We are all here for the natural-looking weave. We all want to look exotic, stylish, and flawless in our weaves but without anyone obviously knowing it's a weave. At Hair theme, we offer you our blonde lace closure for that full and natural look.

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We only choose the closures that are hand made to make sure all the strands are in place for more security. This blonde hair offers you the perfect shine to blend well with the other shiny weaves.

As you know we have many blonde hair options today so you can use this closure for a more natural look.

Secret Features That Make Hair Theme Blonde Closure Stand Out

  • They are secure

We have mentioned in the previous paragraphs that we use handmade closures. This means that the strands are secure in place and you won’t have them shedding. For these hair types, we only use the Swiss lace which is the strongest of all the hair closures in the market.

They don’t tear easily but remember you will have to take care of them. Do not scratch the hair lace closure if you want it to last long. Swiss lace is the best hair lace we have in the market. Most celebrities, in fact, use it because it’s steadier and you would never damage it.

  • It’s ready for use

The hair comes to you as a clean piece that’s free of pests and lice. This is something that scares most people about weaves. We check the hairpieces again and again to make sure they don’t have unwanted pests.

Also, the hair is already pre-plucked which means that you can wear them as they are. If you especially don’t know how to pluck the extra pieces, this option is great for you.

  • The different types

Which type of hair do you like? We have Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, and Malaysian hair. Remember, all the hair types have their unique best features. They are 100% human Remy hair.

You Will Like This About the Hair

The hair tangles and sheds less. It features the highest quality of hair there is in the market. The highest level of Remy hair gives you this advantage.

We offer you the varying lengths for you to easily choose the right one for you. Everyone has a different preference thus; with a wide range of choices, you must get one that works for you.

Hair theme sells its closures in packages. A single closure is in one package so when you order one then you get one closure. However, if you want more you can order multiple packages.

You will have the best customer service. We are out to support and answer your questions 24/7. We help you understand the purchase you are making and if you are a beginner, we will guide you when necessary.

Which texture suits you best? The body wave or the straight hair? We have the two most popular textures that people love.

How soon would you like to receive the hair? Through FedEx and DHL, you will receive the hair in 2-5 days. Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter where you are, we will come to you. ‘

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