Experience the princess fashion and style with this color 27 weaves. Once you buy it and wear it, you will understand why women love it. This is not any other blonde color but the kind that almost every woman has used in the past.

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Behind the color of the weave, we have the keenly woven hair weave with all the strands secure. It’s further a Remy human hair which means that its quality is never compromised.

Well that’s the definition of any hair you will get from Hair theme; colorful, luxurious and the best quality pieces. Of all colors, blonde shades are more popular among the buyers and for a reason; they are more feminine. Also, it’s the color that a majority of the women have naturally.

So, when you want to look naturally beautiful hair with the best color, choose this hair theme’s color 27 weave.

Untold Truth About Our Blond Color 27 Weave

We offer the best hand-woven weaves. We make sure we only choose the best quality strands. The essence is to enhance its lifespan. Our weaves are all 100% Remy hair to make sure you only have the most durable and healthy pieces.

Take a look at the hairpieces, you will notice that we sell different types, and lengths of color 27 weave. Whether you want the glue in, sew in or tape in weave, we have you covered. The color matches different skin tones but still, you must confirm that it blends well with yours.

The color 27 weave is available in two textures body wave and straight hair.

We only sell clean hair and the best part is that we sell all of these hair sets at an affordable price. Besides we won’t ask you for extra charges. The shipping is free so we aren’t like other vendors who keep hidden charges to gain an extra dime.

Unless you are choosing very long hair, we often encourage you to choose and wear three bundles and a closure. We want you to look as beautiful as you are.

Buying lesser bundles won’t give you a full look. But if you are buying hair for partial application, it’s okay to take fewer bundles.

Understand that most people refer to the color not as color 27 but as honey blonde color. Although they aren’t the same colors, they are close in the blonde color shades chart.

But Whats There to Love About It

You receive a premium piece of hair. They are all 100% Remy hair. All our hair in this category has the healthy ends and the Remy pieces won’t even tangle.

Like all the other hair weaves you may use it for varying styles. It all depends on the style you choose though.

Our hair has a long lifespan of more than a year. But remember how you care for it will determine how long it really lasts.

You further have the return policy in case you don’t like the hair you got. It’s a 7-day policy, so, communicate with us then return it soon.

Now let’s go and see the best hair to add to cart.

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#27 Hair Color Weave Body Wave Hair 3 Bundles With 13×4 Frontal


100% Remy Human 27 Hair Color Weave Straight Hair 3 Bundles


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Color 27 Weave Body Wave Good Quality Weave 4 Bundles With Closure


Color 27 Weave Body Wave Hair 3 Bundles With 4×4 Lace Closure


Color 27 Weave Straight Colored Human Hair Extensions 4 Bundles With Closure


Color 27 Weave Straight Honey Blonde Brazilian Hair 3 Bundles With Closure


Color 27 Weave Straight Human Remy Hair 4 Bundles With Frontal


Honey Blonde 27 Weave Straight Human Hair 3 Bundles With 13×4 Frontal


Honey Blonde Hair Color Weave Body Wave Hair 4 Bundles With Frontal


Human Color 27 Hair Extensions Weave Straight 4 Bundles


Number 27 Hair Color Body Wave Cheap Blonde Human Hair Weave 3 Bundles