Would you like to be unique? Make use of hair themes 6×6 closure, which is unpopular in other shops. All of our closures use virgin human hair to make it look so much like natural hair. This is the best quality of hair to have. It's more durable than others.

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You will use this hairpiece to complete your weave or wig at the front part of the head. The difference here is that the closure covers a more significant part than the regular 4×4 closure. This makes the hair look even more natural.

What Makes It the Best Choice

  • The quality

It uses the silk base material. Silk material is much stronger than the lace. You can have it lasting much longer if you don’t rough it up. It will last over six months if you take proper care of it.

Also, it mimics your natural scalp, remember. You may need to bleach it just a little to look like the scalp.

It allows your scalp to breathe, which retains the hair health. Unless someone came close to you, they wouldn’t know it’s a weave.

Our closures have baby hairs that look like your natural baby hair. Often, they come to you pre-plucked, but you can pluck it a little more if you want.

These hair strands are keenly attached to the silk base. It makes sure they don’t come out when you brush them. This means that shedding is unheard of when you are using the hairpieces.

The hair cuticles are intact, and they run in the same direction to maintain a smooth feeling. It never dries. Therefore, you won’t have a problem with tangling. The hair remains shiny, good looking and the perfect texture if you know how to take care of it.

  • Versatile

You can use it for different styles because it comes in different textures. You can have it curly, straight, wavy and anything that comes between. You will find the matching hair texture for your weave here.

We only have the hair in its natural colors to match it with your natural color weave. You can change the color of the hair if you want to with our hair types.

This hair also comes in different lengths to match the different weave lengths.

Anyone who doesn’t like the 4×4 closure size may use this type of hair. The closures come at different prices, which allows you the chance to choose one that fits your budget.

Does It Last Long?

Yes, it does. It will serve you for about seven months. But you have to learn how to maintain and care for it. After all, it’s your perfect investment. Remember to use only the nourishing products with these hairpieces. Don’t use the toxic ones as they will weaken the strands sooner.

Is It for You?

But why not? Do you want to use a closure that will protect your hairline? Use our hair closure.

Do you want to protect your fragile hairline? Use these hairpieces. You can use it alongside any weave of your choice.

With it, you can comb the hair to any style of your choosing.

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