Delight in our longest hairpieces yet the most comfortable and lightweight hair. These hair bundles although voluminous, are light which makes it feel and look like your natural hair. The long hairpieces allow you to create all the different styles.

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We don’t compromise on the quality of the hair. Even when it’s long, it maintains the same quality from the roots to the ends. Also, we securely hold our strands in place to prevent shedding. You can have long hair bundles in different textures and styles.

These hair types are a dream for every woman. Believe it or not, we all dream of having long and luscious hair at some point in our lives. Well, you no longer have to dream about the hair because you can wear it today.

Hair theme offers you some of the best hairpieces that you only have in your dreams. In the real world, you might never manage to grow your hair to this length.

What Qualities Will You Enjoy?

  • It’s all about beauty

The appearance of this hair makes it the most appealing for most. Shop around and notice one thing, the hair is all shiny, sleek, and smooth whether its straight, curly, or weave. Anyone buying the hairpieces will find it attractive just because it shines.

That’s the primary indication that the hair is healthy. All of the bundles are healthy and with the best volume. Even when you are wearing long hair, it’s essential to have it looking full.

The ends are further healthy-looking. This shows you that the hair strands won’t weaken as a result of the split ends. This hair is rich and healthy-looking.

  • Premium quality

We only use pure Remy hair which is the highest quality of human hair. This hair is rich and moist; thus it’s free of tangles. Almost all of our hair doesn’t tangle because they have the cuticles intact and facing the same direction; therefore, the smoothness.

These hairpieces are elastic, luscious, versatile and beautiful. You can use this hair for any style you wish to.

  • You can color them

The hairpieces come in their natural color-off black color. In using this color, you make it look more natural. But you are welcomed to color it if you want. Just make sure you seek the help of a professional colorist for the same.

  • They have a longer lifespan

We always use high-quality pieces, which is what makes them durable. Since it’s a Remy hair, you will have it for over 12 months. Just know how to care for it.

Even in this long hair category, you will have the hair coming in different lengths. You can have very long hair or just the reasonable heights it’s upon you to choose.

Can I Use It?

Yes, you can why not? Do you want to try the long locks? Use our hairpieces.

Do you have Long hair strands? We don’t want the extensions to weigh the hair down. So, you should have strong and healthy natural hair that can stand the length.

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