For a completely natural look, buy our 5×5 closures. These hairpieces feature the perfect craft of the human hair artisans. All the hairpieces are handcrafted by people who are passionate about the hair industry.

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We further use the virgin human hair for the closures. Remember, your hairline is more visible and we want it to look as natural as it can. Hair theme’s closures will blend well with other weaves and wigs. It further matches all the different kinds of hair.

These hairpieces will solve your hair deficiencies by giving you the full hairline look. It further protects your hairline from further damage. You no longer need to leave your natural hair out for blending. You can use the hair with your natural hair too.

But What Makes You Want Our Hair Pieces

  • It’s the perfect solution to your fragile natural hair

Anyone who likes to look good knows you have no excuse today. If your natural hair isn’t that great or it’s weak, the solution is to use our weaves and closures. You can use these hairpieces to give your hair a break. They look just like natural hair. Mark you, they use the virgin natural human hair.

  • The material

We use the silk lace material for the base attachments. This is the best material to use. It features the best quality of lace. If you don’t rough it up, you will have it lasting long. It further mimics your natural scalp, which makes it invisible unless someone came close to you.

This is the reason why our hairpieces stand out. The hair strands are further very secure on the silk lace and that makes it last longer.

  • Perfect quality

All the hair strands we use are 100% virgin human hairpieces. They are authentic and from different parts. We have Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian and Malaysian hair. This gives you the leeway to choose any option based on the features you are after.

All the hair closures have the cuticles aligned, which makes it retain its shine and moisture. The hair is mostly free of tangles. You will, however, need to care for the hair for it to last longer.

The artisans attach the hair strands perfectly, which makes it shed resistant. You will have the hair lasting long if you know how to handle it.

  • A wide variety

The most common closure is the 4×4 one, but today we have the 5×5 one too to cover a more extensive section. With this, people will think the hair growing from your scalp especially if you bleach the base to match your scalp.

We have different lengths that match the different weave lengths. Additionally, it comes in different textures; straight, curly, wavy and all the other textures between. Of course, this will help you match it with your weave texture.

It further comes in 4 colors: natural black, blonde, 1B, and natural color. This makes it easy to blend with different skin tones.


These hairpieces have everything right and that’s why they will last between 6-7 months. But you will have to handle the hair with care, remember.

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