What color is 99j hair?

Relish one of the newest weave colors in the market - 99j burgundy weave. The red wine color weave blends with almost any skin tone. It's the best color when you struggle with boldness as it makes you confident in your skin.

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The color makes you look stylish yet commanding attention. You will be the girl with beautiful colored hair to many.

The unique color isn’t so bright but neither is it dull and your natural virgin color. Most women buy the weave in its natural color but the trendy ones go for the unique color. Hair theme sells all the best Remy hair and this 99j weave is just one of them.

Our Secret to Having the Best 99j Weave

For ages weaves and wigs have provided a solution to our hair needs. Nonetheless, we are an everchanging generation. Thankfully, the hair industry is fast catching up with human hair demands. Today, more women want to use colored hair not as much the natural color.

Even then it’s only at Hair theme that you will get the quality colored hairpieces. We still use the virgin human hair with the only processing done to it being the change in color. In the end, we have quality Remy hair.

Our Best Features

We are not limited to a certain type of hair. We sell different textures, lengths, and types. Also, we have Brazilian hair, Malaysian, and Peruvian hair.

Even when the hair is colored, we only sell the human hair in its premium quality. We want you to enjoy the hairpieces over a long time.

  • The hair comes in two textures

The only difference is that the hair color is different but you will have it in straight and body wave texture. Besides, you can have it in the different lengths.

  • It’s secure

Our 99j weave is double weft to keep the strands intact. You don’t want the strands to start falling off as soon as you buy it. All of the hairpieces are meticulously made by the artisans.

  • It feels good to touch

Hair theme hairpieces are uniquely soft, smooth, and shiny. You will want to touch them from time to time. The quality of the hair we use makes sure you don’t lose this description over time. The hair won’t begin to dry out.

Moisture is essential for all hair so ours will sustain the moisture as long as you keep nourishing them. If you aren’t using them make sure you store them right too.

The Lifespan

Of course, how you take care of the hair comes into play but the hair will stay for at least 12 months. Sometimes it lasts longer if you have mastered how to care for it. It won’t even fade off. You know some colored hair fade but not ours.

We use the unique processing technique to sustain the hair color to the end of its time. Remember you should know how to care for any weave because it’s not receiving the oils from the scalp.

Here Are the Donts for This Hair

Never use harsh chemicals for this hair because it has already gone through much processing that would damage it.

Steer away from hot tools as that will soon weaken the strands. If you have to use heat then use it in the lowest setting.

Is This 99j Weave for Me?

Yes, you can wear this color. But if you are afraid the hair won’t work, check out the hair color chart. This will help to identify the tone, therefore, making it easy for you to know whether it can work.

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