Discover the elegance that the Funmi hair brings to you. Our supplier only chooses the best hair for the few healthy donors. Like the other human hair types, we only select the hair bundles that are purely human hair.

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The standard set for this hair is what makes it one of the most popular hair types. All of the hair extensions are carefully woven and crafted to ensure they don’t shed. If you prefer only the hand-woven hair, then this is the best choice to use.

But Whats Funmi Hair Extension?

Some people refer to it as the aunty’s hair. There’s one lady who has experience in both the United Kingdom hair and Nigerian hair. She founded this brand company to produce unique hair that serves different markets.

When you want the double drawn hair, then choose the Funmi hair. It has the ends and the roots being thick, which makes it look voluminous and luxurious. The double drawn hair is ideal for anyone who is after an increase in volume more than they want to increase the length.

We have short hair choices and medium lengths too. This gives you the leeway to make the perfect choice for yourself.

The hair comes in curly texture and whenever you are looking for curly hair, especially as a black woman, you may consider this type. Most black women prefer curly hair because it looks more like their naturally curly hair.

Funmi is a favorite curly option for black women because it maintains the volume and bounce. Since it’s double drawn, you will expect the curly hair to command attention. It further looks very thick and therefore gets more comfortable to maintain.

Of all the curly hair types we have on our website, this is the most attention-grabbing pieces you will ever find. The curls are defined yet stylish. They aren’t too small and neither are they too large.

They maintain a soft and smooth texture. Furthermore, it’s shiny and takes on to its natural color. Notice the ends are thick and healthy which allows it to stand the test of time.

Our hair has a natural, free movement, and it maintains its bounce.

You will love the hairpieces because they are easy to maintain too. You can use it to achieve each of your favourite styles.

They are also some of the cheapest options we have.

Why Buy from Us

  • Quality control

Before dispatching the hair, we check and recheck it to make sure it’s clean. It has all the best strands. We will never sell lousy quality hair. We are strict when inspecting the hair. Mind you; this hair is hand-wefted to make sure only the best quality goes.

  • The hair is voluminous

Unlike other hair vendors who sell the thin hairpieces, we want you to receive the voluminous hair for a full look. All of our hair comes to you at an affordable price.

  • We sell the hair in their natural color

The natural hair color is great because it doesn’t dry out quickly. You can even color it if you want to change the color. However, make sure you choose the Remy ones to color.

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