Are you looking for a hairstyle and hair type to go with on the red carpet? Choose the Cambodian hair.

This hair is soft, luxurious, and fine-looking. This hair extension is gorgeous; thus, it blends well with the natural hair. If you attach the hair right, you won't tell it apart from your natural hair. Cambodian hair is lightweight which makes it comfortable to wear.

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This hair is natural-looking but also chic. Naturally, our Cambodian hair is light and wavy; this makes it easy to use when you are making any styles.

  • The hair is authentic

The hair we use is natural and virgin one. We source the hair from healthy donors. The healthy hair, therefore, serves even those with a sensitive scalp. You won’t feel itchy but neither will you experience dryness.

We also use the Remy hair, which has the cuticles facing one direction. Since the cuticles run in the same direction, this hair is forever soft and tangle-free.

The hair won’t dry quickly unless you use the wrong products and mainly the heavy product. Therefore, you need to use specific weave products.

With a double weft method, the hair won’t shed. Mind you; the hair artisans are keen when machine wafting the pieces to make sure all the strands are all secure.

Furthermore, our hair has a medium luster. It’s a silky option yet heavily textured. This is an excellent choice for women who have naturally smooth hair.

  • Our hairpieces are full

In the end, all you need is the whole look. Cambodian hair, when used right, is enough to achieve this. They are all voluminous with their thick strands. That’s why you will need only two or three bundles for a full look.

Even when you are looking for ways to enhance the volume, this hair is excellent and easy to manage and style.

  • The natural color

All of or hairpieces come in their natural hair color which means you can never make the hair fade. It comes in a mild black color or better known as the off black color. If you wish to bleach or dye the hair, you can.

The hair then comes in three textures; curly, wavy, and straight hair. If you are using the curly one, it’s mostly double drawn for enhanced volume. The ends are thick and healthy which makes it last longer.

  • The hair has a longer lifespan

If you take good care of the hair, it will last longer. This hair will last up to 24 months if you take good care of it.

We collect most of the hair from western Cambodia. This means that we only sell premium hair quality.

You can buy as many bundles as you would like to, but even three bundles are enough.

Is the hair for you?

Yes, it suits all and sundry. If you know how to take care of the hair, then it will serve you.

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