Experience the versatility of hair weaves and enjoy the celebrity stature in changing the hair color. Use Hair theme's different colored hair to achieve the flawless look for all the fancy events.

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For years, women have used weave to amp their beauty. It spices up your look by blending in with your skin tone and clothes. The page features hair bundles that showcase the passion and work that the hair manufacturers put to it. They are all carefully woven to prevent hair shedding.

The Unique Features

  • The quality

Hair theme only sells 100% Remy hair so even these colored pieces are still Remy. With such features, you can expect that the hair is more durable. It will tangle less since it retains the moisture within.

The human dyed hair bundles come from the healthiest donors. This can only mean that the quality of the hair is uncompromised.

Since all the cuticles remain aligned, if you use light products you won’t have them weighing your hair down. However, you shouldn’t use any heavier chemicals on the hair as they will damage it.

  • Versatility

You can choose the color 27, 99j or 350 on this page. They also come in either straight or body wave textures. Do you like Peruvian, Malaysian or Brazilian hair? We have all these so decide which one works for you.

The hair looks voluminous, stylish, and elegant. You may use the weaves to achieve the ponytails buns or any other styles.

They further come in different lengths to make sure anyone with the different needs’┬ábenefits. If you want long or medium hair, you will have it.

  • The price

You will only find the best quality hair here but they come at the best affordable price. All of our weaves offer competitive discounted price.

You are free to choose the best hair that will blend with your natural hair. It should feel like natural hair.

What You Will Like About Our Hair

  • It maintains the color

Some hair extensions will fade over time but not our hairpieces. We often use some unique techniques to maintain our hair color to the end. This hair is already colored so you shouldn’t color it again. Also, you shouldn’t use any more chemicals that will damage the strands.

  • Our weaves are low maintenance

If you dislike long hair for the maintenance that comes with it, consider our weave. These colored weaves don’t need you to do a lot more in regard to the maintenance.

You will just keep them clean and brush them a little. At all times when you have the colored hair, you already have the right style to go by. It’s easier to use the weave than to have to deal with your natural hair.

  • Use the different colors for experimentation

We offer you the three different colors and with them, you can test to find out which one works best. Although the colors may both suit you, there will be one that’s better than the rest.

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