Colorful, silky, smooth, resilient, and natural-looking straight hair is universally accepted as the most beautiful hair. Although you may achieve the straight hair look using hot tools, you don't have to because you can use our weave.

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You should keep your natural hair free of any form of damage. Hair theme’s straight hair will make you feel beautiful yet comfortable in your skin. It doesn’t matter what hair texture you have because you can and will still feel gorgeous with this straight hair.

You will have a wide variety of options to choose from. All of our hair types maintain a set standard of quality. Within these eight pages, you will get a hair type or two that you like.

Unmatched quality

We know how vital it is for you to look beautiful with these hairpieces. So, we only sell 100% pure Remy human hair. We also have the virgin unprocessed human hair which is even better than the Remy hair.

We believe that the hair should last long if it’s of high quality. Straight hair is the easiest to maintain since you need to brush and comb it a little.

The hair is shiny, sleek, and soft. The straight hair maintains the shine. It further appears full and therefore makes you look healthy.

It will be easy to maintain this hair since it doesn’t have many twists and turns. When you decide to apply the oils, it goes from the roots to the ends. If you are gentle when brushing the hair, you will sustain its quality over a long time.

It has all the healthy and thick ends. And all of our hair doesn’t have the split ends. Most other hair vendors sell hair with the split ends, which causes the hair damage sooner than it should.

We give you a variety

Eight pages of straight hairpieces are what we offer you.

They come in varying colors: The natural color is the best for many but you can also have straight hair in other different colors of choice. Some pieces are also ombre for those who want to try two tones.

You have different lengths: how long or short would you like the hair to be. You can have up to 30˝ if you want but we also have the 8-inch hair. This covers different hair length needs.

We have different types of hair and various people love the different types of hair. We have Cambodian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Eurasian, Russian Indian and Burmese hair.

With all the hair types, different people choose the hair based on the various features they prefer.

Why Buy from Us

  • We are the best in this

Look around, and you will notice that we offer you the best hairpieces in this category. We have the most exceptional quality but then we also give you different options to choose from.

  • Our hair is easy to maintain

Since we only sell high-quality human hair, you will find it very easy to keep our human hair. Just make sure you use the right products and tools.

  • Beginner-friendly website

Visit our website to notice that you can do everything without help. It’s easy to use our website, yet you are safe to make the payment with us.

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100 Percent Indian Virgin Straight Best Human Hair For Weave 4 Bundles

(71) $71.24$301.20

100 Peruvian Hair Purple/1B Straight 3 Bundles With Frontal


100% Human 99J Burgundy Peruvian Hair 3 Bundles Weave With Closure Straight


100% Remy Human 27 Hair Color Weave Straight Hair 3 Bundles


100g 1 Pcs Straight Human Burmese Hair Good Quality Weave

(71) $33.59$102.58

12 14 16 Weave 3 Bundles Of Malaysian Hair Straight Virgin Human

(71) $59.07$235.71

14 16 18 Weave Malaysian Remy Hair Online Shop Straight 3 Bundles With Best Hair Weave Closures


1B 350 Hair Color Weave 100 Human Straight 3 Bundles With Frontal


1B 350 Red Orange Human Remy Hair Weave Straight 3 Bundles


1B 350 Red Orange Weave Hair Straight 3 Bundles With Closure


1B 4 27 Color Straight 4 Bundles Ombre Weave Hair For Sale


1B/27 Honey Blonde Hair Weave Straight 4 Bundles With Frontal