For that flawless undetectable and natural looking weave finish, buy our Malaysian closure. It will look as though the hair is coming direct from your scalp. And the best part you can have them at whichever lengths to fit your different weave lengths.

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Nowadays, most of those who wear the sew in and bonded weave use closures for a complete look. We don’t bother having leave outs anymore to blend in. Hair theme only sells the best Malaysian closures. Both the hair strands and lace base material we use are of high quality.

If you love to wear weaves, the fact that the front part is the most crucial part of the hair should be nothing new to you.

We have the pages here to help you choose the best Malaysian closure, especially when you are in a hurry.

Heres Why Our Malaysian Closures Are the Best for You

They give you the finish you want

Whenever you want a seamless and natural-looking finish, consider this hair. Malaysian hair has a medium-density and luster which makes it look so much like natural hair. Since it matches your natural hair, you will look flawless with style.

Additionally, the entire hair offers you a perfect finish. It doesn’t matter whether you intend to grow the natural hair, give it an ideal finish or you want to try something new. The closure will serve you.

The pieces will also give your natural hair the protection it needs. So, your hairline continues to grow naturally.

These closures will give a perfect blend with the weaves we sell. If you didn’t buy a full set, you would find one closure that blends easily here.

We use the best quality hair

We use Remy human hair, which is the best quality of human hair. It retains the shine and texture because it has all the cuticles intact and aligned in the same directions.

Notice that with such hair, you can even wash and style it, but it will still retain its quality. Since the cuticles are intact, it keeps the shine and smooth feeling.

The cuticles make sure the hair never tangles nor sheds. This can only mean that it will retain its structure over a long time.

Our closures use silk base closures, which is not only natural looking but also durable. It looks so much like your scalp. Most people would think the hair grows from the scalp.  Furthermore, you can also choose Malaysian Lace Frontal and Malaysian 360 Frontal.

Our closure is easy to style

If you remember to keep the hair clean and moisturized, then styling it is a breeze. If you want to use a blow-dry or hair drier, you can. But remember it will damage it so opt for air drying. Just brush the hair strands in place.

Know the right products to use with the hair closure as that will sustain it.


Since we use Remy human hair and swiss lace base, the closure is durable. It will work for about 6-7 months if you handle it right. Know the hair products to use with it. Also, find ways to attach the hair right.

It’s versatile

The hair comes in different lengths, which serves different hair needs. But it also comes in different colors for those days when you use a different colored weave.

The closures come in different textures to match her hair weave texture.

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