Realize the perfection of the body wave hair with our great and stylish hair. Not only do we bring you the looser type of weave, but you can also choose the colored ones. Enjoy our luxurious body wave style and change it to a straight hairstyle if you need to. Here we have different kinds of hair.

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When using the body wave, you will easily add the texture volume and waves to your style. If you don’t know what body hair is, check out this page.

Notice that the body wave features the loose curls which go to form the wavy pattern. It’s the perfect style for anyone who loves the waves and not the curls.

We Have Different Types and Options

Our body wave hair comes in different types. We have the Brazilian, Burmese, Mongolian, Filipino, Malaysian, Indian, and Russian types. Remember all of these hair types are unique in their way. They carry along their unique character traits.

We only use Remy human hair so the hairpieces carry the donor’s hair features. Different people will find the different types of hair being the best. It’s all a question of what features intrests you.

For example, our Malaysian hair and Filipino ones are great since they hold the curls more. Some people will love the Burmese hair for its shine and other Russian hair for its overall quality. It’s just personal preference.

The Descriptive Features

  • The color

You can either choose the natural color or the different colors we have on the page. Although I love the hair extension in its natural color, having varying shades serves the different needs.

  • The lengths

This hair comes in varying lengths again to suit the different needs. You can have it as long or as short as you want it to be.

  • The volume

Our bundles are thick to make it bouncy when you are walking. Although it maintains the same grams, it still looks thick, but mostly that’s enhanced by the style.

Why Buy Our Hair

  • It’s easy to care for the hair

You will want the hair to look good all the time. For this to happen, you need to care for it. Develop a routine that will sustain the hair waves. You need to keep the hair moisturized if you want it to sustain the waves and texture.

If you will detangle it and develop a sleep routine, then the hair will last long as it doesn’t develop flyways.

  • Our hair looks rich and healthy

There’s nothing as important as the shine and silky texture. Notice that the hair develops a permanent shine. It further looks and maintains its shine.

With this richness, the hair looks and feels new. If you use the right products with it then it maintains the same texture.

  • Global delivery

We will deliver it anywhere you are without the extra shipping charges. It only takes 2-5 days to ship the hair products to your doorstep. We want all people to enjoy the hair if you can buy it.

  • Our clients love the hair

We have had all the positive reviews when it comes to selling this hair. They all say the hair is excellent, and it serves them well for a long time.

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