Transform your look with hair theme's straight closure. Straight weave is quite common today. Many people have straight hair but, it's never bone straight though. This is why it's hard to tell when you are wearing a weave, especially when you use our closure.

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Boost your confidence by having a full hairline again with this closure. There’s no need for stress if you experience hair loss. You are not alone as many women have receding hairlines, but they use the closures to make their hair look natural again.

This hair is stylish, and it has the most comfortable base to make it look like your natural scalp. The good thing is that you let your hair to keep breathing.

Check out our straight closure page below and get yourself the closures if you need them.

Why Use Our Straight Closures?

I know there are very many straight closures in the market, ours stand out. We offer the best quality and price. If you know how to take care of the hair, expect it to serve you over a long time.

We sell the hair at varying prices depending on many factors. Also, you can wait for when we give offers to buy the best hair.

The hair is full

Straight hair is famous but most vendors don’t sell full looking hair like ours. Consider the choice to buy our full and voluminous hair with all the healthy ends. This will go on to match most of your weave hair too. This hair has baby hairs to make the style look even more natural.

The appearance

Sleek, shiny, and flawless is the perfect definition of our straight hair closure. The hair looks amazing on anyone who wants to use it together with the weave. It will provide the ideal finish.

It comes in different colors, but the most common color is the natural black one. When you use the natural black color, you make it look like your natural hair especially when you have naturally black hair. If you also love the ombre hair, we have a few options for you here.

It’s secure

It shows the craft of the hair artisans who keenly attach each strand to the lace base. This then creates a natural-looking and flawless closure. You won’t have the hair shedding because each one of them is secured in place.

We have different types

There are a few types of hair. You can have the Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian and Malaysian hair. All of these hair options come with different features. So, you can choose the features that you think works best for you.

We further use the Swiss base closure, which is durable and the best quality to achieve the best look. You won’t damage it just by scratching it. But take good care of it. The base will mimic your scalp and it makes you feel as though the hair grows from the same scalp.

It’s flexible

The hair gives you the different parts you can use in parting the hair. The partings make the hair look more natural. Remember the invisible scalp is what other people see as your natural one.

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(71) $76.44$151.08

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(71) $41.41$66.24