Experience the satisfaction of using a 13×4 lace frontal for a complete look. It looks like the 13×6 lace frontal except the lace size is different. The lace frontal features a seamless hand-tied type of lace frontal.

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The use of swiss lace makes it more durable than other lace materials in the market. If you will take good care of it then it won’t get spoilt soon. Remember, you shouldn’t scratch the lace. Also, when cleaning the hair, you will need to be gentle.

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  • Top-quality

Look closely at the hair and notice how full it appears. The use of all the Remy human hair just adds to goodness. Such hair never tangles or sheds easily. It won’t dry if you use the right product on it. Shedding is unheard of because the strands are keenly tied in place.

Use the right brush when combing it and avoid pulling the strands. Our hair is of high quality but you must take good care of it if you want it to serve you over a long time.

  • Competitive prices

More people are selling these hair types. However, they set outrageously high prices or very low prices that you question the viability. We know our products are valuable so we have set an affordable rate that is at par with our hair quality.

  • The versatility

We know how important you like to have many options to choose from. We sell different textures and different colors for you to get your preferred ones. We further have Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair and Indian hair.

Which one is your most preferred choice? We want everyone to get some hair that pleases them that’s why we have all the different choices.

  • It suits almost anyone

Also, we aim at having the frontal that mimics your hairline. The hair has an ear to ear length and that serves almost any woman with an average size head. Of course, you should at least have a sizeable forehead.

  • They come in different lengths

Different people prefer different lengths. We have you covered between the 10-20-inch hair. Take time to choose the favorable lengths to match your weave.

Why Buy from Us

  • Quick delivery

We have nothing more to do with the hair once you order it. Thus, we find the quickest method for it to reach your door. Using the famous DHL and FedEx shipping method, the hair will reach you in 2-5 days. Don’t worry though, we won’t charge you extra. We cover the shipping cost.

  • Around the clock customer service

The difference in time may make you order hair even late at night. Don’t worry we are always on standby to answer your questions if you have them.  It doesn’t matter the time we will reach back to you so go on and research our products.

  • Return policy

If you realize that the hair you bought isn’t what you want, you can reach us then return it in 7 days for an exchange or refund.

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(4) $90.78$130.75

100% Human Malaysian 13×4 Straight Frontal Lace Closure Sew In

(71) $60.26$103.46

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13×4 Lace Frontal Closure Water Wave Human Hair 130% Density Pre Plucked With Baby Hair


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Brazilian 13×4 Kinky Curly Cheap Human Hair Frontals Closure


Brazilian 13×4 Loose Wave Full Sew In With Lace Frontal Hair Extensions


Brazilian 13×4 Straight Lace Front Pieces Front Hair Styles

(70) $60.26$103.46