Although the Filipino hair is rare, it features some of the best quality hair strands. Similarly, it is popular among high-end consumers.

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If you are looking for a trendy hairstyle and hair type, then Filipino hair should be your go-to hair. The hair strands are exceptional yet luxurious pieces. It is soft and beautiful with healthy organic strands. The hair is famous, and it can withstand high manipulation.

  • Origin

This hair is 100% Remy hair and virgin. We get this hair from healthy Filipino women.  We don’t alter the hair structure with chemicals. This hair works for those with a sensitive scalp.

  • Hair volume

This hair would work well if you want a full-body. The strands are thick, bringing a full volume effect. Moreover, It’s gorgeous and bouncy. It’s light and comfortable to wear.

  • Colour

This hair comes in its original black color. However, if you are one to favor colors. You can dye or bleach it since its high manipulation.

  • Blending

This hair has medium to low luster hence the ability to blend well the natural or relaxed hair. Because of this feature, it is hard to tell it apart from your natural hair.

  • Texture

Hair theme sells the hair in 3 different textures (straight, body wave and curly). If you want, you can choose the straight hair then restyle it later by either curling or wavy. Like the Malaysian hair, it holds curls well and over a long time.

Our Filipino hair is easy to manage, style, and has room for creativity. Since the hair is Remy with the cuticles aligned, it never tangles. Nonetheless, you will need to care or it to make sure it sustains its health. T

Additionally, the hair has no split ends. And it won’t, therefore, tangle or shed.

  • Care

The best way to take care of this hair is to use weave products.  But avoid heavy products as they will weigh the hair down.

The artisans make sure the strands are secure during development; hence the hair has a longer lifespan. The hair will last up to 24 months if you properly care for it.

  • Bundles

Each of our Filipino hair bundle has volume. To achieve a natural full look and bring out the best in this hair, you need only three packages. Since our prices are affordable, it will cost you a fair amount to achieve a fantastic look.

Why buy the hair form us

We will deliver within 2-5 days of the order. We use the best shipping companies to ensure the hair reaches you in good condition.

We are trustworthy. You will get what you see in the images. Contrary to most beliefs that the photos you see differ, our images show you the exact products we sell. You will receive the same products as the one you see.

We offer you a 7-day return policy. If you notice that the hair we sent yu isn’t the piece you wanted, you can send it back within the stipulated time.

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