613 hair is the new black. It's trending across the board. From celebrities to the girl next door, young and old, women are using it more nowadays. Flawless, colorful, luxurious, and stunning is the perfect definition for our 613 blonde hair.

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This hair is versatile, giving you a chance to being creative in styling it. Hair theme has the best versions of these hair bundles. The best part is that we only choose human hair which is the best quality hair. For this reason, you have lots of benefits in buying the hair.

Here Are the Best Features

Secure. Our hair is held tightly in a double weft. This ensures a firm hold on the hair. Thus, it will never shed unless you rough it up. The hair is your desirable investment, so guard it.

Secondly, the hair is made using Remy human hair that has all its cuticles intact. Also, it has the aligned cuticles; thus, the hair never tangles. The hair bundles are all strong hence durable. But you must take good care of it if you want it to last more than a year.

This hair is also shiny and elastic. Our 613 hair is lightweight and with the perfect bounce. You won’t even feel the difference or weight if you wore it. The hair feels like your natural hair with an over the top level of softness.

Healthy ends

Our hair ends are thick and full, with zero split ends. Remember we only source hair from healthy young donors. Also, our artisans make sure they arrange only healthy hair strands without split ends. The full ends make the hair appear natural and easy to style too.

It can withstand constant manipulation

This hair can tolerate extreme manipulation like heat. You can straighten it or curl it or wave it if you want to change its style. Additionally, you can bleach the hair without damaging the strands.


Our hair comes in different lengths. We have short ones and very long ones, both of which are the best quality. Choose the one that you would like and enjoy the affordable prices.

Hair type

Our 613 hair comes in 3 types depending on the origin: the Brazilian Malaysian and Peruvian hair.

  • Brazilian hair. This is still the most popular 613 hair in the market. Brazilian hair is easy to maintain. It is gorgeous and suits every skin tone.
  • Malaysian hair. This is the luster hair. It is sleek with the perfect shine. Like its counterpart Brazilian hair, it is also easy to maintain.
  • Peruvian hair: Our Peruvian hair popularity is slowly rising. This hair matches most natural hair textures. It is also affordable.

Wide variety of options

You can have the hair coming in a set of four, three, two, or sometimes one bundle. Depending on the length you want, three bundles set is the standard number of bundles to buy. However, sometimes, you may only need two or even four.


We ship our products using the most trusted shipping companies. The products will take less than five days to reach you. We ensure the safety of our products and that they reach you in perfect condition.

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