The straight hair is one of the most common kinds of hair in the market. If you want to use the hair that's naturally straight without the chemical alteration that would otherwise damage it, we have them. Our straight bundles with frontals will always make it easy to achieve a full look.

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This hair is made using the Remy human hair that is resilient and durable at the same time. We have straight hair coming in a variety of options. So, choose one that suits your lifestyle. We offer you some of the sleekest best and shiny options to match your natural hair.

Do You Ever Wish for The Long Tresses?

This hair will give you the ultimate dream look. The best part, though, is that if you are tired of the hair then you can make it wavy or curly. We use healthy, flawless, and sleek hair to create such looks, so be ready to enjoy the style.

Our hair uses pure Remy human hair. You don’t expect any form of artificial fiber pieces. This is why the hair remains durable. The hair further brings to the natural black color. Since the hair is Remy, you can change the color and style if you wish.

We have a wide range of lengths. So, whether you want the short or long hair is upon you to make the decision.

It doesn’t tangle or shed

Based on the hair quality, you won’t have it tangling. It has all the cuticles aligned in the same direction and intact. This is why the hair never dries and thus doesn’t tangle. It remains soft, sleek, and shiny, but you will need to use the right products with it.

Furthermore, we have secured the strands using the double weft method. For this reason, the hair strands remain intact. We sell only moist hair strands, so it’s upon you to maintain it. If you never let the bundles dry, then it won’t shed either.

We have the best quality frontal

The essence of the frontal is usually to make it more natural. Therefore, when you use the frontal, then you will achieve a natural look. Furthermore, it has the baby hairs on. Style the baby hairs to make it look natural too.

The lace base is also invisible and high-quality lace, which makes it one of the very best. Don’t scratch it if you want it to last long. Scratching the base tears it down.

Is It for You?

Do you enjoy the sleek and stylish look? Use our straight hair version. It has all the healthy ends, which enhances its longevity.

All the hairpieces will look like your natural hair depending on the style of hair.

Do you want the most affordable sets? Try these options. Buying the weaves doesn’t always have to be expensive. You can buy from us and land some of the best deals in the market.

Also, our hair choices are nicely voluminous. Every time you use the full hair, then you achieve the look you need.

For all the princess look, enjoy the flawless straight hair from hair theme today.

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