The colored weave is today the popular method for us to express ourselves. Gone are the days when we feared to use weaves because of the shaming. Today almost every woman uses weaves and wigs. The method of attaching may be different though.

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When you want to achieve celebrity stature, you should try and use any style they do. Our colored weaves offer you the best choice to accomplish the red-carpet look. These weaves are among the most permanent hair solution because you can have them on for almost six months.

Our hairpieces even allow you to recycle them if you kept them safe. With hair themes colored weaves, not many people will tell you are using the weaves. If you wish to get a chop, you can do it anytime and use the weaves when you want to have long hair.

The Best Part

All of the hair products here are Remy hair, which means that all the cuticles align in the same direction. This is the reason why they remain smooth and healthy. The hair strands will further never tangle since the hair is forever rich with cuticles aligned.

I like that it maintains its shine even after you wear it for several occasions. The secret, though, is to use the right weave products with it.

It can stand the changes in style because it’s unique hair. Nonetheless, always use heat on the lowest settings to prevent the drying.

If you find the right weave color for your skin tone from our shop, you will enjoy it. Color #27, #350, and #99J are the ones we have today.

When you feel the need to protect the natural hair, you should do so with your weaves. This color is both reliable and beautiful.

The Different Types

These hair types allow you to choose the best option that works for you. We have Brazilian, Peruvian and human Malaysian hair. All of these hair types have different and unique features that will serve different hair needs.

You can have the hair coming in its straight or body wave texture. That means that if you want the volume, you can use the body wave, but if you want it sleek, then you can use the straight hair. All of the options are great since you can alter their style.

This hair comes in varying lengths. Remember, we are all different with the different hair length needs. These hairpieces further have healthy ends which means the hair will serve you over a long time.

Why Buy from Us?

We have the answers

You will be looking for the hair that matches your lifestyle, and our colored weave comes in different styles to match different lives. Go out to choose the one you like.

If you don’t want the different colors, we have you covered with the options we have chosen here. None of them will disservice your look. The hair looks perfect on most people.

Our hair is full and healthy

All of the bundles come in healthy and full, which is what most people want. Of course, when you are going to use the hair that’s not your natural one, you will want it to look natural. With the natural ends and structure, people will think it’s your natural one.

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#27 Hair Color Weave Body Wave Hair 3 Bundles With 13×4 Frontal


#33 Hair Color Body Wave 4 Bundles With Human Lace Closure

(6) $149.52$393.40

100 Human Remy 99J 3 Bundles Body Wave Hair Burgundy Hairstyles


100% Human 99J Burgundy Peruvian Hair 3 Bundles Weave With Closure Straight


100% Remy Human 27 Hair Color Weave Straight Hair 3 Bundles


33 Hair Color Weave Straight 3 Bundles With Closure Pieces For Weaves

(7) $112.35$220.18

350 Color 100% Human Hair Weave Body Wave 4 Bundles


99J 1 Bundle Straight Colored Human Hair Weave extension


99j Body Wave Weave 1 Bundle Remy Human Hair 100g 10-26 Inches


99J Brazilian Hair Weave 4 Bundles With Closure Body Wave Colored Sew In Weave


99j Hair Color Weave 4 Bundles Body Wave 100% Human Remy Hair


99j Hair Color Weave 4 Bundles With 13×4 Frontal Straight Human Remy Hair