Our Indian hair is luscious, flawless, beautiful, and long, but it's also famous for a reason. The hair is readily accessible and it makes for more of the hair we have here. This hair blends easily with all the other types of hair and it's easy to curl or keep straight.

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Of all the hair types we have, this is the most flexible yet luxurious and thick. When using our Indian hair, you won’t have to think about the volume as naturally, the hair forms the perfect volume and bounce.

This hair can take on for those times when you wish to wear the Russian and European hair. The Indian hair has the same characteristics as the Russian and European hair. You won’t even take them apart; they look so similar.

Heres Why Our Indian Hair Is Popular

  • We sell the unique Indian hair

Most of the vendors don’t sell real Indian hair. Some will find Chinese or even Malaysian hair then make it look smooth and bouncy. They then sell it as Indian hair also though it’s not. At hair theme, you will only find real Indian hair.

All other hair types are perfect in their way but so is the Indian hair. We only sell the bouncy Indian hair. Remember this hair will serve you best if you aren’t in a humid environment.

  • We bring the variety

You can have the hair in its curly, wavy, or straight nature. We have other texture choices like the kinky curly hair, water wave and all the different common kinds of hair texture.

Also, we have hair selling in its natural color and state as well as the colored hairpieces. With the different colors, you can choose the single color that works best for you.

The lengths vary too and that serves the different market needs. You will choose the best length for you.

  • It’s our best bet for anyone to enjoy

This hair is luxurious, voluminous, rich, and beautiful. It blends with almost any hair across the globe. When you choose the right texture, no one will tell you aren’t wearing your natural hair. If you have Caucasian hair mainly, this hair will serve you best.

This hair is famous across the globe. Every woman from different ethnicities can wear this hair extension.

  • The hair doesn’t tangle and shed

Notice that most of the strands here are smooth and soft. The cuticles are further aligned, which makes it not tangle. The one thing that damages the hair is when it tangles but our hair doesn’t tangle at all.

We have the double weft hair too to make sure it never sheds. The weft is further neat and without the flyways.

All the hair we use are free of chemicals, which means the hair is more durable. It will maintain its shine and elasticity.

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