style while others don’t want it at all.

Below are the primary reasons why we say the hair is bad for you

  • The use of glue

Ever since glue adhesive came to the market, there have been researches showing that using the glue leads to hair loss. Therefore, since you will use the glue to attach the tracks, you must be careful that the glue doesn’t go to your natural strands.

If possible, you can use the sew-in method for the quick weave instead of glue especially if you are a beginner.

  • They aren’t as quick

Unless you are as familiar with the method of installation, the quick weave is never that quick. Remember, you will need to apply the glue then let it dry. The whole process takes so much time.

  • Washing the hair is a no

While we develop build up after some time of wearing the weave, washing the hair will damage it rapidly. Therefore, you are not supposed to wash the hair.

On the flip side if you take good care of the hair it will last longer. The style is further protection of your natural hair.

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