Transform your style with our best looking, colorful, sleek, shiny, and luscious hair. We sell all the best quality pieces and all the bundles are thick to fit your head size. Often the hair looks straight to match all of our favorite styles.

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The best part is that the hair is made using the best quality hair that will last long, but its resilience and flexibility make it the most fantastic option. Even when its and ombre hair, it comes in several color options. We will give you the best range to use.

In fact, this hairpiece is your must-have option. You can have straight hair and when you want to try the wavy or curly options, you will use the heat tools to change the texture.

Enjoy Hair Themes Long and Short, Sleek, Straight Hair

In a nutshell, these hairpieces are long, healthy, sleek and flawless. Of course, the hair may have a slight bend just because we don’t use chemicals to make them bone straight. This is a plus since it will retain its quality.

The appearance

When you look at our hair strands, you will notice something about them. They are all shiny and sleek looking. All of the hair choices are colorful but also shiny. It will be up to you to maintain the shine.

Check out the ends and notice that the hair strands look amazing. All of them have full and thick ends. They don’t have any split ends; thus, the strands won’t weaken over time. We take the hair from all the young and healthy donors.

The hair is also smooth, which is what the naturally straight hair is often. Soft, shiny and sleek hair can stand any style you wish for.

The volume

Although straight hair often doesn’t look full, these options are the best since they appear voluminous. But even with the full look, the hair is lightweight. You won’t feel as though you are wearing a whole bunch of hairpieces. It looks and feels natural to wear the hair.

The versatility

Even when the hair is straight, it comes to you in different color blends. The different colors, therefore, give you a wide variety to choose from.

This hair also comes in different lengths. You don’t have to use short hair if you like long lengths since we have them all.

I also know that you will enjoy the different types of hair; that’s why we offer you these choices. We have Brazilian, Peruvian Indian or Malaysian hair types.

The hair is secure

We hold the hair in place securely using the double weft method. The hair will never shed as a result. The artisans that make the hair are keen to make sure they don’t break. So, if you will keep the weave nourished, it will last longer.

Is It for You?

Yes, it is

You can use it even when you want to change the style to a curly or wavy option. It can stand the heat of about 450˚F.

We offer only the best options. It will maintain its full texture and the hair is very flexible. We have a unique hair blend.

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1B/27 Honey Blonde Ombre Weave Straight 3 Bundles Hair With Frontal


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1B/4/27 Hair Color Straight 3 Bundles With 13X4 Frontal Closure