Experience the coarse, bouncy, and perfect colored Peruvian hair from Hair theme. This hair is particularly ideal if you love to use heat on hair. It's never affected by the heat like other hair types are. For all the different styles you dream of, use Peruvian hair.

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We only focus on the best quality hair from human donors in Peru. On this page, you will find both virgin human hair and 100% Remy human hair. This hair is the highest quality, which means it doesn’t need too much maintenance.

In fact, it makes you feel as though you are using your natural hair.

  • The quality

We sell top-quality human hair. The virgin human hair and the pure Remy human hair. You won’t find a mix of synthetic pieces in our bundles. Of course, high-quality hair looks good on anyone using it. You can make all the different styles with it.

It looks soft and smooth or more like your natural hair. Similarly, its maintenance is easy. As long as you keep the hair moist, it will maintain its shine, texture, and structure over a long time.

Through the double wafting of the strands, you will notice that the shedding is reduced, especially if you don’t pull off the strands. This is a common feature with all our weaves.

Don’t even worry about tangling either. The hair has its cuticles intact and facing the same direction. This means that it maintains its moisture and keeps off the tangles that would typically form. Handle the hair with care to make sure you don’t damage the cuticles.

  • Versatility

Do you want many options when choosing the hair? That’s what Hair theme is about. We will give you the different textures, lengths, and colors of hair. Check the hair out and notice that we have different options that you may use.

Of course, the prices vary too, and it all depends on the hair you are choosing. You can have a highly-priced option or even those that sell a bundle for less than $50. But notice that the quality of Peruvian hair is often more expensive than Brazilian or Indian hair.

But Why Buy from Us?

Simply, we offer you the best among the many other vendors. Well, this is true because we have sold a few pieces in the past and all we get are positive reviews.

  • Customer service

We offer you the best customer service to make sure you understand the purchase before you invest. We are available to answer your burning question round the clock. We want you to know the products well.

Even for beginners, we make the purchase easy. We will take you by hand to help you make the best choice that works for you.

  • Our return policy

You have nothing to lose with us because you can return the hair if you think it’s not the one you ordered. This rarely happens, but of course, when it does, we offer an exchange or refund fast. Make sure that you return the hair in 7 days though.

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