Announcing the presence of a unique flawless and colorful weave at Hair theme - color 350 weaves. This is unique and not such a common color that mimics ginger-colored hair. Not many people use this color but the few that do know its worth.

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Buying this hair from us means that you get all the benefits that come with our hair weaves. We sell the best quality hair types that include only the Remy hair. Additionally, we combat frequent shedding by using the double weft method. This keeps the hair strands more secure.

What You Should Know

Have you checked the volume? This hair isn’t only about the color but also the volume it will add to your hair. If you love the bouncy hair then the body wave one will do for you. However, if you love a more professional look, go for straight hair.

I know what you may ask? Can the color serve for professional roles? Yes, and why not? There’s a small group of people across the globe who naturally have color 350 hair. So yes, depending on your skin tone, it may look natural thus ideal for official roles.

You can use it if you are new to weaves or if you just decided to change your hair color a little.

The hairpieces are clean and free of lice ready for you to wear.

Here’s What You Will Love

Hair theme ventures in quality hairpieces. We sell the premium quality Brazilian Remy color 350 hair. Such features come with the advantage of lesser tangling. This hair is shiny and to maintain it you will have to keep it moist.

The hair remains rich looking and healthy for a long time if you use the right products on it. Check out its ends and notice that we have all the healthy ends.

When you choose the long hair then you might have to use four bundles but otherwise, three bundles are enough.

Additionally, you have two textures to use here; the straight and body wave hair. Both of these textures are fun and unique in a way. With that, it offers you the versatility of different styles you could achieve with the hair.

The hair comes in different lengths to fit everyone’s demands.

The hair will last more than one year if you take proper care of it. So, while in the books we say it will last more than a year, you have a part in it. If you treat it well, it will serve you but if you don’t then it won’t.

Is It for Me?

Have you checked your skin color tone to see whether it’s compatible with the hair color? In terms of the type of hair and the texture, it will work for you but when it comes to the color, your skin tone plays a major role.

If you have the right skin tone this hair is the best. If you have short hair and you want different long hair, this is for you too.

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